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We had a lot of pleasure playing both. Close up of the headstocks. They're pretty similar but the reissue has a truss rod adjustable from the headstock end. Note also the aluminium nut on both guitars:. The vinyl tape binding makes these two instantly recognisable as Danelectros. The original has a simple crosshatch whilst the reissue has a rather natty ostrich skin pattern. And no, that strap pin shouldn't be there on the original.

The rest are small, mostly consisting of tea, bread, snacks, and condiments. These include vareynya jamkaimak, similar to clotted creamsara-mai a form of butterand various salads.

Kyrgyz cafes, chaikanas, and ashkanas usually will have six or seven dishes, as well as two or three side dishes, on the menu. Many places also will serve shashlik, which is marinated mutton grilled on a skewer.


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