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Jessica Davis is one of the main characters of Netflix 's " 13 Reasons Why ". She is currently a student at Liberty High School. She is portrayed by Alisha Boe. In the first season , she was shown to have been pairied up to be friends with Hannah by the school counselor. She becomes good friends with Hannah and then Alex, unfortunately their friendship ends over a misunderstanding.

However, as Tony and his dad were distracted by Tony's car they were fixing, Clay stole a Walkman from his friend Tony Padilla to listen to the first tape. After riding home from Tony's, Clay got into an accident that left him with a scar on his forehead. Clay used the cassette tapes along with the map Hannah provided to visit all locations mentioned by Hannah in her tapes. Clay had flashbacks of Hannah's interactions at each location.

When he arrived at the park, Clay pictured Hannah and Justin kissing on the slide. With each episode, Clay begins to interact with the person currently talked about in the tapes. For example, Clay only began to talk to Jessica Davis after listening to her tape.

Clay is seen to have breakdowns that become more frequent as the show progresses, due to this he has to take frequent breaks which Tony finds unusual.

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Tony tells Clay that he is the slowest by far to listen to the tapes as many of the previous listeners have finished it within a night. Clay begins to become a vigilante for Hannah by attempting to harm the others mentioned in the tapes.

He takes pictures of Tyler Down 's body and sends it around the school to make him suffer for what he did and takes Courtney Crimsen to Hannah's grave to make her feel guilt. Many of the others in the tapes become increasingly aware of this fact and try to stop Clay from attacking the others and make plans to try to stop him, such as having Alex Standall speed through traffic with Clay in the car to scare him. Throughout the series, we begin to see the development of Clay's relationship with Hannah in flashbacks which start with Clay's first day at The Crestmont with Hannah, from there we see their relationship form into something much more that as they develop feelings for each other.

Clay's tape is " Tape 6, Side A ". This tape is incredibly hard for Clay to hear and Tony offers support throughout the listening session to prevent him from harming himself. At one point, Clay cannot listen further and so is taken to Monet's for a break.

After hearing the full tape, Clay is distraught and actually considers suicide. Tony prevents this and Clay carries on with the tapes. He originally enters his home under the premise of him buying weed from him, where he has a flashback of Hannah's rape.

Clay accuses Bryce of raping Hannah which results in him getting violently physically abused. Eventually, Clay talks Bryce into confessing he raped Hannah without knowing it and Clay rides out of Bryce's neighborhood incredibly happy.

Clay was recording his confession on the last unused side of Hannah's tapes, which would be Tape 7, Side B, he plays the audio only for Tony. This is incredibly important as it shows evidence of Bryce saying he raped Hannah, which would give Hannah justice.

Clay visits Mr. Porter and tells him about the last day of Hannah's life and her meeting with him. When asked about how he knows this, Clay produces the tapes and gives them to Mr. Porter who is the thirteenth reason on Hannah's list because he didn't help Hannah after she told him about her being sexually assaulted and suicidal. After leaving the tapes with Porter, Clay reaches out to Skye Millera girl that Clay has interacted with throughout the show who is seen to be in a similar situation as Hannah due to the slits on her wrist.

Clay asks if she would want to skip school with him in an attempt to help her like he should've helped Hannah. He takes a ride with Skye, Tony and his boyfriend Brad to somewhere. However, he mentions to Tony that both he and Tony have their depositions the day after. Season 2 Five months have passed since Hannah's deathand Clay truly believed he was recovering from her death. He went with Skye Miller to get a semi-colon tattoo a symbol representing suicide awareness but fainted halfway through and only got a comma.

Later on, Skye painted a mural when Clay admitted how disappointed he was that even just getting the tattoo, he somehow failed. It turns out, that Clay and Skye were actually dating now, as they embraced each other in a kiss. Clay stated that he had not been thinking about Hannah, but Skye reassured him that it's okay if he was. Nevertheless, Clay still persisted that he wasn't and he hadn't for months. Clay then contemplated how messed up the situation was with Hannah, the Bakers, the trial and Bryce.

After Clay told Skye he cared about her, they started passionately kissing. In the sofa, Clay and Skye proceeded to have sex, when Clay noticed the cuts on the lower part of her body and abruptly stopped kissing her. Skye, growing uncomfortable, told him she used to cut herself a long time ago, but Clay knew they were recent. Clay had been seemingly helping Skye out with her own issues, but, was upset to learn she had started to cut herself again.

