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I do not own any thing in this story. Rick Riordan owns the entire Percy Jackson series. Hi, my name is Annabeth Chase, do you know those obnoxious popular girls in high school who thinks that the whole world revolves around them? Well that is almost like my friends and I. Thalia is the cool one, Selina is the pretty one, Juniper is the sensitive one, mostly about the environment, Clarisse is the tough one, and I am the athletic one.

She didn't really say anything for a minute, she looked a little mesmerized. I have never seen her like this, she was usually so. As I looked closely, I think he was blushing too. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Books Percy Jackson and the Olympians. This is a story where annabeth meets percy for the first time in highschool, but Annabeth soon finds out that Percy isn't who he says he is. They are not demigods and have nothing to do with fighting monsters in any way.

Chapter 1: I meet the new kid Annabeth Pov Hi, my name is Annabeth Chase, do you know those obnoxious popular girls in high school who thinks that the whole world revolves around them?

I meet the new kid 2. My gym class 3. We play Capture the Flag 4. Run Percy Run! Authors Note 6. The Men in Black 7. She smiled gratefully and walked through the walls to her own room. Hazel saw herself sleeping peacefully on the bed, and she gratefully dived in, herself mingling with real Hazel Today was a Saturday.

She could sleep later, or until any time she wanted. She blinked open her eyes, and saw the violet alarm clock propped on the wall, it's format of growing crystals. Groaning profanities to alarm clocks around the world, she got up. After brushing her teeth and showering, she was ready to go. Hazel stepped downstairs to see she and Jason were the only ones awake. Hazel took a bite of her muffin. It was good, the sweetness spreading throughout her tongue.

Jason shrugged, not meeting her eyes. She's vanquished anyways, so I don't know why she even bothers to try. Now we can finally try our one on one sword fighting. Hazel wondered what was bothering him so much, but she was smart enough not to probe. She guessed Annabeth wasn't the only one with gruesome nightmares. Leo didn't know how he felt about Hazel. Finishing his Taco Bell Chicken Burrito, he lit his hand on fire and burned the wrapper to ashes. He drowsily slurped the Coca-Cola he had gotten downstairs.

Leo quickly hid his Coke behind his back. I heard you downstairs. Jason's not the same. He's different, somehow. I don't know what, but Hazel says he told her he's been having bad dreams.

But he won't tell me what he's dreaming about. Hephaestus was a freakin' genius. Even Percy admitted Jason's not right. You're his best friend. What do you think happened to him?

1 - 20 of Works in Nico di Angelo/Percy Jackson. Navigation and Actions. Pages Navigation. Anzolo by AquaEclipse. Percy Jackson and the Olympians & Related Fandoms - All Media Types, Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rick Riordan, The Heroes of Olympus - Rick Riordan, The Trials of Apollo - Rick Riordan. Teen And Up Audiences. The first time Annabeth Chase meets Percy Jackson is much more anticlimactic than she imagined. It's not that Annabeth spent a lot of time actively thinking about someone she's never met, but being a student at Pine Senior High School means that an active education in . Annabeth comes to visit Percy for a while and stay at his house and go to his high school but 2 mortals are gonna make things difficult one is crushing on Annabeth and the other suspicious mortal has never trusted Percy mostly because he is better than him in every way and all the girls love him but when Annabeth comes he gets more suspicious of the two and tries everything to see what he is.

Leo realized there was something wrong with Jason. He seemed more distant, more distracted. And then he realized it. He made me to Swear on the River Styx not to tell anybody. Gaea's using that to her advantage. And what's the square root of ? And NO using that calculator on your desk. Leo needed to get to work.

Carrying himself off the armchair and onto the hard, wooden chair was hard, but he managed it. Oh gods, I should have been ready for this!

PERCABETH in high school - simplybeyondexpectations.com. Annabeth was gonna surprise Percy at Goode high in a week. She was going to be there for the year with her dad, who was on a business trip. When annabeth finally gets to see Percy she found out that he was the most popular guy in school. Everyone wa #annabethchase #goode #percabeth #percyjackson # Reviews:

Annabeth sighed and brought another chair to the table, scooting next to him. And Frank. And since now is the time we're growing out of our dyslexia, why the Hades do you need help? Repeat after me. Annabeth paused, then hugged him back. And Leo realized that she actually was really beautiful when she was happy. Leo finally, with help from Annabeth, finished his homework in a record twenty minutes.

After giving another hug for Annabeth, he was ready to go to school and hopefully not get any detention. Except for the fact he was in the front seat in all his classes except English.

