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Most made after the mids have a manufacturing date stamped on them, usually on the bottom or the bottom edge of the fount tank. To date your lantern, first make sure the fuel cap is down tight and then turn the lantern upside-down and look at the bottom of the fount. Figure 1 Bottom of Model A lantern, October The most common location and method of date stamping, used since the late s, is just off-center on the very bottom of the fount. You will see two sets of numbers, one set left and one set right of center. The number, or numbers, on the left indicate the month while the numbers on the right are the last two digits of the year. The Model A lantern in Figure 1 was made in October 10 th month of 19 Excessive paint or rust may make the numbers hard to read but if you scratch the area lightly with a sharp instrument you should be able to read the numbers.

Coleman NorthStar Lantern w/ Hard Shell Case Review

Other than that there is nothing. Is there anyway to tell what year it was made in?

Coleman lamp dating

GasPrescue Glenn Knapke 9, posts. StanDahl John 6, posts. Glenn, is there a source of info on dating these? I've looked through the Green book, but don't find a lot of details on the CQ's. Q's became CQ's in Q had Turban fount. CQ's were made ''23 and Harold states there is no Patent on the air tube May if stamped, would date his lamp prior to May Scouterjan Coleman Canada Prime Minister 26, posts.

Coleman Shipping Records note several hundred BLQ appliances shipped in In that period Coleman was still using 7? diameter founts, as on this lantern, for bracket models in Coleman literature of the period (Vantiger). The valve wheel stamping and burner details are consistent with this lamp being made in Dating a Coleman lantern is very easy, 95of the time. Most made after the mids have a manufacturing date stamped on them, usually on the bottom or the bottom edge of the fount (tank). To date your lantern, first make sure the fuel cap is down tight and then turn the lantern upside-down and look at the bottom of the fount. On to dating your lantern. Most Coleman lantern are date stamped. Look on the very bottom of the fount for some numbers. If not there, you may find them stamped on the side of the fount. Figures 1 through 3 show the two different locations: Side of fount stamp on a lantern indicating September of Bottom of fount stamp on a C.

Harold, I posted in your other thread regarding this lamp Jan. Mitakiuye Oyasin " All My Relations". Glenn: Good deduction from the given evidence!

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That hadn't occurred to me. So, CQ, no date on air tube: CQ with dated air tube: Model C: I decided to collect data on my 9 "CQ's" and discovered many differences that generally form a pattern, although some of my parts may have been swapped over the years, and I know I may have swapped some handles.

I didn't even know about the "C" model until I got a Green book and started making observations, and I seem to have four of them. The model designation was determined by the shade, so a C, C, C were the same lamp with different shades.

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As for "CQ vs C", I don't really know if there was an external difference or if it was just a change in designation. Coleman referred to the lamp as the "CQ" for example up to and "C" from Wichita, Kansas, U. I vote that post gets stickedy in the tech section.

Coleman US lanterns -

Good observations. I don't have enough complete lamps to look at. HRydarcik Super Poster 2, posts. Insert Cancel.

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This is equipped with a glass shade, which is designed to deter insects from entering the mantle. Coleman continued making these lamps until the Great Depression made it unfeasible to do so, and they never returned to the bracket lamp business once the economy improved.

Records are unclear of how much of each were shipped, or how Coleman distinguished between the two in Hiram Strong's absence.

Coleman's made their first lantern, Model L or Arc lantern, sometimes referred to as Model (the globe part number), from to (Strong, cited in Becker). It is based on their Model hollow wire lamp. The ventilator and fount are nickel plated brass. This . CQ Leg Lamp This Coleman CQ lamp (date unknown) was put to unique use in our garage. This custom piece of art is a takeoff from a similar-looking lamp in the classic movie A Christmas Story. It measures about four feet tall and welcomes guests to the store on a daily basis. Coleman Seasons Limited-Edition Fuel-Powered Lantern. Premium Dual Fuel Lantern with Case. Northstar Dual Fuel Lantern. Deluxe PerfectFlow Lantern. Premium Dual Fuel Lantern. Deluxe+ Propane Lantern with Case. Most Relevant Best Rated Most Popular Name A to Z Price High to Low Price Low to High. Showing 1 to 24 of 34 Results.