Angry, Clay told her that they made a deal that she would call him whenever she felt like doing it. Clay asked about her alternatives and why she clearly didn't seem to be doing it. When Skye said she didn't like the alternatives, Clay suggested a mindfulness walk. Skye didn't take it seriously and laughed at this suggestion, but, Clay stressed how important this was and so she apologized and promised she would call him. Their relationship becomes rocky as Clay is still thinking about Hannah.

When he learns that the Bakers are refusing to settle and the trial is going ahead, Hannah appears to him in visions and continues to do so throughout the season. The apparitions of Hannah serve as a motivator for Clay to bring Bryce and the jocks to justice, despite the fact that even after Clay received Bryce's confession of Hannah's rape, he got off scott free thanks to his lawyer.

Clay has little motivation to follow up on this until he receives an anonymous Polaroid in his locker of sordid acts by the jocks. Throughout the trial Clay found out new things about Hannah that almost changed his view of her.

He hallucinates Hannah until he finally lets her go through his speech, during her funeral. His relationship with Skye slowly broke down because of his hallucinations of Hannah, which meant that he was not fully there all the time, which Skye noticed. Skye went to treatment for her own mental illness and told him that she would miss him, that she could love him and let him go and ended their relationship. His hallucination of Hannah helps him and angers him throughout the season.

Once they found him, Tony and Sheri took turns in detoxing him from the drugs he took while homeless, he tried to hide Justin for as long as he could so he could keep Justin being back from people, however his parents found out.

Tony came to him worried and told him that the school called him to testify, and warns him that Clay does not know everything that he did. Clay received Polaroids with writing on the back in his locker. He kept each of them safe in his bag.

Clay tried to figure out where the Polaroids were taken. When prompted by Dennis, Clay testified about his friendship with Hannah, and when prompted by Sonya, Clay testified that he and Hannah spent a night doing drugs together, while coming down from her high, she described being suicidal. Sonya asked him why he didn't do anything or say anything to anyone about what she said. In response, Clay lashed out and tried to get her bullying to be brought back up, but failed.

He later went home and read the comments about him and Hannah after his testimony, he argued with his hallucination and decided to publish the audio of the tapes online. Clay received backlash from Alex and Justin about putting them online because of Jessica's health.

Aug 24,   13 Reasons Why has been a huge topic of conversation ever since it premiered on Netflix in Not only did the show spark important conversation Home Country: US. Feb 18,   The characters on 13 Reasons Why may be navigating themselves through some troubling relationships, but IRL that couldn't be further from the . These Two "13 Reasons Why" Actors Are Dating IRL And Everyone Is Shook. If you've been watching the Netflix adaptation of 13 Reasons Why, you'll know that the show is tackling some big issues with some very talented actors. are apparently dating and the internet is extremely here for it.

Clay apologized and asked for their help in taking Bryce down. After Zach revealed that he was the one who sent the Polaroids, Clay gathered Sheri and Justin to go through them, Clay discovered that Hannah had a Polaroid, meaning that she was there. After the trial ended and the jury came to a verdict, they all came outside shocked. Bryce was arrested on rape charges after Justin's testimony but Justin was also arrested being an accessory to it as he testified that he didn't call the police and let it happen.

Clay told his mother that Justin was arrested and Lainie told him that Justin knew what would happen. Olivia and Andrew Baker began planning a funeral for Hannah and put their store up for sale. People then attended Hannah's funeral. Clay gave his speech and finally stopped hallucinating Hannah, they then had a wake at Monet's.

Justin told Clay that his parents were thinking of adopting him, Justin told him that he would like to be adopted by them. Olivia found a list of "Reasons Why Not" that Hannah typed out on her computer, Olivia printed it out and contemplated giving it to Clay.

She decided to give it to him after she heard his speech. After Tyler was raped and assaulted by Monty, he attempted a massacre via a school shooting, as he had finally had enough and was determined to kill everyone, possibly including himself. Tyler told Cyrus that things were about to get messy so he and his sister should leave, but Cyrus instead tipped off their friends and Clay asked Tony to help him and Clay put himself in danger as he attempted to stop him and convince him not to, he was successful in doing this and asked Tony to drive him away.

