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But what if girl and boy were going out for a year or 2 before hand, she's 15 he's 16, she's 16 he's 17, then she's 17 he's 18? I it illegal? Would it be illegal if there were two years between ye? Dating is not illegal. There are laws for statutory rape for persons 18 or older having sex with minors under

Jul 30,   Re: 22 Year Old Date 17 Year Old Illinois Our birthdays, on a day-for-day, month-for-month basis, are 4 years and 10 months apart. - Legal under the 5 year rule Our ages 17 and 22 are 5 years . Is okay for a 17 year old girl and a 22 year old guy to be dating? Recently I met up with this guy who is We know each other's age and he's been flirting with me a lot. Feb 22,   I have always believed that love isn't a number but if your child is 17 years old and dating a person 6 years older than them. You might want to step in and say hey you want to date anybody that much older than you then you wait until you turn 18 years old. When you are an adult. Who knows what might happen in that sort of situation.

The law is the law, however if the parents of the girl don't object to the relationship then it's unlikely that the law will get involved unless it can be shown that an abuse has taken place. Under federal law you are legal.

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At 18 you can date a 16 year old. When you turn 19 though the other has to be I can guarantee the cops aren't going to arrest you for a one year age difference.

5 years isn't a big age gap, but there is a big difference between a 17 year old and a 22 year old emotionally. Like a PP said, has she just turned 17, or is she . A: It's legal for anyone to "date" anyone else. The law is not concerned with dating, but is concerned with sex. The age of consent in Ohio is It is technically legal for a 22 year old to have a sexual relationship with a 17 year old; however, it still not a good idea. First, a 17 year old is still a minor. Jun 11,   Not based on the ages, no. In the UK, the age of consent is 16 years old[1]. I note the question is back-to-front to how I would expect it. My assumption would be that any 'fault' lies with the older of the two. If the something person was in a position of responsibility, with respect to the 17 year old, like a teacher or something.

Plus a 90 year old can date an 18 year old Hugh Hefner so who cares? I think that's down right disgusting, and worse then your situation, so don't worry.

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Totally fine. Law is that the "age of consent" is either 16 or 17 in all states. If you're under the age of consent, then you can't legally date someone over that age.

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It all has to do with what the state considers a minor too young to be able to give consent to sexual activities. Once both parties are at least at that age, it's okay.

17 year old guy dating 22 year old girl, advice plsss? 20 year old man with 16 year old man (gay couple) GIRLS - Would you rather date a younger or older guy? Relationship between a 16 year-old and 22 year-old? Tinder help: Attracted to Older men What's the maximum age gap you would date? Mar 22,   If the relationship is a sexual one then it would depend on the relevant laws of your country. Here in the UK the minimum legal age to have consensual sex is 16, so technically an 18 year old or a 50 year old can legally have consensual sex with a 16 year old, but not with a 15 year old. There is nothing legally wrong with a 17 year old dating a 25 year old in any state when sexual contact is absent. Furthermore, many states have ages of consent lower than 18 - so depending on the law in Kentucky, it may not even be unlawful to engage in a sexual relationship at this time.

Lol whoever told you it was illegal My sister is a year younger than her boyfriend, and she is a senior, 18, and he is a freshman in college, They've been dating since my sister's prom of her Junior year. Thus, her being 17, and he being It's not illegal. I mean, it's just dating.

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In the state of PA we have a four year law. It depends on your state. I don't think there is actually a law against dating, it's more against physical contact anyway.

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My dear friend,you can date even one year old! But, on the occasion the guy passes the initial testthe rules are that they can only talk at the pool, eat dinner together at the fast food rest.

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So, I think it can be ok if the girl is mature enough and you have stiff ground rules. I think unless that's a very immature 22 year old, they are in very different stages of life and maturity. I'd be more comfortable with a five year age gap in a couple years.

A lot happens maturity-wise between 17 and I don't see anything wrong with it No I don't. And there only 5 years between the two. If everythings cool, meaning the 17 year old has permission and isn't sneaking around, I think it's okay.

I was 18 and dated a 35 year old.

17 year old dating a 22 year old?

We didn't have sex or anything like that. He was a very good friend.

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Southern Belle. Just without any background do you think that is too big of an age gap?

17 and 22 year old dating uk

Answer Save. As long as their is no pressure from anyone.

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Source s : I would be perfectly "ok" with that scenario, with any of our 3 kids IF it was for the right reasons, and not just a "good time". Know what I mean.

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Please don't get me wrong, that isn't my life goal for them How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer.

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TwistedxKiss Lv 6. Source s : I'm currently dating a 17 year old that will turn 18 in a couple of months. Me Lv 5.

It can be a good thing. Show more answers 5.

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