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There are lots of little things you can do to make carrying concealed easier on a day to day basis. When I first started out carrying, there were quite a few things that I wish I had known at the time. No one can see you gun, but they can see you fiddling with your shirt People obsess about concealment. What people will notice is you fiddling with your shirt and constantly picking at the tail of it to make sure your gun stays concealed. Relax and stop picking at your shirt. The idea behind this is to create a mental separation between unloaded practice and actually carrying a loaded gun.

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But the interesting point is that I don't think any of the owners of these collections would take umbrage at being called the appropriate type of nut.

So why do gun owners react so differently? Is it because they're defensive about the reactions of others to their "hobby"? Because the central organizing theme of their collection is lethality?

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NB: In your writer's example, the common theme is NOT hunting, which might be an alternative explanation of owning a wide variety of firearms. The common theme is the guns themselves. The only objection to being called a car nut is that gearhead is the appropriate term. Trying to respect and reason with mass collectors within the 35 percent of gun-owning households has gotten us absolutely nowhere. That's because arsenalists and "tactical" fetishists do not respect the rest of us.

And the gun hustler industry thrives on this disrespect. This isn't about defense; it's about dominance. And people like your reader have done absolutely nothing to clean up the culture they perpetuate. I grew up in a house with 5 hunting rifles and some sort semi-automatic weapon a mini 14, I believe mounted on the wall above my dad's chair. We had a handgun stored somewhere. Not quite an arsenal, but a collection. Mostly the legacy of childhood hunting that lost its charm for my dad after Vietnam.

The book I wrote revolves largely around heroic, armed self-defense. Armed self-defense is a family legacy. Modern American gun pimp culture dishonors everyone who has ever used a weapon for self-defense. I'm sorry, if you collect "tactical" weapons for the fun of it, you're an asshole.

You're a bully and a thug. You're sending a clear message to fellow countrymen: I'm going to dominate you. Modern American gun culture rests entirely upon implicit intimidation and the economic benefits of it.

Ah yes, the all inclusive "we," the coverer of all sins. There's no "we. Your reader and I have very similar household gun experiences. But faced with the debauchery and hedonism of modern American gun culture, we've made very different political and moral choices.

His culture, not mine, puts "tactical" weapons in lunatics hands. If he's going to defend that culture, he should fucking own it and not cower behind "we. I am anti-prohibitionist. It's my core political philosophy, based on my reading of history and economics and human behavior. I didn't say a damn word about "get rid of guns". That's his language. In fact, I'm not even thinking about laws. I'm thinking about culture. He doesn't like that I use "arsenalist," think it doesn't apply to him, then he should do something about the damn arsenalists in his own culture.

Stigmatize them. Arsenalists have power. I recognize that power. But it does not entitle them to my respect. And if it stings a little to have arsenalist hung on him, good.

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That is what I intend. Like I said before, stigmatizing the legal thuggery of American gun culture is a long-term project.

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It is a culture war. It just is.

It's been waged against the rest of us for a long time. I'm done pretending that your reader isn't part of it. Now, further reader response.

7 dating tips for gun nuts

The answer is the market. One reader says:. Two points. First, the reason for the certainty [of more shootings] is our bizarre, obsolete 2nd amendment. The only other nations with a constitutional guarantee are Mexico and Haiti.

The rest of the world understands that they want their communities to choose the regulations they can apply to the ownership, storage and use of deadly weapons. Second, the only path to any kind of gun control in the US is market-based. Liability insurance, transfer fees, import quotas-we should concentrate on everything that can be done non-legislatively to drive up the cost and scarcity of handguns.

By the typical definition of terrorism non-government violence advancing a political agenda via intimidation many of the mass shootings in America are terrorism.

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Because of racism and probably other reasons, Americans resist calling it terrorism when the perpetrator is white or his political goals seem silly, vague or arcane. The line between mass shootings and terrorism in America is often gray and we are solely interested in curtailing terrorism when foreigners or persons of color perpetrate it.