Most Coleman experts today estimate that only about of the Parlor lamp were shipped, due to the fact that very few in existence are known. This one, restored to its original glory, and is presumed to be from orwhen the majority of these were shipped.

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They were not popular, as they were heavy, bulky, and had an s style with matching amber shade. The vase was a single piece, and although stylish, most people found the lamp dated and expensive for the time. The Aristocrat, also called the "Deluxe Quick-Lite" to indicate improvements upon the Parlor lamp, is shrouded in mystery.

It is more common than its sister, and presumably came after. Due to Hiram Strong being in Toronto, it is unknown how many of these were shipped or when, but it was between and The bronze finish is the same as the Parlor Lamp, but it has a lighter two piece-vase, which may have made it slightly more popular.

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Theories, including from the late Herb Ebendorf, suggest these vases may have been designed by Coleman's Edward Miller subsidiary in Connecticut, the company which first produced the rare Efficient Lamp. This one was sold through Sears in the early s, and did not sell well due to the Depression and was subsequently discontinued. It is undated, but is presumed to be from the early s. This also uses Coleman's Instant-Lite technology, a match-lighting of atomized fuel.

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Lamps like this fulfilled W. Coleman's dream of being able to create a gas-powered lamp that lit as quickly as a light bulb.

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This lamp comes with a common O shade, which is original. Dubbed the "New Deluxe" by Coleman, these succeeded the long-forgotten Deluxe lamps from the 20s. The vases are pottery and contain a one-quart fuel tank.

Coleman Sound and Light Lantern. L Twin LED Lantern. CPX 6 Classic XL L LED Lantern. Quad Pro L LED Lantern. MicroPacker L LED Lantern. CPX 6 Rugged XL L LED Lantern. Classic Rechargeable L LED Lantern. Northstar Propane Lantern with Case. Coleman Kids LED Adventure Lantern. Powerhouse Dual Fuel Lantern.

These instant-lighting lamps have two mantles which produce candlepower in total and are outfitted with mica globes. The original parchment shades have deteriorated, and have been replaced by shades customized by Wisconsin artists: Mary Bruno ivoryNancy Barth greenHarry Whitehorse blackand Leslie Straka red.

At 3 mantles that produce a whopping candlepower, the lamp came in either this black or a spring green. The fount only could hold up to 4 pints, which could light an entire room for 12 to 14 hours.

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The parchment shade conceals a Pyrex globe but is not the original, which was more decorative. The parchment shade is original with a Poinsettia pattern and a decorative cord, and covers a Pyrex globe.

This lamp appears to have a separate pump, which is not with the unit.

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The base is a lamp fromand instead of a shade, a lantern has been fitted to make this a very unique lamp. This lamp came with a compressed air kit, which helps it ignite. It is a usable lamp even with its artistic nature.

Model Canada The lamp was made in both the U.

Few hobbies offer such a vast selection over such a long period of time at such an incredibly reasonable cost as does collecting Coleman. Since the early part of the last century, The Coleman Company has produced lanterns, stoves, lamps, water heaters, kitchen ranges, portable heaters, clothes irons, soldering torches and numerous other appliances, all powered by pressure and gasoline or. The Coleman Lamp & Stove Co, and then from The Coleman Lamp and Stove Company. However, it doesn't actually seem to follow that "rule". I just spotted a Jan. C on with the same "Coleman Lamp Co. logo on the base. The two later C's are stamped with the "classic" Quicklite stamp on the side of the fount and dated. Nov 14, Nov 14, - Coleman Lantern Identification and Dating. Single sided porcelain sign advertising Petroleum No fuel with wonderful image of an early mantle style lantern.

The lamps were virtually identical in both countries, but the location of the gas cap was different, and some areas of the fount were brushed gold in different places; their color and shades were also slightly different. The shade here is original and covers the Pyrex globe, and the fount has a built-in pump. This lamp is dated February First released inthe Ker-O-Lite lamp was their answer. It was simply an Air-O-Lite lamp that had a kerosene burner - two mantles as opposed to one.

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The lamp was a success, and Coleman continued to make more Ker-O-Lite models. This one, Model No.

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