Clay took the gun away from him and Jessica and Justin ran out and joined him, Justin asked him "What do we do now? Season 3 After stopping Tyler from his attempted school shooting, he drives Tyler's car away to the safety point Tony drove Tyler to. Tyler worries about his parents and Clay and Tony drive Tyler back home, his mother is relieved to see him back home, tells them that the school texted all the parents that there was an active shooter in the school and that they should both tell their parents that they are okay, which Clay does.

Tyler goes up to his bedroom, Clay follows him upstairs, Tyler gives him a letter addressed to his Mom and Dad and implies that it's his suicide note. Tony and Clay talk about what to do with him, how to help him and wonder why he attempted a school shooting, as the last thing that everyone knew of him was that he was better and happier. The next day, Tyler, accompanied by Clay, Tony and Justin, goes back to school, however he sees Monty-who unknown to Tyler's friends had raped him the day before, the reason for his attempted school shooting-his PTSD kicks in and he becomes terrified and starts to have a panic attack.

Tony calms him down and Clay texts someone. He tells Tyler the plan and leaves for his lesson, he gets called out of his lesson by Courtney Crimsen who uses Principal Bolan 's notes to get him out to a give a new student a tour because she can't. The new student is Ani Acholahe gives her a slightly disturbing tour, still being angry at the school. Clay then goes to lunch with Justin and Tyler, Ani joins, introduces herself to Tyler and is introduced to Justin by Clay.

Ani then tells Justin that she thinks Clay internalizes a lot, she annoys Clay a little further and Clay excuses himself to get ketchup. Late in the night, back at home, Clay goes through the photos from Homecoming on his computer. Justin notices that Bryce-number is about to tackle Zach in a photo, they become confused because Zach said it was number 82 that tackled him, Clay tells Justin that-having asked Zach in the morning again-Zach told Clay he didn't know who tackled him.

They wonder why Zach lied. Clay and Tyler meet up at school and Clay advises him to see Dr Singh. Clay organizes at meeting at Monet's and presents the schedule to the group.

Zach believes that Tyler should have gone to prison and argues with the group. He tells them that is out, that he won't look after "that psychopath" and tells them that he won't talk to anyone but he won't be apart of looking after Tyler. The rest of the group agree to the schedule and leave. The content on this page is derived from upcoming media.

Information may be inaccurate and subject to change. Clay is the subject of Tape 6, Side Ahowever Hannah makes it clear that he is not one of the reasons for why she killed herself. Clay spends the night with Tony, listening to his tape. On the night of Jessica's party, Clay and Hannah walk upstairs because of the large crowd.

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Hannah asks Clay if he wants to go to Jessica's room, and he says yes. The two start talking and making jokes about Jessica's rock collection.

Clay then leans over and kisses Hannah. Hannah seems shocked but she kisses him back. Then the two were about to have sex before Hannah starts remembering all the guys that did her wrong, and suddenly she can't escape from thinking everyone is against her. She has a mental breakdown and then tells him to stop, which he does before asking what's wrong. She yells at him to go away, which he does.

On the tape, Hannah says a part of her was begging him to stay while she was yelling at him to leave. Clay is the only person on the tapes who did nothing wrong but he was included as a part of her story. In the beginning of the first episode, Justin tells him he isn't as innocent as she says he is. Justin seemed to be talking about the fact that on the tapes, Hannah says Clay shouldn't be on the tapes, because in her eyes, he just should've stayed.

Though it is possible that Justin is simply angry that Clay is not guilty of doing horrible things like he and the others on Hannah's list are and potentially cannot be punished or arrested for any part in Hannah's death.

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In spite of Hannah telling him that he is not a part of her list, Clay is devastated by the fact that he left Hannah when she desperately needed him, claiming he did it because he was scared, not because Hannah told him to go and claims that this was the beginning of the chain of unfortunate events that followed such as Jessica's rape and Jeff's death as a result of Sheri and claims that he is responsible for Hannah's death and breaks down over the fact that he never told Hannah that he loved her.

He later declares himself to be "Number 11" when confronting Mr. Clay is shown to be a somewhat socially awkward person, however, he is an overall very caring, intelligent and honest person who is a good friend to those around him and a decent person. He was shown to have had a crush on Hannah Baker though was never able to tell her directly that he loved her. While he treated Hannah well and had a good friendship with her, he himself mistreated her on a few occasions such as hurting her feelings after seeing the photograph that Justin took of her that was spread around the school and coldly telling her off after she tried talking to him about Jeff's death.

