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How you go about dating a girl when you don't have a car really depends on where you live - and where you want to go. Also, if you have luck on your side, you might even meet a girl who has her own car, so transportation won't be a concern at all. If you live in a city with public transportation, or even in a place with a decent downtown area, you have no worries as you can walk to bars, restaurants, stores and movie theaters, or opt for trains and buses. If you want to impress your date, call a cab in advance. Another option is to ask your date to meet you at a particular place - and then enjoy a romantic stroll to the location of your date. A night inside can make for a perfect date. If you can cook, prepare the meal and serve a romantic candlelit dinner for two.

Walking is actually a pretty nice date activity, gives you time to have a conversation and if you cant think of anything to say, just comment on your surroundings. Legally blind. Don't have a choice. It's fine. Also, if you having a car is a requirement as well as you must be older and taller than she is well, she's not the one that you want Having no car is a non-issue. It never has been one for myself or for my friends who don't drive - so basically all of 'em. Besides, you can work having no car to your advantage: a walk to and from the place can be romantic depending on the distance, though and if walking is out of the question then ordering a cab is definitely a standard move.

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A first date can and does leave a solid impression so make it unique, or at least interesting. Having no car is a good start to that. Now I don't know how dating works in the US, I cant fathom why you need to acquire a car before you can ask a girl out on a date. Granted one of them turned out to be some crazy ex-gangbanger who was trying to go straight but ended up freaking out on me and threatening to have people come to my home and beat me up.

But that wasn't because I didn't have a car.

I don't currently have a car. I have never really reached out for advice on this but has anyone else had to work their way around dates without having their own vehicle? I have a date on Friday after a long stretch of not dating or doing any pick up. I plan to take an Uber to the venue and figure things out from there. Jun 28,   But if he doesn't have a car because of a special circumstance like the economy is bad and he can't save up for a car right now, then that seems legitimate. But here's the thing. When it comes down to it, it is the overall personality and lifestyle choices that matters when it comes to the person you date. I dated a guy once whose car broke down within 2 months of the relationship. I went on to date him for another year while he didn't have a car. Never. Fucking. Again. I'm sure he was sensitive about it and it upset him, but fuck, my car died while we .

For those who might be asking, remember that the US is a big and pretty spread out place. You don't need a car in some places, but if you're not in a big city then a car quickly becomes a necessity.

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It might depend on where you live, and your general transportation situation. But if you can generally get to and from places on your own it's probably not a big deal. I am a bit of pussy when it comes to asking anyone out.

Jun 05,   It depend were you live. In many large city such as NY, Tokyo, Montreal, Paris and many more girl are not expecting you to have a car. Actually, using a car to go "Downtown" (of most large city) just take forever, the car is hard to park, sometim. How you go about dating a girl when you don't have a car really depends on where you live - and where you want to go. Also, if you have luck on your side, you might even meet a girl who has her own car, so transportation won't be a concern at all. You either need a car or need to be able to get rides from other people who have one. If the girl has a car, then you shouldn't feel bad about asking her out on a date at all (unless you lack self-confidence, in which case sorry bro). She gave you her .

As long as there are things you can do together that don't require a lot of travel. You could always meet somewhere, go for a walk, have a picnic. Just make sure it's a situation where you guys can actually talk to each other. Don't be boring and take her to a movie. A car is not required, and if this girl is put off by the lack of a car, maybe it would be better to look elsewhere.

In America, not owning a car is usually associated with someone who is low-income or unemployed. If the guy falls into that category, I probably would not date him. He isn't financially able to take a woman out on a real date. So if I did go out w. Mar 13,   However, there are many ways that you can still plan a date without having a driver's license or a car of your own. Whether you need to ask for someone's help, take public transportation, or walk, there are options for you to explore to plan a great date without needing a driver's license or car of your 75K. If you live in a major city with a solid public transportation situation, that's one thing, but if you live in the suburbs or anywhere that having a car not only comes in handy but is kind of a necessity, dating a guy without one is a big no-no.

