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Log in or Sign up. Messages: Dating saws by style, is a risky business at best, since once a style has been manufactured, it can easily be made again at any subsequent time. Plenty of good examples around at present of early styles being revived. Future saw historians will no doubt call this period the early 's the classic revival period.

Previous 19 posts Page 2 of 2 12 19 posts. Only I'd guess and it is a guess at distinctly early 20th Century. I could be completely wrong. It's a mermaid saw with a suitable etching so it's at the very very earliest ish or there abouts.

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I've other saws with similar sensibilities to yours that date by way of having dates scratched in them to the turn of the century. That it is worth an email to Hans Brunner to get an opinion from him.

Here's why I only have one limited source of information, which is an Astragal Press reprint of the Spear and Jackson catalogue. No other catalogue. And I cannot make out the lettering on the medallions in the catalog. I can make out quite well the lightly domed brass saw nuts, the drill pattern of the saw nuts and medallion, the gross features of the triple ring medallion but not the letteringthe exact shaping of the handle and its let-in to the plate, the shape of the horns, the flats on the handle sides, and the fact that the blade is breasted as well as skew-backed.

This all checks. The slotted side of the screw, if it has one, would be on the side which is facing down in your photo.

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The smooth domed side showing in your link checks against the catalog. Derek's saw can be differentiated from any saw in this catalog.

Nov 10,   12" blade. I did a bunch of searches and, if the source is right, looks like the back saw is from Now I don't know if I want to sell it. Older Spear & Jackson saws can still be found I fixed up a couple of Spear and Jackson saws from the 60's this week and finished them off today. You can buy these on for around ?25 (sometimes less) and at first glance you may discard the option to buy. Taking stock of the. Jun 18,   John Spear operated to (Probably not the man who made your saw). His saws would be marked "Spear". Spear, Jackson and Co. operated from to Spear and Jackson operated from to and some of of their early brands are marked "John Spear" presumably as per yours. Spear and Jackson Ltd operated from to

Now my blather doesn't prove anything. Because there is lettering in the medallion of the older saws which would likely either match or differentiate from yours, plus I don't know but what the look saws continued to be made for many more years. However, if you're interested in buying that saw, I suggest asking Hans what he makes of it, and also is there any etch left.

For example, is it a 'Double Mermaid', 'Mermaid', or 'Leapfrog' brand, or is there a saw number which can be made out? The saw you are pointing to bears enough similarity to the older saws in its gross features, to make it at least worth an inquiry. Messages: 1, John Spear operated to Probably not the man who made your saw.

Story Of The Saw : Spear & Jackson Ltd.

His saws would be marked "Spear". Spear, Jackson and Co. Spear and Jackson operated from to and some of of their early brands are marked "John Spear" presumably as per yours.

Spear and Jackson Ltd operated from to I thought they were still going, but never mind. Hope this helps until you can get some in depth information.

At times, in the second half of the 19th century competition was pretty fierce, and I suspect therein lies the motivation for many of the secondary product lines, just like today, it's all about getting a share of the market. Adding those two thanks kiwi into the time line, and adding some initial dates, also making the images a bit more manageable in size we get.

No26 pre 4. No46 Leapfrog and later 6.

Nov 02,   78 p., illus., cm, trade catalog. Story Of The Saw: Spear & Jackson Ltd. Item Preview. Jan 13,   Picked up this saw, 9" 16 p.p.i. Spear & Jackson with the leap frog embossing in the brass back. Believe from a post on the US site Lumberjocks it is in the range. Thanks for your help. Frank English. Spear & Jackson were very much a British Company. The company first took shape as far back as 'ish, making agricultural tools. The Disston connection came about because Spear & Jackson were in protracted discussions to buy the saws business from Disston, but the deal fell through at a very late stage. I was the Accountant there from to.

Last edited: Jan 12, Ray, here is an intermediate step between 4. This is a 14" backsaw and only has 3 screws, compared to the 4 of number 5. You will probably get a lot of handles. What about catalogues?

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Will dig through mine to see what I can find. And what about open handles? PeterEvansJan 11, Hi Peter, Thanks for that, I will edit the post to insert that one into the timeline.

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One thing that catalogue entries will resolve, is the difference between the various models, some of the lower cost secondary lines, have less refinements and features that sometimes look like later models. I'm thinking of the "Goblin" that is in the catalogue, which looks a bit like the premium lines from 20 years later Last edited: Jan 11, All this makes it difficult to age a saw with any degree of accuracy, based solely on its shape same applies to women I guessbut its fun to hold them and check out their hardware and guess their quality line and age!

So thats not much help.

Dating spear and jackson saws

I see the model variation as just one more variable within many other variables. In some instances, identifying a model, may, in and of itself help to set a lower limit for a date, for instance the No46, appears to have replaced the No26 in the catalog.

apologise, but

So we can say that a No46 is probably after More catalogues should help a bit. I'm not going to touch the "dating women by shape" comment Although I would suggest not doing a google search for "comparative dating style" Regards Ray PS: Just out of curiousityI did a google search for "Comparative Dating" found this site on surgical saws A couple of merchant catalogues I have illustrate one backsaw, and then list the makers they can supply.

Note the lambs tongues on Grade A and B saws.

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PeterEvansJan 13, Ray, here is a 10" that languished in my "get rid of box". Note the medallion on the reverse.

Spear and Jackson - Hand Saw Restoration

Cheers Peter. PeterEvansFeb 10,

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