Clay's eventual coldness towards her was apparently so great that during her meeting with Mr. Porter, Hannah claimed that she thought Clay hated her.

In spite of this, Clay is shown to be devastated by Hannah's death and when he is given her tapes, he is shown to be horrified upon learning of the reasons why she killed herself. He becomes disgusted at the actions of the people on her list, and develops a strong hatred for some of them, notably Justin, Tyler and Bryce. He slowly begins to become more and more "unstable", hallucinating things such as punching Zach or Hannah's dead body covered in blood in the middle of the basketball court.

Clay's hallucinations also show events that haven't actually happened, such as in Tape 1, Side Ain which Clay hallucinates the kiss between Hannah and Justin turn into something more based on the rumor that Hannah is a "Slut" and in Tape 3, Side Ain which Clay hallucinates a scenario in which he dances with Hannah at the Winter Formal but is stopped once Hannah's wrist begin to bleed which is a symbol of her suicide. This is likely due to survivor's guilt a symptom of PTSD Post-Traumatic Stress Disorderas a result of listening to the tapes and learning the truth.

Throughout listening to the tapes, Clay becomes notably colder and also becomes angered at any sign of disrespect towards Hannah, notably seen when he gets angered at his old friend Skye for calling Hannah a coward. Clay even becomes a bully to a degree upon learning of the reasons for Hannah's suicide as he deliberately takes a picture of Tyler naked and spreads it around the school for revenge of what he did to Hannah and Courtney and brings Courtney to Hannah's grave in an attempt to hurt her for her actions against Hannah and also keying Zach's car.

He does, however, appreciate those who actually feel remorse for their actions towards Hannah, notably Alex and Tony and later Jessica and Sheri when she takes responsibly for her actions. However he is strongly disgusted that a majority of the people on Hannah's list choose to hide Bryce's crimes and Jessica's rape, and even becomes aggressive towards his best friend Tony.

At one point after he and Zach catch Hannah in a brief lie on the tapes he briefly even considers abandoning the tapes and going about things normally however he completely snaps in front of new foreign exchange students and shows his disgust at the people who treated Hannah like shit and the school itself for trying to remove responsibly from itself and vows that no matter what, the truth about Hannah's death and all those responsible will come out.

Even though the others on Hannah's last attempt to sabotage him and try and intimidate him into keeping quiet, Clay refuses to give up showing his determination of avenging Hannah's death. After listening to his tape, Clay is shown to be even more devastated even though Hannah firmly states that his name does not belong on her list and claims that he in fact left Hannah the night of Jessica's party in which they almost had sex because he was scared and as a result claims this was the beginning of the events that led to Hannah's death such as Jessica being raped and Hannah witnessing it and Sheri knocking down the stop sign that ultimately led to Jeff's death and declares that he killed Hannah and even contemplates suicide for a moment by jumping off a cliff.

His guilt is exemplified later when he declares himself to be "Number 11" after confronting Mr. He is shown to be saddened that he cost a girl her life because he was afraid to love her and his hallucination depicting what he wanted to say to Hannah that night further shows how badly he wants to correct his mistake.

Clay is now shown to be strongly determined to get justice for Hannah's death and Jessica's rape as he personally coerces Bryce to confess to the deed after he provokes him into assaulting him in an attempt to get him punished for his actions and openly says that he wants him to pay for what he did.

He tells Tony that it is better to pursue what Hannah and Jessica need, which is justice against Bryce rather than following her wishes of sending the tapes to all those on her list, showing his care for both of them. He has developed an even kinder side as he reaches out to Skye again in an attempt to not repeat the mistake of not being there for someone who needs help and friendship like Hannah was. Clay is skinny, with short dark brown hair and blue-grey eyes.

In the first season, he has a scar on his temple from a biking accident early on in the series while listening to the tapes, which is how the audience can tell past from present, and he is rather anemic. He is often shown wearing jeans and a hoodie, and he wears button-up shirts with pants to parties and a suit to the dance. Clay carries his grey backpack around with him a lot.

Clay met Hannah outside of The Crestmont, Hannah came out of the Crestmont in her work uniform and saw Clay arriving for his first day at work at The Crestmont and told him she loved his helmet and found it adorable. Clay asked if she meant adorable as in "helpless baby animal". She asked if he was afraid of helmet hair, he told her that he didn't get helmet hair, his hair just did the same thing no matter what happened to it.

