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Warning: Spoilers ahead for Betty and Jughead's relationship through " Riverdale 's" third season. Bughead, as the couple is endearingly called by fans who "ship" the couple, are together and working to solve another mystery. The couple has weathered a number of storms since first coming together on the first season of the hit CW drama, but nothing is ever easy. Hard to believe that Betty starts "Riverdale" with her heart set on Archie. But when she and Jughead begin to write for the school paper and investigate Jason Blossom's murder, their relationship is purely platonic. They interrogate Dilton Doiley for more information on the Blossom murder.

Do you believe me? When Hot Dog the dog goes missing, Jughead rallies the Serpents for a mission to take him back from Penny and the Ghoulies, but he tells Betty to stay behind.

When did jughead and betty start dating in real life

Later in the episode, Betty and Jughead frolic and make out in the water during a Labor Day weekend getaway with Archie and Veronica. In Serpents, in life, all of it, okay? Ben jumps. Kudos to this fine edit of Falice cutting right to Bughead.

Both couples are in bed. Both locations are icky. When they do play the game in the bunker, Ethel makes Jughead choose an avatar Hellcaster and drink from one of two chalices.

Before handing over the rule book, she requests a kiss from Hellcaster and then immediately drinks the remaining, poisoned chalice. Before the episode is over, the lovebirds return to the bunker to decompress from their investigations. That is all.

Frustrated by his obsession with the game, Betty investigates the murder of Principal Featherhead on her own and later rallies basically everyone but Jughead to help Archie escape prison. Before we know it, Betty and her trusty bobby pins are out to rescue Juggie.

Later, Jughead calls Betty when he goes on the run with Archie, but the call is rejected by Alice, who sends Betty to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy following their Gargoyle King encounter. While nothing major or pressing was revealed here, it was nice to see these two back to their old tricks.

In an episode that mostly centers around the supporting cast more of this, pleasethe show does a brief check-in with Bughead, whose intimate night in is interrupted by calls from a worried FP and Alice, as another Gargoyle King is on the loose. All right, this was a big one. While watching the flames rise, things get heated for Bughead as well. Frankly, nothing really happens with Bughead this episode, they were just mad cute together and I wanted to share this pic:.

So besides their back-to-school sex which is apparently a thing teens haveBughead actually took a step in a scary direction this episode. Although Betty clearly hates it, she encourages Jughead to go through with the change in schools because he will clearly thrive. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

Olympic Athletes Grapple With Postponement. The CW John Francis. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

This content is imported from YouTube. Related Story. Katie Yu The CW. Remember, this is Falice. Before Jughead can leave though, he's sucked into a game of Secrets and Sins. He gets in a fight to defend Betty during the game. Jughead and his dad go to dinner at the Cooper's residence, but it's a setup by Alice Cooper to interrogate FP about Jason's murder. Jughead and Betty leave for the dance where Jughead learns about his friends breaking into the trailer and thinks Betty was in on the betrayal.

He questions why they are together. Betty and Alice later get in a fight about FP's arrest and Betty proclaims that she loves Jughead for the first time and leaves to find him.

With FP's involvement in removing Jason's body and covering up the murder, Jughead gets a lot of hate at school. Betty's defense of both Jughead and FP also earns her ire from fellow students. With his dad in jail, Jughead is transferred to Southside High.

Betty, Veronica, and Archie go to get him back, but he tells them maybe he belongs there. Jughead shows up at the Jubilee for Betty's speech and is the first to clap when she is done. The four friends meet at Pop's Diner for milkshakes before separating.

Betty and Jughead got to FP's trailer, where Jughead is now living. Jughead says he loves her and Betty says she loves him to. The two begin to make out and begin to take off their clothes, but are interrupted by a knock at the door. It's the Southside Serpents and they want to offer Jughead membership in their gang. Betty watches uncomfortably from the door as Jughead puts the Serpent jacket on.

Jul 24,   But not only is Jughead dating Betty in the show, Jughead and Betty are dating in real life. Elite Daily reached out to both Cole Sprouse's team and Lili Reinhart's team for confirmation, but did Author: Ani Bundel. Oct 17,   Season 1, Episode 7 ("Chapter Seven: In a Lonely Place") Jughead, who now lives in a small closet at school, has a '50s-style dream about being married to Betty and literally stabbing Archie. Jughead shows up at the Jubilee for Betty's speech and is the first to clap when she is done. The four friends meet at Pop's Diner for milkshakes before separating. Betty and Jughead got to FP's trailer, where Jughead is now living. Jughead says he loves her and Betty says she loves him to. The two begin to make out and begin to take off their Author: Anjelica Oswald.

When Pop asks if they want to eat, Jughead says yes right away and starts to chow down on his meal. A stressed-out Betty uses the meal as a chance to confront Jughead about the Serpents. When Jughead tells her she doesn't have to be concerned because he was just acting, she tells him that it didn't look like it. Later that night though, Betty tells him that she trusts him and the two kiss.