Those of us who recognize the insanity and toll of our benighted gun policies need to change the paradigm. We need to make this a pro-life issue. We need to put the issue in the conservative camp, where gun control goes to die, by forcing them to defend letting so many Americans die in their terms. Guns and pro-life should be entwined and repeated ceaselessly. We need to lobby the media local, state and national to include the daily death toll, preferably in photos, every day.

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Every newspaper should run a large boldfaced number summarizing the death toll locally and nationally, daily. Every web site needs a counter in the corner.

Every TV news broadcast, ditto. We need to put signs up with victim photos of victims like we do for victims of car accidents along roads.

There needs to be no escape from the consequences of our policies. We need to highlight suicide more. Victims of gun suicides tend to be white guys, not inner city gangbangers. We have to address the irrational fear of so many gun owners that background checks leads to registration which leads to confiscation.

We need to confront those on the right who stoke the irrational fear of black helicopters and government confiscation as people with blood on their hands. To this reader, it appears, a gun in a gun is a gun, and anybody with 10 or more guns is an arsenalist with evil intent, or perhaps mentally deranged.

A gauge pump shotgun for duck hunting 2. A single-barrel gauge specialized for trap shooting 4. A bolt-action. A break-barrel single shot pistol for competitive silhouette shooting Note that that list does not include a single gun for the purpose of home defense or concealed carry; i. That it doesn't make them sick and want to do something.

The message quoted below is related to the evocative photo above, showing the moment in when armed Black Panthers marched into the California state capitol building in Sacramento. One sentence in your article reminded me of an idea a friend and I have had for a couple of years to combat the NRA. One evening, my friend, who happens to be of Indian and Sri Lankan descent, noted the potential hypocrisy of many Second Amendment supporters in that all hell would likely break loose if he walked the streets with an AR Over drinks, we imagined a video project whereby Muslim Americans legally purchase and carry firearms within the bounds of existing laws.

Nov 23,   I wrote this piece back in July of , and circulated it to a few folks for feedback before declining to publish it. It just seemed a bit too crazypants and tinfoil-hatty, with all its talk of. Mar 26,   5 Tips for concealed carry. This way you know how the gun/holster combo works when you have to perform regular actions like bending/sitting/going to the bathroom. 2. No one can see you gun, but they can see you fiddling with your shirt Subscribe to Gun Nuts! Get all the news and ates from Gun Nuts in your email! Email Address. Labels: 7 Dating Tips For Gun Nuts, Colion Noir,, WordPress. Friday, February 10, Gun Control's Racist History. Today's gun control advocates tend to paint themselves as concerned with the plight of minorities in America. What they don't want you to know is that their movement originated as an initiative to deprive African.

However, maybe in the introduction they are wearing hijabs, maybe they are speaking Arabic, maybe they are praying to Mecca. And then with the help of body cameras, you can watch them purchase firearms at a gun show without a background check and maybe watch them buy 5 guns in a month.

5 Tips for concealed carry

Pursuant to proper permit, you can watch them carry, either concealed or openly, such firearm s to their mosque, to the park or to the grocery store. Lastly, you can watch a group of Muslims Americans fire off hundreds of rounds a minute legally at a gun range. Additional videos could feature other minority groups which many 2nd Amendment supporters might consider members of the scary "other".


A 6'8'' African American male taking an assault rifle to a Black Panther meeting! A bandana and tattooed clad Mexican American with a gun in his low rider. The point being to highlight the deficiencies in the existing system with Americans that NRA members might fear, or at least not be sympathetic to. If the videos got big enough, it would be interesting to see the NRA's response as supporting everyone's right to easy access to guns may alienate some of their members and supporters.

I am a registered New York Republican. I believe in the 2nd Amendment but obviously agree with your writings that there are reasonable restrictions that could and should be put in place to reduce the risk of mass shootings.

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A part of my humanity died on December 14, as a result of the shooting itself but also the failure to take any steps to prevent further bloodshed. I know it is underhanded to play off the biases of people but if it serves the greater good and results in less death and tragedy, I could look myself in the mirror.