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She brushed her fingers though his hair and told him his hair needed to be taken care of. He asked "And sacrifice my masculinity? They started to walk into the Crestmont and he told her that he wanted to keep his brains in his head, she jokingly replied "Instead of say, some other regions, like most boys?

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They laughed and she led him inside, she called him Helmet and told him he had bathrooms to clean. Clay corrected her but she told him that she was not cleaning bathrooms. She invited him to a party at her house the next night, and told him not to bring the helmet.

She walked away and he checked his hair in his reflection in the door, he followed her and asked her where she lived. Kat told him they placed bets on whether or not Clay would come to the party because the last party she saw him at was in fourth grade. Kat then led both Hannah and Clay into the kitchen so she could get them drinks.

Clay noticed that there were a lot of people at Kat's going away party, Kat told him she threw the party so Hannah could meet people. Hannah noted that she met Clay, Kat told her that Clay didn't count as she met him at work. Clay told Kat that it should count and Kat asked what drink he wanted, Clay chose a Sprite and Kat dismissed his drink choice and replaced it with beer.

Kat started to walk away to get the beer and Clay commented sarcastically that he liked beer.

May 30,   Netflix dropped the second season of teen drama 13 Reasons Why on Friday, May 18, over one year after premiering its smash hit freshman season. A Author: Kaitlin Reilly. Jun 10,   Anne joined the cast of 13 Reasons Why for Season 2 and totally nailed her role. And while her character, Chloe, is dating the show's bad boy, . After two seasons of 13 Reasons Why, it's clear the students at Liberty High School have very complicated relationships, whether they be friendships, romances, or everything in-between. Season 1.

Tyler Down interrupted and called Kat back for a group photo, which they all posed for. Kat left and Hannah jokingly told him to stop having fun, as she noticed that he wasn't. Clay sarcastically protested that he was having fun, Hannah undid the buttons on his shirt and told him that he was too buttoned up. Clay immediately did back up the buttons and they both laughed. Bryce Walker came over and introduced himself to Hannah. Kat noticed them and told Bryce he was wanted for the keg as a way to get rid of him.

Kat told Hannah to stay away from him and likened him to Darth Vader. Hannah told Kat that he didn't seem that ba Kat told her she was trying to be kind about it and Clay confirmed her statement. Hannah looked at the drinks and told Kat that she also wanted a beer, she started walk away to get it and Kat called her Princess Leia, she turned back and told both Kat and Clay that they were both nerds, she left and Kat told Clay to ask Hannah out.

Clay told Kat that he was nervous but around her he could be different and new, Kat told Clay that from her limited observation Hannah had terrible taste in guys, Clay asked her not to say anything to him but Kat told him she would only say something if it came up. Clay commented on the fact that she wanted Hannah and Zach to date, Kat told Clay and Hannah that while Zach was kind of dumb he was the sweet kind of dumb. The next day, Hannah was in the audience at a practice game to watch Justin, Clay was walking in the audience and finding a seat so he could watch.

She spotted him and called him over join her. He joined her and she asked if he got lost on the way to the library, he told her that Coach Patrick had assigned him to watch the game for History homework. Hannah told him that his nervousness made her nervous, Clay offered her a tootsie roll, and she asked how he was able to eat them, Clay told her that they were good and sweet and proceeded to take a bite of it in front of her; Hannah rolled her eyes.

Clay told her that she didn't seem like a sports person, she told him that she wanted to have had a complete high school experience.

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Clay noticed Justin nod his head at Hannah and asked Hannah if Justin was "the complete high school experience"Hannah told him not to be jealous and that he would make it someday. She asked him if his Dad was also "thin and nervous"Clay thought about it for a moment and realised Hannah's assumption was true.

After school was done, she caught up with Clay and asked if he could email her the french notes because she didn't understand their french teacher. Justin arrived and asked Hannah if she needed a ride home, she told him she didn't because she had the bus as her travel option, she said goodbye to both Justin and Clay got on the bus.

Hannah and Clay have lunch in " Tape 1, Side A ". Later on, Hannah and Justin met up at Eisenhower Park and they kissed, he took a photo of her without her knowledge or consent and Bryce took his phone and sent it around. In class, students got notifications on their phones and everyone checked them to see an up-skirt photo of Hannah and they turned to look at her. Hannah and Clay looked at each other and Clay got a notification, he checked his phone and saw the photo, he looked back at her and she became upset as she realised that it must be a photo of her and assumed it was something bad.

