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Daniel is seen walking out his house with Mac 's pair of dirty socks on a stick, He puts them in the trash and he finds Emma across the street staring at him and he stares at her. On Emma's first day at Iridium High , Daniel is assigned to give her a tour around the school. Emma is handed her Registration paper and Daniel walks in. At that moment a butterfly is in the office and, since Daniel is allergic to butterflies, he sneezes and startles Emma, causing her to knock down the pencils in the office. Emma and Daniel shake hands and Emma runs out the office, where she bumps into Maddie Daniel's Ex-Girlfriend and knocks her smoothie down. Within Season 1 they see each other and have love moments, but Emma has to balance out love and her Witch Powers. On the Season 1 finale, The Chosen One , they kiss and officially start dating.

Once the seal is removed, Daniel goes back to his regular self and he and Emma resume their relationship, however, he doesn't believe Emma's claims about Mia, believing it all to be a misunderstanding. Eventually, when the truth comes out, Daniel apologizes to Emma but also reveals that she has to make a decision on who she truly wants to be with. In the end, Emma chooses Jax over Daniel. In Season 4Emma learns that Daniel is living in alternate life, due to her decision of choosing Jax over him.

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Emma becomes desperate to find and restore his real memories, despite the warning she receives if she fails to do so, Daniel will disappear. The day that Daniel only has one day until he disappears forever he kissed Emma to see if it would work for him to stay until she pushes him away. After the Everglades incident, Daniel and Emma do not interact much.

Due to Daniel feeling angry and jealous of Emma's decision to be with Jax.

Also, Emma is focused on bringing her deceased mother back. She sends him back to the Everglades. They were portrayed by Paola Andino and Nick Merico. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ].

Daniel Miller

Nicks girlfriend in real life 14 messages. To be honest for some weird reason Jax and Emma should date each other in real life because they ended together at the send of every witch w Now I know what it's like to ship Stelena.

His personal style tends to be casual but colorful without being over the top, while he prefers the dress-shirt-and-tie version of the school uniform. Daniel is a sweet and fun guy.

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He is very athletic as shown by the fact that he is captain of 3 teams out of 5 in total. He never try's to dress over the top and has super smarts as well. He's also slightly clumsy and very playful.

When Mia marks him, he becomes a bad boy and acts like a jerk to everyone, including his younger siblings.

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After the seal was removed, Daniel returned to his old self. He was incredibly friendly when Emma and the gang visited his animal sanctuary her owned with his family.

It was said that the spider seal doesn't change a person, it just releases there inner wil meaning that Daniel really liked her. In an alternate reality, Mia is revealed to have also been affected and it's revealed that she and Daniel are a couple and work together at the sanctuary. They seem to be happy living there, but Mia is upset that he suddenly leaves with the gang to Miami in A Tale of Two Lives.

Daniel Kisses Emma(Jax Sees) Demma Fans This Is For You!

Mia seems to really care about him, as she ventured to Miami, after he left with the group, to bring him home for Lunch at Lola's. After the break ended, Daniel still wanted to go back to the Everglades. He ventured to Mia 's new school to talk to her in Diego's Wipedown. He then developed feelings for Mia and wanted her. Miaafter thinking about it, went to visit him at the Seven in Power in a Bottleand find out more about an alternate reality.

Is emma and daniel from every witch way dating in real life

When she asks if Emma was there, he says no, it was just her and him, best friends and a couple, which she said sounds nice. She leaves after hearing her parents are alive in the alternate life, which is too much for her. Daniel then goes to Mia for help on stopping Emma from messing with time by bringing back her mother.

Mia refuses, saying if there's a chance she can see her parents again, she won't get in her way. She is then seen with Daniel and his family back in the Everglades when Emma restores his alternate life instead of bringing her mom back. They are once again a couple.

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In Season 2 he and Emma are officially a couple, but Emma hides the fact that she got her powers back from him. Because of this lie, Daniel is caught in between numerous spells and mayhems, like him losing his memory in Daniel Who? Daniel has no idea that Emma is under so much pressure to break up with him. Emma tried to apologize many times, but he didn't want to hear it. He also found out that Emma was risking her powers for him.

After talking to Maddie in Stormageddonhe tries to make amends with Emma but sees her hugging Jax. He later sees her kissing Jax and leaves, clearly upset. He then confronts Jax and the end of fighting over her, where Daniel vows to get his girl back.

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Seeing that her relationship with Jax is not so great, he tries to become close to her again and help her when Andi stops talking to her in BF-Never. He kissed her in The Abyss and then they get back together.

Daniel and Diego are teammates and good friends. They become closer in Season 2 after Mac moves away. They, alongside Jax, crash the girls' sleepover but Diego got annoyed when Daniel used his knowledge of Maddie to remind him that he and Maddie dated.

In Season 3 they support each other with their girlfriend issues and Diego is there for Daniel even though he was under the spider seal.

In Season 3, their rivalry continues, as Jax is determined to win Emma's heart and trust again. They attempt to work together when Jax tells Daniel about Emma trying to turn Phillip human and asks to talk to her. They both end up helping her turn Phillip human. In the season 3 finale, they seemed to make up when Daniel thanked Jax for bringing Emma back.

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It is unclear if they are friends. The two of them seem to be enemies when it comes to Emma. They compete for her affection in Season 1, but still seem to be friends and teammates. Daniel's siblings are known as the best pranksters in Miami. It is shown Daniel grows weary of their pranks from time to time, as they affect his relationships with certain people, but sometimes takes the blame for them.

Overall, Daniel does care for his siblings. In Season 4, they are shown to be good sports in their alternate life and help Daniel, Mia, and their parents at the animal sanctuary. Christine seems to always be there for her son. She gave him pep talks and encouraged to do things and step out of his comfort zone once in a while. She especially encouraged him to keep trying to win over Mr. She also sympathizes with him when the T3 get in trouble and he sometimes takes responsibility for it.

Daniel has tried many times to get on the good side of Mr.

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Alonso, being the Principal and Emma's dad. However, it seems that all of his plans backfire. He tries extra hard when he dated Emma, but it only seemed to make Mr.

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Alonso dislike him more. Which Witch is Which? El Cristal de Caballero.

You, Diego, Emma, Jax, Andi, and Daniel are graduating from high school today and you and Diego have be dating since 10th grade. You couldn't wait to graduate from high school and Diego was too. The principal says "Congratulations to everyone that is graduating and have a good life.". On March 13, , Nickelodeon announced that they had commissioned a second season of Every Witch Way, that aired from July 7 to August 8. On July 31, , Nickelodeon renewed the show for a third season, which premiered on January 5, On February 25, , Nickelodeon renewed the show for a 4th season No. of episodes: 85 (list of episodes). Emma and Daniel meet in Discovery when Emma is moving into her new house. Daniel is seen walking out his house with Mac's pair of dirty socks on a stick, He puts them in the trash and Demma (Daniel and Emma) is the friendship/romantic pairing of the main characters Daniel Miller and Emma Alonso.

The Kanay Strikes Back. Cut Scene. The image gallery for Daniel Miller may be viewed here.

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