Later, the two work to decipher the Black Hood's message to Betty and she stays over at his place. They also meet at Pop's Diner and discuss their wishes of leaving Riverdale and the drama behind.

Among the Black Hood's threats to Betty is his request for her to break up with Jughead or else he would kill him. Betty meets with Archie and tearfully tells him what she has to do. She then asks Archie to do it for her and to say something that would keep Jugehad away for a while hoping that she could take it all back later.

Archie agrees to it. When he goes to Jughead's, the Serpents arrive and the two friends start to yell at each other. Archie then breaks up with Jughead for Betty but hurts him more because of their fight. A hurt Jughead is visited by Toni Topaz who wants to congratulate him on joining the Serpents. After the drag race, the two hook up again. They try to work on figuring out who the Black Hood is together.

Betty tries to fit in with the Southside Serpents by doing a striptease in front of her mom, FP Jones, Jughead, and the other Serpents. This upsets Jughead. In the parking lot of the bar, Jughead yells at her and says he wants to protect her from his world, so he breaks up with her.

As the two attempt to learn the Black Hood's identity, they end up kissing in the car. After a back-and-forth, will-they-won't-they relationship, Betty and Jughead finally hooked up again.

The two unite to solve the case of the decapitated park statue.

Riverdale - Betty and Jughead First Kiss

When they hang out at Jughead's later that evening, Jughead apologizes for thinking he could save Betty from the world. When she says she should leave, he asks her to stay. Betty keeps the murder that happened in her house a secret for about a day before spilling her guts to Jughead.

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The two then dispose of the deceased's car by dumping it in a lake in the woods. Later, when Alice and Betty are threatened by the dead guy's ex, Jughead helps scare the woman away.

After the core four head to Veronica's lake house, Jughead receives a call from a jealous Cheryl informing him that Archie and Betty kissed.

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Jughead confronts Betty and Archie. Betty asks to talk privately, and the two go into their room to have a conversation about what happened. Jughead says he isn't angry about it, and the two make up. In the hot tub later that night, Veronica brings up the Archie and Betty kiss once again.

She suggests kissing Jughead to make it even. The Riverdale co-stars looked so cute as they posed together on the red carpet and even showed some super rare PDA. Dylan was also there to support his brother and the twins seemed to have a good time together!

Love is in the air for Valentine's Day and Cole just posted another amazing photo of Lili for the big holiday! Cole and Lili have been posted photos from the same shoot over the past few days.

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She posted a photo a few days earlier with the caption, "the sun came out for us. The sun came out for us. Cole and Lili are setting the record straight about their relationship just in time for Valentine's Day. Amid rumors that the pair broke up, Cole posted a hauntingly beautiful image of Lili laying in the snow.

And while I can't help but agree he made her lay in snow! Fans have been getting a bit concerned after rumors of the couple possibly breaking up have been going around the internet. So do fans have anything to worry about? Not at all! In fact, there is proof that all is good between Lili and Coleso everyone can rest easy! Lili knows that she found herself a real catch in Cole Sprouse, and she's not afraid to let the world know too.

When a meme account posted a joke regarding the perfect man not existing, Lili was quick to correct them. Initially, it was Miley Cyrus who corrected the meme page, commenting, "Mine does! Don't give up! Guess that means realbarbarapalvin did too.

When Instagram account commentsbycelebs posted Miley's response, Lili commented too, making it known that Cole was also among the rare breed of men along with Miley's bae, Liam Hemsworth.

It might be getting cold outside, but Cole Sprouse is heating things up with his latest photo of Lili Reinhart. Cole posted the photo on his Instagram story featuring Lili in a bra and matching sweater. He captioned it, "some one let this girl know I'm interested. Oh, we're pretty sure she knows Cole. Here's hoping she posts a response real soon. Lili and Cole took a big step in their relationship when they traveled home to Lili's family for Thanksgiving dinner.

The pair spent the holiday in North Carolina, where the Reinharts now reside. Not only did Cole meet his girlfriend's whole clan, but he also got to play with some of Lili's adorable dogs! Seems like things are getting pretty serious for the IRL Riverdale couple. Maybe Christmas will be held at the Sprouse house with Dylan and his model beau. While People's Sexiest Man of the Year might've gone to Idris Elba this year, Lili Reinhart has a completely different idea of who should've gotten the honor.

Lili posted a photo of Cole on her Instagram story with the caption, "my sexiest man. Check it out below:. Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse have been heating things up lately with their recent photoshoots, but this time it was Lili's turn to share a steamy photo of her beau Cole.

The couple had some fun with fans after the photo was posted, especially after Cole responded with a hilarious comment that we all wish we wrote first. Lili still hasn't officially responded to his question, but the answer seems pretty obvious. He does as well. A relationship is a very intimate thing, and I want it to be between me and him, not me, him, and the world. While the couplehave been pretty quiet about each other over the years, - finally got them to share their thoughts about each other and they were super sweet for the most part.