He yawned of boredom, then looked at the time. Shaking his head in disapproval, he made his way downstairs and rang the dinner bell. Frank, Percy, Piper and Hazel appeared, sitting on various spots in the table. And yet the empty spots of Annabeth and Jason were obviously absent. His absence made the whole scene more lonely. We aren't a team anymore. Percy came back down and sat on his seat.

Didn't want to wake them up, but why was she in your room?

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That's all. Perfect for checking out the cute girls in school.

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Continuing, he beamed at them. They're hopeless against it. Piper snorted. Giving up, he laughed with the others as they pointed out more humorous things about the Seven.

This wasn't unusual, as he had always been shoved around there. He had been a sort of scrawny kid three years ago, and people still remembered him as the loser he was.

He had to suffer and watch Alan flirt with his girlfriend shamelessly, and Frank and Jason balled their fists when they saw who was hanging with their girlfriends. He desperately needed to get popular. He needed a plan, which for once could not be depended on Annabeth. So he thought one for himself, and Frank, and Leo, because he felt sorry for that Latino kid with the curly hair.

He deserved a girl, too. The last three girls he had flirted with were Thalia, Reyna, and Hazel.

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Thalia had whacked him on the head with her bow, Reyna had almost set her automaton dogs on him, and Frank punched Leo's face. It was break again, and as usual Jason was surrounded by his fan club and the girls were surrounded by Alan's gang. That left Leo and Frank and himself sitting on the sidelines. She scowled at some lame joke Alan cracked, and looked ready to crack his head open.

No pun intended. Leo, if you agree, this doesn't mean you can have my girlfriend. Annabeth said your plans were generally failures designed to get people killed. Percy had been acting very, very strange in the past few days. Instead of hanging out with her, he was always muttering with Frank and Leo in a hidden corner or something.

It sounded like some cliche movie about a killer boyfriend or something. It was Friday, and the bell finally rang to signify dismissal to class. The seven hid in Paul's room while they teleported home. She knew, just knew. Do you know where we are? There was no reply at all. Annabeth blindly made her way across the darkness, then suddenly pulled out her dagger as a second thought.

The knife glinted in the darkness, and she could make out the silhouettes of Jason, Piper and Hazel. My sword glows, and Hazel will come with me, and Piper with you. In the end, the four gave up and were about to meet up, when Annabeth found a door handle at the very edge.

A door! She could hear Hazel and Jason running to where her voice and light was. It was an exquisitely carved door handle, and by the way it was made, she knew it wasn't locked and that she knew it opened to the inside. She was staring at something white and bright, and a powerful presence that chilled her bones.

Panting, she crashed back into the room. Something tells me Leo, Frank and Percy were involved. That door we opened, maybe that's the barrier between monsters and this house, Like Camp Half-Blood. Her hands seemed to know what they were doing, and she sliced through the ceiling easily.

Light began to stream everywhere. The light detoriated into things she could see easily. And then she recognized the place. This was the place just beyond the kitchen. You have to earn it! And no using my laptop. And i'm not kissing you until you finish. He jerked his head with a start and looked at her.

Jason stood large-eyed in the hallway watching them. Annabeth left the three boys to themselves and gracefulyy glided to her own room, smiling. Following the party incident yesterday,the boys had cleaned up every single bit of the mansion, dutifully started on their tasks, and were downright moping. They're not so hard, either. I've already finished everything I assigned the boys. And three strikes and you are out.

After school, Rachel tried calling several contacts, including Annabeth, Percy, and Jason, which all failed. Sighing, she gave up trying to call them and instead lowered herself into . 2 Percy and Annabeth: Fates Perils by krazybooklovers Captain of the swim team, Percy Jackson, needs to pass his English Lit class asap in order to be able to compete in the city semifinals. He desperately needs the help of tutor Annabeth Chase but finds out she has a lot more to say than just Gatsby and literature. Annabeth Pov Hi, my name is Annabeth Chase, do you know those obnoxious popular girls in high school who thinks that the whole world revolves around them? Well that is almost like my friends and I. Thalia is the cool one, Selina is the pretty one, Juniper is the sensitive one, mostly about the environment, Clarisse is the tough one, and I am.

He could feel the area on his hip where his tool belt was supposed to be, but there was nothing. He started to panic, hyperventilate. No reason to do it, then do it. That was the basis of his life, after all. And then he remembered his punishment from Annabeth. Groaning, he shook his head and looked around to where he was. He was leaning against the wall on the kitchen, pots and pans threatnening to clang over him and smash his head to pieces as they hung over him.

