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In Tocantins , he was known for his strong strategic play, and he was described by Coach Wade as "The Wizard. Thomas dominated the flow of the game, earning them both spots in the Final Two. After being chosen by public vote to compete in Cambodia , Stephen played more aggressively in an effort to prevent history from repeating itself. He was a key player in the dynamic majority Bayon Alliance for much of the game, involving himself in multiple pivotal blindsides. However, his fixation on targeting 'golden boy' Joe Anglim earned him the enmity of some of his own allies. An initial attempt on his life was staved off when Jeremy Collins played a Hidden Immunity Idol for him, but Stephen's enemies persisted, and he was successfully blindsided at the following Tribal Council. He is also the first contestant to hold the Vote Steal advantage.

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Courtney and stephen survivor dating

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ThomasStephen viewed him as a "good old boy" and won't be able to get along with him. When they arrived at camp, Sandy didn't built the shelter as she was looking for a Hidden Immunity Idol instead, so the next day, Jalapao built a decent shelter.

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Aggravated with Carolina and impressed by Sandy's performance in the challenge, the tribe voted out the former over the latter. After Carolina's boot, the tribe received flint. The tribe made fire very quickly. They bonded when they searched for protein in the form of termites. Stephen was clueless when Taj Johnson revealed her husband's last name was George. At the challenge, Stephen helped his team score a point. Jalapao won immunity and fishing gear. Stephen bonded with J.

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He would gladly play into the "eager, goofy best friend" if it meant that J. They decided to make a pact to the end. Jalapao won the next three challenges. Everyone enjoyed the victories, knowing that Timbira was miserable. Taj aligned herself with Stephen, informing them about the Exile Alliance. Timbira finally broke Jalapao's winning streak by winning immunity.

Like everyone else, Stephen was disappointed because they would've had a advantage. Stephen, Taj, and J. In the end, the trio agreed with sending Sandy home. Stephen and Taj found the Hidden Immunity Idol. Taj gave Stephen the idol because he had pockets. Jalapao won the next challenge for a trip to the Charmin Cafe. He was unsure about placing his fate in the hands of the Exile Alliance.

Although J. That night, the tribe agreed that Spencer was the weakest and he was unanimously voted out. Sydney was concerned that she would be the next to go because of Stephen and J. The Reward Challenge was very close, but Timbira won. Taj made a fake idol to fool Joe.

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Stephen explained that he and Taj were planning on telling him, further solidifying their friendship. Timbira won the challenge again, causing Jalapao to have their numbers disadvantage worsen to The friends tried to get Joe to vote out Sydney, but he refused. Stephen and J. In the end, the alliance stayed loyal and Sydney was voted off in a vote.

Everyone was concerned about Joe's knee, which was infected from a previous challenge. The Tree Mail implied a feast for the winner. Instead, they arrived to a merge feast. T to recruit them in an alliance. Stephen was amazed at how easily the former Timbira tribe was willing to turn on each other. Erinn also defected to the Jalapao's.

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Stephen was exiled and he discovered that there was no new Idol. Despite that, Stephen learned to make fire.

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Brendan was the first to go because of his idol and his strength. Stephen was exiled again with still no hint of a new Idol. Stephen sat out of the Immunity Challenge for pizza. The Jalapao Three decided to blindside Tyson Apostol because of his dominance in challenges, without telling Sierra, but Sierra was pleased and glad that Tyson was voted out.

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Stephen won the Reward Challenge, and had his allies accompany him. When they returned, Coach told them that Sierra was trying to reorganize the original Timbira to expel Jalapao from the game In truth, It was Debbie that was doing this. When Sierra learned of this, she accused them of lying leading Stephen and J.

After careful consideration, Stephen and J. Knowing she was in danger, Debbie threw Coach under the bus. The Jalapao Three deemed Debbie the biggest threat for her strategic mindset and athleticism.

The item turned out to be chicken hearts, much to everyone's horror. Like the others, Stephen conceded to Taj having the smartphone to call her family.

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Taj exiled herself to allow everyone to spend time with their loved ones. Stephen enjoyed the time with his brother. Despite the horrible start to the Immunity Challenge, Stephen won. Everything went as plan for that tribal, and Debbie was voted out.

On the way back to camp, they informed Coach that Debbie has been targeting him. T selected Stephen to join him on reward. Stephen ultimately voted out Coach. Taj and Stephen decided to vote out J. However, he ended up winning it. Fearful of her winning immunity and taking J.

Erinn also wanted to take Stephen to the end as well.

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However, Stephen ended up losing the final Immunity to J. At the Reunion Show as the votes were being read, Stephen quickly realized that he was shut out by J. This was proven correct when J. Stephen was initially uneasy due to the alpha males on his tribe, seeing as it deja vu from his time on Tocantins.

Stephen Fishbach

Stephen attempted to look for a Hidden Immunity Idol with no luck but his unease would be postponed as Bayon managed to win the first Immunity Challenge. When Savage told a heartfelt and touching story about his kids and family, Jeremy walked off alone on the beach to cry and a paranoid Stephen blurted out in front of his tribemates that he thought Jeremy was hunting for an idol.

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Bayon would once again win another Immunity Challenge and learned that a tribe switch with a newly added tribe was going to happen.

Stephen remained on Bayon along with his original tribemates Jeremy, Kimmi, and Monica. It was during this time that Stephen's odds in the game bettered as he formed a close bond with Jeremy, who he viewed as his new J. When Bayon lost their first and only challenge, Kimmi announced to Stephen and Jeremy that Monica had approached her for an all female alliance and that she was a snake in the grass.

Though Jeremy wanted to get rid of Spencer or Kelly due to fear that booting Monica would cause distrust with the other Bayon members, they nevertheless stuck together and got rid of Monica in a vote.

The tribes would shuffle once again with Stephen and the Bayon tribe winning immunity and making the merge.

Apr 15, Courtney Yates of Survivor: China and Stephen Fishbach of Survivor: Tocantins never competed on the series together, but met in . Sep 23, 9. Courtney Yates and Stephen Fishbach. Another couple who met outside their respective seasons, Courtney (Survivor: China) and Stephen (Survivor: Tocantins), dated for a while after meeting in Courtney went on to compete in Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains the following year, with Stephen cheering her on from home. In a nod to Stephen, she wore the . Oct 10, Courtney Yates of Survivor: China and Stephen Fishbach of Survivor: Tocantins never competed on the series together, but met in .

At the Final 11 individual Immunity Challenge, Bermuda TrianglesJeff Probst announced that there would be a secret advantage for the first person to jump off their platform and reach their respective buoy. Stephen narrowly beat out Spencer Bledsoe and won the advantage, learning that it was an Extra Voteallowing him to steal someone's vote and rendering them unable to vote themselves. Though Stephen was safe at that night's Tribal Council when Kelly Wiglesworth left in a vote, Spencer became more paranoid about the advantage despite being Stephen's ally and rallied up votes against him, though Jeremy lobbied for Stephen due to his loyalty.

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