They had to share their first impressions of each other and Cole revealed that it took time for him to really get to know Lili. She's very shy at first and reserved. I think it was about halfway into the first season she started letting people in truly," he said. When it came to Lili sharing what she thought of Cole, she had something a little bit different to say That was my first impression.

I was like, 'That guy's got an annoying voice. Lili did, however, have some nice things to say about Cole, praising his passion for photography and art. Cole even revealed that Lili is part of the reason why he continues to push himself creatively. She inspires excellence out of everybody she works with. He also pointed out how much her family has helped her become the person she is today.

If only this video was longer cause we can honestly listen to them talk about each other all day! The pics just keep coming and this one is the best yet! Along with the picture, Cole wrote, "Both the birthday and the gift. My little muse, happy birthday my love. Is the new purpose of Instagram just to keep up with all of the incredible Lili and Cole content?

It seems like it, and, honestly, I'm OK with that.

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Especially when Cole posts breathtaking photos of Lili like this artistic-dream he shared recently. Seriously is that a Renaissance painting of a gorgeous queen or a modern shot of Lili Reinhart? Who can tell the difference?! You can feel the love emanating from this image. While Cole and Lili still haven't officially confirmed their relationship, it seemed they were getting pretty close late last night in Cole's new pic of the two of them together.

The caption is just "it's pretty, pretty late," which means they definitely stayed up all night together and by the looks of it, they got pretty close and almost KISSED in the photo.

Even though it's still not the official confirmation that we're all looking for, it's definitely close enough. Lili and Cole are taking on the City of Love together and they look chic af doing it.

Maybe the two just needed to get away from filming Riverdale season 3 so they flew off to France as a spontaneous, beautiful act of love? Just a thought. Considering the photo is captioned "6 am," one can only assume that the two couldn't sleep, so they put on their best coats and scarf in Cole's case and strolled the streets of Paris, window shopping, chatting, and maybe stopping for some croissants when they got a little hungry.

A Complete Timeline of Jughead Jones and Betty Cooper's Relationship on "Riverdale" Season 1

While we don't actually know why they're in Paris or what the trip entails, we can only assume the two of them are having a beautifully romantic time.

While Cole is typically the one behind the camera, Lili had her beau act as model during a photo shoot in some very exotic-looking mountainous location. Cole is rocking jeans and a button-up, with his iconic camera slung around his neck.

He looks totally like Jughead in the wild. Lili captioned the image with the praying hands emoji. Preach, girl! Cole and Lili made an appearance at the Teen Choice Awards, where they along with their Riverdale cast mates were nominated for a bunch of awards.

A fan also caught a photo of the award show's seating arrangement, which does appear to have Cole and Lili sitting near each other, but with an empty seat between the two of them. What does it all mean!? Lili stunned in a sequin pink midi dress do you think Kylie's 21st bday look inspired this dress?!

Big news! I mean, they didn't talk about [their relationship] the entire time, until just recently," Amick told Entertainment Tonight.

bughead forever. May 04,   Jughead and Betty may be openly in love on Riverdale, but Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart are far less forthcoming about their real-life couple have Author: Noelle Devoe. Mar 30,   A Complete Timeline of Jughead Jones and Betty Cooper's Relationship on "Riverdale" Season 1. (which is probably why they're rumored to be dating in real life). Their story - star-crossed Occupation: Entertainment Editor.

They're public with it! And while we weren't sure exactly whether or not Lili and Cole were just really good friends or much more, their on screen 'rents pretty much just gave us all the information we need.

We hope they had permission from their kids! Ok, we would do anything to see Lili and Cole interact behind the scenes during Riverdale filming. While this is all amazing news, Ulrich ended the interview saying, "Their friendship is beautiful. We're just going to chalk it up to the fact that Lili and Cole are best friends and dating, because isn't that just beautiful.

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Lili celebrated Cole's 26th birthday with an adorable Instagram post. Along with the cutest pic of Cole pointing at the camera she wrote, "It seems as if the world would still be a stranger to me, if not for you. While the two have been very private about their relationship in the past, can we officially all agree that this relationship is happening? Is this their way of breaking the news? The suspense is paralyzing! The two got together after filming the third season of Riverdale to watch the very rare Blood Moon lunar eclipse.

Hanging in Cole's trailer, Lili documented the whole night on her Instagram story. At first, Lili adorably joked that, "If the world really is gonna end tonight then I'm happy it's with my best bud!! Then, it became obvious that maybe Cole didn't care as much about the lunar eclipse as Lili did, but she kept going!

Lili continued to joke writing, "Asked him to tell me all the things he loves about me. He's been silent for 30 minutes.

Awww he must be thinking really deeply.

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