He shuddered, wondering what he was doing here. He must have fallen asleep sometime. Looking at the clock on the kitchen wall, he groaned. It wasand Leo Valdez would never be seen getting up so early. Yet he was not tired, and his eyelids refused to close. Cursing at the god of sleep, Hypnos or Morpheus or whoever that was, he slowly made his way upstairs.

He had just finished showering when the alarm clocks started ringing, loudly and obnoxiously. He could hear the angry mutters of his fellow demigods, and the scrapes from the bedposts against the ground. So Percy and Annabeth talking in one room. Instant juicy blackmail. Jason would never say that, so it had to be Frank. Maybe I can give her pipe cleaners for her birthday. After all, blackmail point two for Leo. No one made any mention of his name, which made him feel lonely and depressed.

So he did the only natural thing that came to his mind - dash downstairs to get food. Breakfast was subdued, and Leo noticed dark circles around Frank and Percy's eyes. The party. He thought, wondering if he also had black markings below his eye. Probably not, since he had woke up early.

The Seven lined up against the wall, and through the vortex Leo managed to keep standing and hold his food down. And then before he knew it, he was facing big, imposing Goode, the rusty bricks and architecture same as ever. Only this time, something was different. People were staring at all of them with awe when they walked by in the courtyard. There was Kylie, makeup smeared all over her face, simpering at Jason.

The Seven in High School

No, not at Leo. The handsome, powerful one. Not the scrawny one with machine oil streaked through his hair. Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, of course. She answered back, a tinkling laugh like a wind chime sweeping across her throat. Are you going to help me? Why else would a goddess talk to him, unless she needed help from him, which was highly unlikely.

Of course I am. I love a good love story, after all. Aphrodite cooed. You know, I can give you a shot for Hazel. Yes, my little hero. Aphrodite laughed. After all, getting a girlfriend is definitely in my department!

Percy and annabeth dating in high school fanfiction

No you aren't. Aphrodite argued. Nobody's hopeless- just a little tinkering in love magic and then they'll be likeable. What do you mean blessed? Leo wondered. Oh Leo.

Percy and Annabeth’s story

The goddess of love simpered. You are absolutely adorable. Go, and try your best with Hazel. I'll be by your side when you need me. And with that, the goddess of love disappeared and left a puzzled Leo standing midst the crowd of high-schoolers.

Jason ducked behind a locker as Kylie walked past him, chatting with her 'popular' and 'pretty' friends. He jumped, then realized the person was a frizzy redhead with green eyes. The one and only Oracle of Delphi. This was the place where me and Perce became friends, after all.

I used to go here, and then I switched here again. She looked like a completely different person wearing the Goode uniform and ponytail, along with no bandana tied around her head.

Gimme a hug, there. Jason smiled, and bear-hugged Rachel. Someone dropped their books near them with a loud thud. He looked at none other than his girlfriend Piper, staring at the duo in shock. Piper ran, her face buried in her arms, running away and out of sight. Rachel left, her ponytail going every direction, and Jason watched her leave, a lump in hs stomach.

Piper refused to even look at Jason for the day, and he couldn't bear it. She had been purposely ignoring him, but everytime he tried to talk to her, he would be stopped by either Hazel or Annabeth. Yawning, Jason made his way out of bed and toward the door. It opened with a gentle creak, and he silently walked up to Piper's door and knocked.

Is that you? Jason could hear her making her way toward the door. Founder: peacelight - Stories: - Followers: 4 - id: Both bands go to high school.

Percy is surprising Annabeth at her school, and there is a jealous mortal! Will the two survive the high school drama and stay together? Or will their relationship fall in the hands of a pesky mortal? Read on to find out! This takes place after Blood of Olympus?? I may add in the rest of the seven, a. Percy and co. go to high-school stories. This is every story I find. So if you have one pm me. Percy, Jason, Leo, Frank, Grover, and Nico are in a band. Annabeth, Piper, Calypso, Hazel, Juniper, and Thalia are in a rival band. Both bands go to high school. DISCONTINUED Honestly this story sucks so much idk why you all keep looking at it but. Read story Percy jackson in Annabeth's highschool by savfields with 17, simplybeyondexpectations.comths POV I sat up in my bed,not wanting to be late for school, I swung m Reviews:

Stuff happens. The New Girl by uni. Her senior year is full of surprises. She really didn't expect to find love along the way. Suggestive themes and language. Percabeth forever. Maybe thalico later on First fan fiction, please give me a chance, I love you guys. What do you mean you're a shapeshifter? AU, may be OOC. High school? Percy goes to Male! Annabeth's high school! Time to battle new monsters like jealous boys and crazy girls.

Will genderbent Percabeth survive? It's your choice! Currently being rewritten, won't make much sense for a while. Rated T because I'm paranoid.

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