Hannah was not shown the photo by anyone while in class. Later on, she sat with Clay at lunch and they talked, Clay implied that he believed that she and Justin had sex in the park and she became upset as he hadn't asked what happened he had just assumed from the photo he saw and the rumor that they had sex had gone around.

During the second season, it helps him and guides him throughout his grieving process. The hallucination is a coping mechanism for Clay's survivor's guilt.

Clay and Hallucination Hannah in " Bryce and Chloe ". Clay often talked with the hallucination about his actions throughout the season and about what the testifiers revealed about Hannah in court.

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Tony is Clay's best friend, they have a close relationship that builds slowly through the first season and is solidified during the second. Clay and Tony talking in " Tape 4, Side B ". Clay and Tony are close friends, who sometimes push each other to the edge, but remain tight friends throughout. Tony guided Clay whilst he listened to his tape and stopped him from an attempt at suicide after he found out what he did on the tapes.

Tony is the only person who really tries to help Clay make smart decisions without breaking Hannah's rules, he's also the only one who offers emotional, mental and physical support.

Tony and Clay in court in " Bye ". During the second season, Tony becomes one of the very few people that Clay trusts. He enlists his help in finding Justin, partially because he knows no one else cares enough to look for him. Tony goes to drastic measures to help Clay find Justin.

He assaults a skateboarder in a skate park for refusing to answer their questions and shows a lot of protectiveness over Clay. In the last episode of the second season, " Bye ", Clay calls Tony when he finds out that Tyler is planning a school shooting at the Spring Fling, Tony comes without question and Clay guides Tyler to Tony's car. Tony drives him off to safety. The only time Tony has refused to help Clay is when it will cause him legal trouble that is serious. After finding Justin, Clay asks for Tony's help, who agrees, but pulls out once he learns that Justin is addicted to drugs, especially with the case not settling as they all thought it would.

Looking after someone in Justin's situation could damage him while the case is going on because of his probation, so he enlists Sheri Holland to replace him, which he does not get Clay's consent for.

In the third season, Tony and Clay help Tyler Down recover from his trauma after his attempted school shooting. Tony defends Clay to the police when questioned.

Olivia Baker tells Clay that the cops are looking at Clay as their main suspect in Bryce Walker's murdershe tells him that this would be a murder charge and it's not the time to protect or save his friends, as he usually does.

If there are suspicions of anyone else he needs to follow them up. She asks him if he knows about Bryce and Tony's relationship, telling him that she told Tony that Bryce's father, Barry Walkerwas the one who called ICE on Tony's family and got them deported, which made Tony furious, possibly with enough intent to have killed Bryce.

Clay confronts Tony about this and questions him why Tony didn't tell him, Tony replies that Clay doesn't know or understand what it's like, however he didn't kill Bryce.

Later after they all find out who actually killed Bryce, Ani hatches a plan with Clay to help cover for the actual killerTony helps Ani and Clay in this. Kat is Clay's oldest friend. She moved away after attending a going-away party at Hannah's house that he attended.

She is only seen in the first season, twice. Clay and Kat have a distant friendship, before Kat moved away, he attended her going away party with Hannah, Kat mentioned that the last party she saw Clay at was her birthday when she was in 4th grade Year 5, years old. Kat seemed to be back on track with Clay and it seemed like no time had passed.

They both pointed out that a lot of time had passed and then Kat offered Hannah and Clay drinks. Bryce was Clay's enemy, they started off as acquaintances, but Clay found out that Bryce raped Jessica, his friend, and then Hannah, his friend and crush, and he began to despise him.

Bryce convincing Clay to buy alcohol, although he's underage in " Tape 2, Side A ". Bryce and Clay started off as merely acquaintances. Bryce persuades Clay to make bad decisions, one example being that Clay, under his pressure, bought beer instead of a soft drink or fizzy drink.

The 13 Reasons Why Cast Reveals Who's Most Likely to Share a Major Spoiler - Superlatives

Bryce vouched for him, buying his and Clay's drink with his I. Outside the liquor store, Clay was then invited to a drink contest with Alex, in which he got drunk while he tried to prove a point. Bryce and Clay don't always seem to be that friendly and it's more like a pressured relationship with them, if Clay had the choice of not knowing Bryce, it's a certainty that he wouldn't.

