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When your eyes met, the attraction was undeniable. Here are some of the pros and cons of dating your boss. Bring on the work day. Man in blue suit iStock. Most of us aim to look presentable when we go to work.

Jan 05,   The Pros of Dating a Co-worker #1 PRO: You will see your lover all the time! You don't have to worry anymore if you have to work overtime. On the contrary, when you work in the same office with your partner, you can count on his or her support to help you finish the work faster and meet deadlines. What is more, you will avoid a lot of fights 5/5(2). Dec 14,   While dating the boss could be a good move for your career, it could also work the other way around. If you and your boss went against company policy and decided to . Pros: Online dating offers a number of ways to get to know a potential date before meeting in person. Such computer-mediated communication allows for safe and convenient interaction, without much.

They say that you cannot help who you fall in love with. I believe that you also cannot help where you find the love of your life.

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Finding love at your workplace can be a risky move because there is a chance that your superiors will not approve of you being in a relationship with another employee. Do the benefits of dating a coworker outweigh the disadvantages?

Here are some things to consider on the pro and on the con side. Do you have trust issues?

The pros of dating coworkers

If you do, you are not alone. Plenty of women and men think constantly throughout the day about what their partners are doing when they are not together.

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Working in the same location as your partner might give you some peace of mind because you will not have to wonder where they are; you are both in the same location. You can carpool to work together, eat lunch at the same time, and give each other suggestions on how to impress your boss because you both know the culture at the company.

Dating at work pros and cons

Sometimes, I do not like discussing what happens in my business with other people who I am close to because they do not understand the industry. How could outsiders possibly understand all of the players of the game when they have never met them?

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Even though I am mainly self-employed and work on my own terms, I remember when I regularly worked as an employee years ago at a company, and there were constantly tense office politics dampening the morale of the employees.

Back then, I usually discussed what was happening at work with other people who worked there as well because they understand what I was referring to.


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Mar 05,   Pros: - You see the full spectrum of their personality. Good days, bad days. You get a better understanding of them as a professional and a person. - Time. It's good to spend time with the person you love in any way, especially if that person is. Sep 29,   Here are some pros and cons of a workplace romance, and reasons to give the relationship some thought before diving right in. Pro: You can better understand your partner's work-related grievances. When you've had a tough day at work and need to debrief with someone, it can help if that someone understands the dynamic of your workplace and. Aug 09,   The Pros: You Understand Each Other's Work. You don't have to explain why you came home late or why you had to cancel movie night when you're dating someone you work with - it's easier to understand each other's schedule and more importantly, be more sympathetic to the dedication that you put into your work.

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The Pros and Cons of Dating Your Boss

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When it happens at work, you have a big decision to make. Do you go forward and hope for the best? Or do you shut it down before it gets out of hand? As with any situation, it helps to consider the pros and cons of dating a coworker. Pros. 1. You already have things in common. Jul 10,   Pros - Typically moderate salary or higher. - Goes to decent to nice restaurants. - Not pinching every penny. - Has Conferences in desirable tourist spots and nice hotels - Educated. Hopefully up on current events, what is happening in the world. May 24,   However, you will have someone close to you who can provide support at work and also in life. The cons of dating coworkers Your relationship might be tested. Working with your significant other is not always a dream come true. Most workplaces require that employees divulge whether or not they are related to other people who work for the same.

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Participants in the study showed increased interest and engagement at work due to their romantic relationships. You no longer hate Mondays.

The Pros and Cons of Online Dating

If anything, you pity the other 9-to-5 workers who drag themselves to work instead of welcoming the challenges that the new work week has to offer. Of course, this newfound positive attitude has little to do with the workplace policies and more with the fact that you get to spend more time with your partner. Romantic relationships in the office are especially exciting because of all the espionage that both partners have to go through to keep their relationship private.

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