This question is dependant on the urban density of the area you live in, and for me since I live in a place that requires a car to get anywhere, I would feel uncomfortable trying to go on dates without a means to easily transport myself. I don't know about him, but Taxi's are pretty much non-existent where I live. I'm pretty sure the only time people bother with Taxi's is maybe coming from the airport. This is so common to it literally makes my head spin due to how much I have heard this.

For those who might be asking, remember that the US is a big place. Not as big as India or China, but still pretty big and spread out. This is off topic, but just so you know the US is slightly larger in area than China and like three times the size of India. Not sure what you mean here. If the girl doesn't want to date you just because you don't have a car, maybe it just isn't meant to be. But she's into you, so I think you'll be ok.

I started dating my current girlfriend before I had a car, and it worked out fine. I told her right at the start about it, just so it was known we live in a somewhat rural area, public transit is practically nonexistent, so a car is absolutely necessary to get around and she was totally okay with it. It made for a good excuse for us to end up at my place at the end of our dates when she had to drop me off, so I guess you can say things turned out better than expected. If she requires a car, she's not worth your time.

That being said, I dated with no problems back when I had no car.

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It can be difficult if it bothers you to have a girl drive you around sometimes it can be hard to get over "The man should drive" mentality. I've dated females that didn't have a car and didn't have any problems picking them up and such, because I liked to hang out with them.

Dating a girl without a car

It should be the same the other way around also. People without cars date. Especially in a city with public transportation, it's not that weird for someone not to drive. Don't over-think it. You work together, she's already likely noticed that you're not driving to and from work. The only two outcomes of any situation are that it works out or doesn't. Just go for it.

Be confident and go on a date if you like her. When you mention not having a car, don't be like "umm, wellllll you see Of course having your own car is ideal, but it's not a requirement by any stretch of the imagination. Where I live, not having a vehicle is basically one step removed from being homeless. Unless you have a great, non-DUI reason surprisingly common here also then yeah it's a nonstarter. If he was talking about population then he would be right, but he's obviously talking about the actual size of these countries.

Probably just a misconception.

How do I Date a Girl Without a Car?

If you live in the city it is fine, but where I grew up, you had to have a car. Then make some popcorn before popping a romantic comedy into your DVD player. If you absolutely want to go somewhere that requires a car, you can always borrow one or rent a car for your date. Another option is to double date with a friend who has a car.

However, if you live in a remote area and plan on dating regularly, you probably should consider factoring a car into your future.

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Kelsi Johnston has been writing short stories and assorted articles since She has experience in news writing and technical writing and her work has appeared in various online publications. By: Kelsi Johnston. Owning a car isn't always necessary for a night out.

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Meet Singles in your Area! Ride your bicycle. Plan a date that involves bicycle riding, so that transportation is no longer an issue. You can plan your entire date around riding bicycles, or just use them to get where you are going. If your date lives far away, you both can ride your bicycles and meet in the middle.

Ride your bicycles to an ice cream shop, and share an ice cream sundae when you get there. Ride your bicycles to a nearby park.

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Plan to set up a picnic when you find a good place to stop. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. If someone gives you a ride, be polite and courteous at all times. Remember, they are doing you a favor. Helpful 1 Not Helpful 1. When choosing where you would like to go for your date, try to pick a place that is in between where you live and where your date lives.

When planning your date, try to plan things that will make your date feel comfortable. They may not like walking or riding bicycles, and may also feel uncomfortable being driven by people they do not know. Submit a Tip All tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published.

Always have a backup plan in case this happens. Helpful 4 Not Helpful 2. Public transportation times may vary based on where you live.

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Make sure to plan which routes you will take to get to your date, and also which ones you will take to get home. Ride sharing apps do require a credit card to set up an account.

Each ride you take will charge to the credit card, so be sure to be careful and stay on a budget when using the app. Helpful 0 Not Helpful 3.

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Always let someone know where you are headed to when you go out, especially if your way home is uncertain. Related wikiHows.

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