Here Are All the "13 Reasons Why" Stars' Relationship Statuses IRL

The tapes cause a serious degradation in this relationship, as Clay later found out that Bryce raped Jessica, one of Hannah's best friends and later, one of his. Clay also found out that Bryce raped Hannah, who he loves and cares about, but was too afraid to love her because he didn't really understand her.

Clay managed to manipulate Bryce into confessing raping Hannah on a cassette tape and gave it to Mr. Porter as evidence, which could be used in putting Bryce in jail.

Bryce threatening Clay in the school hallways in " The Missing Page ". After he was exonerated of raping Jessica Davis he and Clay had a brief moment at the dance where Bryce acknowledged that Clay is a better man than he is, but he needs to get laid.

After Bryce's murder Clay becomes a prime suspect due to his well-known contempt and hatred for Bryce. Footage of him pointing a gun at Bryce outside Bryce's house during a PTSD episode which had caused a hallucination of Hannah to manifesta death threat if he ever hurt Ani, and a text threatening to end Bryce's life that he sent to Bryce just before he died, were all things that the police were looking at putting together as a reason to arrest him on suspicion of murder, which they later did.

Halfway into the season Clay has a hallucination of Bryce taunting him about how Bryce's hallucination will follow Clay around wherever he goes, whatever he does. Later on Ani and Clay hatch a plan to cover up for Bryce's killerallowing them to get away free. Justin is Clay's friend, they started out as enemies, got closer as friends and now they have a brotherly relationship. Justin confronting Clay in the school hallways for the first time in " Tape 1, Side A ". Justin and Clay started out as enemies.

The first time we see them interact, Justin told Clay that he wasn't an innocent person having listened to the tapes before Clay, Hannah had made Clay out to be the only one on the tapes that didn't hurt her and didn't think he deserved to be on them, however Justin believed differently.

Clay later found out that Justin is more responsible for Hannah's downward spiral and along with Bryce helped the start of the Hannah the Slut rumors. Justin continuously threatened Clay-and at some point even suggested to his classmates to kill him and make it look like suicide-so Clay would keep quiet about his knowledge of the tapes.

However, Clay never seemed scared of Justin and his threats, he was more angry about the things that happened to Hannah and how no one seemed to care. As Justin started to hate Clay less and care more about Jessica, Clay tried to convince Justin to inform Jessica about what really happened to her the night of her party. When Clay asks why he is trying to protect Bryce, Justin hits back at him telling Clay that he is protecting Jessica.

However Jessica had started having flashbacks and drinking alcohol to deal with them, showing that his protection was actually causing her more pain.

Sep 01,   13 Reasons Why Season 3 Questions and Cliffhangers There Are a Lot of WTF Moments in Season 3 of 13 Reasons Why, and We Have Questions September 1, by Hedy Phillips.

Clay and Justin arriving home in " The Box of Polaroids ". In the second season, Clay enlisted Tony Padilla and they both went to look for Justin, so he could testify against Bryce. They found out that he had become homeless, so Clay brought Justin back to his home-a secret that Clay hid from his parents-and, with help from Tony and Sheri, detoxed him from heroin. At first they still weren't fond of each other, but started to care about each other as they spent more time together.

After finding out that their son had been hiding Justin in his bedroom for some time, Lainie and Matt were angry at Clay, but took Justin after his situation was explained by Clay and Justin. After they spent some time with him, he became like their second son, which Clay became jealous of at one point, seeing Justin and his parents watching TV together when he came home late. At the end of Season 2, in " Bye ", it is revealed that Clay's parents plan to adopt Justin.

They had asked for Clay's approval first, and although he didn't agree with at first, he later was okay with it. When or if this comes into effect, Clay and Justin will legally be adoptive brothers.

At the moment the process hasn't started, but they all treat him like family, and Clay and Justin treat each other like brothers. Clay isn't always as keen on Justin as his parents are but his relationship with Justin has definitely grown a lot from having an intense dislike for him.

Clay and Justin talking at home in " Angry, Young and Man ". In the third season, they are brother-like figures with a very trusting relationship. I am, of course, talking about hookups, romances, and one-off flings - the stuff that, even in the darkest moments of 13 Reasons Whyremind us it's still very much a teen drama. There are couples to root for and couples to loathe. Click through to read about which 13 Reasons Why pairs got together, and what happened after they did.

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