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Veronica Lodge may be getting cozy with Archie Andrews in the booths of Pop's lately, but outside of that world, the situation looks way different. News reported. A picture posted to Mendes' Instagram account on Sunday might just be what fans needed to validate the very thing they've been rooting for: that Mendes and Melton are an item. News noted, the two have been seen together for the past month, stirring up romance rumors. Mendes' latest picture shows Melton kissing her on the brow as the two hug each other tightly. Mendes wrote only one word in her caption for the photo: "Mine. The two were also seen together throughout September.

The year-old was actually married to Mike Tyson for a year.

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Is there anything better than co-stars who start dating IRL? So cute!

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Of course, we had to end this gallery with the king and queen of Riverdale ships: Bughead Jughead Jones and Betty Cooper. KJ Apa: Single Ugh. More in Reality TV.

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The Varchie journey has been This post will be ated as often as necessary which is probs going to be a lot. Archie is very obviously swooning over the New Girl in Town, preventing Betty from telling him how she feels about him.

Later on, Betty is too scared to ask Archie to semiformal, so she asks him to take her and Veronica as friends. The two end up making things right with her by breaking things off.

Nov 07,   Is there anything better than co-stars who start dating IRL? We don't think so! Camila, who plays Veronica Lodge, and Charles, who plays Reggie Mantle, recently became Instagram Melissa Copelton. Apr 11,   Which 'Riverdale' Cast Members Are Friends IRL? a fan of television and not start recognizing the actors who play Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and more. Riverdale cast members are Author: Daniela Cabrera. Oct 09,   Veronica gets closer with Reggie, her coworker (and Camila Mendes's IRL boyf, Charles Melton). Archie unexpectedly returns and he and Veronica kiss, but Reggie ends up telling Archie that he and.

Veronica ends up going on a date with Chuck Clayton, and Archie continues his affair with Ms. Grundy yeah, we also wish we could forget that. They end up having a hot make-out sesh and even staying the night together They end up having sex for the first time during the finale of season 1.

Sep 13,   The first trailer, which dropped in July, alluded to a very steamy shower scene between Veronica and someone. That someone was probably her boyfriend, Archie Andrews, but with this show anything Author: Christopher Rosa. Oct 07,   Are Camila Mendes & Charles Melton From 'Riverdale' Dating? This Instagram Pic Has Fans Talking Veronica Lodge may be getting cozy with Archie Andrews in the booths of Pop's lately, but. Sep 21,   Are Riverdale's Veronica and Archie dating in real life? There might be something in the water in Riverdale, reminding us all that a Archie/Veronica relationship IRL is certainly something Author: Francesca Wallace.

This is truly when things start to go downhill. Things are tense, as Hiram is obvs testing Archie.

Riverdale Cast: The Real-Life Couples Revealed - ?OSSA

BRB, crying. All we knew from that minute-long teaser was that Veronica wasn't alone in the shower.

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But now we know, definitively, who her partner is. Are you ready for this very obvious reveal?

It's Archie, a. Yes, this hot couple apparently amps up their hotness even more with a naked romp in someone's shower.

Sep 20,   There might be another Riverdale IRL couple in our midst. And before you ask, no. It's not KJ Apa and Camila Mendes, aka Archie and Veronica. Fans are convinced that Veronica and Reggie are dating.

I mean, hopefully it's one of theirs; it'd be very strange, but funny, if they hopped into some random person's house and decided to hook up in their shower.

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