There will be more of these; we absolutely know it; we also know that we will not change the circumstances that allow such episodes to recur. I am an optimist about most things, but not about this. Everyone around the world understands this reality too. It is the kind of thing that makes them consider America dangerous, and mad. Hood in Texas, with three people killed which was different from the earlier Ft.

His clear, cold reminder that it is an ongoing political decision by America collectively not to do anything to prevent these killings. I bet it is. And I bet that's a major reason there is no serious public policy attempt to stop gun violence. If dying of gun violence were positively correlated with country club membership or levels of investment income, I bet there would be dramatic policy changes tomorrow.

But when the victims are poorer, or younger, or less white - those with real power simply do not care. It's heartbreaking and wrong. In real-time chronicling mode, I am putting up this note before completing a search for graphs or studies on this point.

In response, you may jump onto Google and investigate the gun-control policies of the Weimar Republic that the Nazi's overthrew, learning that gun-ownership was strictly limited in pre-war Germany. If you want to access the buy and sell sections, please read: How to access Equipment Exchange Buy / Sell Forums. Most users ever online was 58, at AM. David E. Petzal and Phil Bourjaily-a.k.a. the Field & Stream Gun Nuts-share their rants, reviews, and hot takes on rifles, shotguns, and hunting.

Worse, that could have been my child. But evidently not enough people have made that imaginative leap to make a political difference.

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I have a "modest proposal", ala Swift, as an attempt to get some cultural change in our our acceptance of gun violence. Fully publicized unretouched crime scene photos.

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Think for just a second if we all could see what a hollow point did to the head of a child at Sandy Hook On one hand it's like making folks convicted of DUI's to watch crash movies, excepting that we in the popular culture haven't been convicted of a crime. For example, he stopped the importation of old American World War II era military rifles by private companies that had been given to South Korea [19] [20] [21]among other importation and ammunition bans.

A common stereotype is that gun nuts own vast stockpiles of weaponry and ammunition, to the point of having a room in their house that looks more like an armory than anything.

While many do conform to this stereotype, owning lots of guns is not a mark of a nut. Many people collect guns in the same manner as others collect dolls, mugs, DVDs, action figures, or other items, seeing it chiefly as a hobby.

An additional subset are hunters, professional or hobbyists, that track many different types of game that require different types of guns a gun that's great for quail hunting is definitely not one you should bring to take down moose. The stereotype of the lunatic who sits on a stockpile of guns and ammo has frequently had a detrimental effect on the debate over gun ownership in America, with both sides buying into it to some degree.

On one hand, responsible gun owners get legitimately offended by this stereotype when it is used by gun control advocates as the image of the "average" American gun owner, leading them to treat even reasonable gun control efforts with suspicion or outright hostility. On the other hand, gun manufacturers also seem to embrace this stereotype in their advertising, running ads seemingly aimed at this demographic, often directly linking guns with manliness.

Gun control advocates see all this and, incorrectly but not unreasonably, assume that most gun owners are like this, leading to the above. There also tends to be a trend of these rants going off the rails like Ted Nugent publically denouncing gun control and Jews as the NRA stays quiet in the face of their members openly protesting. Jump to: navigationsearch. No, we have guns because it's our God -given right enshrined in the Constitution.

My folks used to turn off the electricity on weekends to prepare us for a life of self-sustained everything. I had so many knives and spears stashed in tree forts that my version of Home Alone would have been rated NC No, we have guns because it's our God-given right enshrined in the Constitution. Don't You Believe It! The ballot box, jury box and the cartridge box. Arms Trade Treaty tackled by Snopes. Under Clinton, the importation of Chinese firearms was banned, and the administration as of has blocked the reimportation of a large quantity of the very innocuous M1 carbine and M1 Garand from South Korea.

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To this reader, it appears, a gun in a gun is a gun, and anybody with 10 or more guns is an arsenalist (with evil intent, or perhaps mentally deranged). Let's look at one way a person might have.

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