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Keesha came to town with her cousin Justus Ward in after the body of Bradley War Justus' deceased father, was found in Luke and Laura Spencer 's backyard. Both Mary Mae and Jason's grandfather Edward Quartermaine were against the relationship, and the couple thought it was because they were different races. They later found out the true reason they were against their relationship though. It turned out that Edward was Bradley's father. Jason and Keesha decided to continue their relationship though, seeing as Jason was Justus' cousin, not hers. Jason and Keesha were happy together and it seemed that all was perfect. That was until Jason was in a car accident when his brother A.

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Dan and keesha dating

February 17, [1] [2] [3]. Relationships Family Ward. Jason Quartermaine lovers A. Quartermaine dated. Mary Mae and Dan Ward paternal; deceased. Bradley Ward deceased Idios Ward paternal. Claudius Courtnee. Mae Courtnee. Henry Courtnee.

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Miriam Courtnee. Dan Ward. Mary Mae Courtnee. David Ward. Margaret Ward. Keesha Ward.

Big Brother 10 USA Week 9 Keesha Finds Out Memphis Is Evicting Her And Freaks Out

Britt Westbourne. Dan Ward married to Mary Mae Ward.

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Bradley Ward. Justus Ward. However, she breaks up with Aaron on the plane and when she returns, admits to Dan that she misses him and they get back together.

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Soon after, Dan discovers that Lily had Rufus' lovechild many years ago and that she gave the baby up for adoption. Knowing he shares a biological sibling with Serena, he begins to distance himself from her In the Realm of the Basses.

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In You've Got Yale! Dan is instantly attracted to her and they strike up a friendship surrounding writing and literature. Meanwhile, Blair decides to take action against Rachel for giving her her first B and ends up with detention after being caught hazing her.

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Wanting even more to destroy her, Blair starts a rumor that Dan and Rachel are sleeping together. After Serena spots the two having a seemingly romantic dinner, she takes a photo and gives it to Blair; who shows it to the PTA of Constance and Headmistress Queller.

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When Serena finds out, she plans to charm Gabriel into giving all the money back but Dan is skeptical her plan will actually work. Worried about what to do, he informs Lily of the situation and Serena's plan.

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Lily then orders Serena to stop and when she doesn't, has her arrested for theft The Wrath of Con. In Valley GirlsDan bails Serena out of jail and escorts her to prom. In Cross RhodesDan and Blair enter into a relationship.

Dan and Serena

Serena tries to act like she's okay with it, but it becomes obvious pretty quickly that she isn't. As a result, Blair kicks Serena out of her penthouse. Meanwhile, she struggles with her decision about whether to be with Dan and Chuck. Wanting to hurt Blair after what she did, Serena seduces Dan at the Shepherd Divorce party and the two have sex. At the same time, Blair chooses to be with Chuck and goes to tell him but is rejected.

Soon after, she breaks up with Dan, much to Serena's delight. However, Dan has no interest in being with Serena and tells her that he never wants to see her again. It's just In fact I don't think they looked at me at all. Where I met a girl.

She only spoke two sentences to me but I've never forgotten her. So maybe if I knew why, I'd stop being so scared of hearing them and afraid to say them.

That's why.

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Because I actually like it when you interrupt me, which is often, by the way. I love you because you make no apologies about being exactly who you are: beautiful, smart, sexy as hell. You're completely unaware of your effect on me. And I love you because you can be with someone like me and still be best friends with someone like Blair. Dan: Maybe Maybe I can't just let it go.

You lied to me over and over and it was easy for you. I loved you, and just because we broke up doesn't mean I can just turn it off like that.

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Serena: Honestly? I think a part of me wanted to. Dan, we keep acting like we can overcome anything. Dan: Yeah, pretending none of it matters. Our parents dating. Sharing a brother. I mean, different colleges next year Serena: Thank you for being the only person to believe in me.

Keesha Ward (Senait Ashenafi)

Even though you were wrong to. It's just, if we're being completely honest.

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You know, I keep thinking that if things get too hard, you'll give up on me but you never do. If you really need me, ever, I'm there, but I think there's a reason you didn't insist I come with you over break. If we ever do jump in again, that'll be it. We either sink or swim, we won't get another chance.

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