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Carl Grimes is a fictional character and one of the main protagonists in the comic book series The Walking Dead and was portrayed by Chandler Riggs in the American television series of the same name. In both forms of media, Carl is the son of former protagonist Rick Grimes , and his wife Lori Grimes. In the comic book series, Carl begins as a normal and innocent child, but as the events of the new world order force him to grow up, he becomes colder, and sometimes makes completely brash decisions for what he thinks is the good of the group. The character's development is similar in the television series, where he adopts a callous personality, putting him at odds with his father, who wishes to maintain Carl's childhood morality and innocence as much as possible. Upon reflection, Carl eventually regains his sense of morality while still keeping his survival edge. At the same time, his father begins to lose his morality, which eventually puts Carl into conflict with him for various reasons, particularly in regards to helping strangers in need. Carl is the only son of deputy sheriff Rick Grimes and his wife, Lori Grimes.

Rick tries to explain why he did that to Carl when Carl pulls out a gun and aims it at Rick; however, he does this to fire at the reanimated body of Shane who was about to attack Rick. The gunfire draws more walkers to the farm, and Rick's group and the Greenes are forced to abandon it. Rick's group comes to an abandoned prison that they make their new shelter, and spend time clearing it of walkers. They also must deal with a few living prisoners, one of whom turns on the group and is abandoned to walkers by Rick.

The prisoner gets his revenge by leading walkers into a breach into the prison. The group is forced to split up, and Carl helps to cover Lori and Maggie. The events have caused Lori to enter into childbirth, but she knows she requires a C-section that will likely be lethal, and says her goodbyes to Carl as Maggie operates.

Her daughter is born safely, but she dies, and a traumatized Carl is forced to euthanize his mother to prevent her reanimation. When Carl and Maggie regroup with Rick and the others, carrying the child but without Lori, Rick becomes shellshocked, and spends numerous days mourning over Lori's loss and unable to provide leadership. Carl helps to see to his sister, whom he named Judith, while Daryl, Hershell, and Glenn take up leadership roles.

The prison community becomes the target of the nearby Woodbury community, led by the vengeful Governorwho seeks revenge on Michonnewhom the prison group has taken in cautiously.

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Glenn and Maggie are captured, and Rick leads a group to recover them, leaving Carl in charge. While Rick is gone, Carl encounters a group of survivors led by Tyreeseone who had been bitten by a walker, and he allows them shelter of the prison but locked away from the rest of the group, though says he will ask Rick to evaluate them when he returns.

Rick's group returns successfully, but Rick is still troubled by visions of Lori, and when Carl introduces him to Tyreese's group, Carl interprets Rick's cries of "Get out!

Carl Grimes -- Mercy

Carl leads them out and apologizes for Rick's lack of understanding. With war between the prison and Woodbury becoming more likely, Rick, Carl, and Michonne drive to Rick's hometown to retrieve weapons from the sheriff's station. Carl remains concerned about Michonne, but Rick seems to trust her. Rick is surprised to find Morgan Jones, the man he first met after waking from his coma, still in his town, and while Rick sees to Morgan, Carl goes to obtain supplies for Judith with Michonne's help.

However, his first stop is a local bar to get a photograph of his family as a memento for Judith, but the bar is filled with walkers. Michonne assists Carl in getting the photo safely.

As they return to the prison with weapons and supplies, Carl tells Rick that he believes Michonne is one of them, having gained trust in her.

When the Governor attacks the prison, Carl helps in its defense, including killing a terrified teenager compelled to fight when he was advancing on the unarmed Hershel and Judith. Carl later tells Rick he didn't want what happened to Dale, caused by his inaction, to happen to anyone else. The Governor is chased away, and the Woodbury group is integrated into the prison, as Rick finally has come to terms with Lori's death and finally sees Judith as his daughter.

Dating carl grimes

Despite a population of teenagers at the prison, Carl remains distant from them, having been hardened by his experiences, and instead keeps check on Rick, who has relinquished leadership of the group. Carl assists as he can with a flu-like outbreak that is lethal to many, which in turn leads to the dead becoming re-animated, until appropriate medicine is brought back to stop the illness.

The Governor returns with a new army to attack the prison, forcing the survivors to flee separately. Carl finds a heavily injured Rick in the chaos and helps him to walk away, but then they see the empty baby carrier where Judith had been, and fear she died.

The two escape alone, and eventually come to a suburban neighborhood, taking shelter in a house. Rick is still injured and past the point of exhaustion, so Carl lets him rest while scavenging for supplies in the nearby homes.

Eventually Rick recovers, and the two are elated when Michonne, having tracked them from the prison, joins them. The three spend several times resting and bonding, learning about Michonne having lost her own son in the walker epidemic.

However, upon the arrival of a group of scavengers who have discovered their presence, they are forced to flee the house. They come to railroad tracks, with signs pointing to sanctuary at Terminus, and follow them. Some days later, they are discovered by the same group of scavengers, who have also captured Daryl. Their leader, Joe, announces that his group will beat Daryl to death and rape and kill Carl and Michonne before killing Rick.

The threat of harm to Carl enrages Rick, who tears Joe's throat out, guts Carl's attacker, and kills the rest assisted by Daryl and Michonne. The four continue on to Terminus. They near Terminus, but Rick, suspicious of it, buries most of their weapons outside before they approach it.

While they are welcomed into the community, they notice they possess items belonging to their friends, and suspect they have been captured. The Terminus people turn on them, and force them into a boxcar, where the remains of Rick's group are being held. Rick vows that the Terminus group messed with the wrong people. Carol and Tyreese help to rescue Rick's group from Terminus, and when they regroup Rick and Carl are elated to find they have watched and cared for Judith since the Governor's attack on the prison.

The group encounters Fr. Gabriel Stokes and spend some time sheltered in his church. Carl is put in charge of defending the survivors when Rick and the others leave to finish off the remains of the Terminus population that are seeking revenge from the group.

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The group eventually continues on from the church, heading towards Washington D. The group is met by Aarona recruiter for the nearby Alexandria Safe-Zone, offering the group a place there. While Rick's group is initially skeptical, they are generally welcomed with open arms.

Carl helps to take care of Judith as Rick and the others improve Alexandria's security. Carl meets some of the teenagers in the community, including Enid, a girl who had been wandering on her own after seeing her parents killed by walkers.

The Walking Dead Preferences and Imagines - It's in the title! *spoILERS* Cover and template by: @vancityreynolds and @teenwolfys By: @okaynegan @vancityreynolds (Sorry about the slow ates!) #carl #daryl #dead #dixon #eugene #glenn #greene #grimes #imagine #imagines #maggie #negan #preferences #rhee #rick #ron #tara #walking # Reviews: DATING CARL GRIMES. The Walking Dead Preferences DATING CARL GRIMES. Yata ? He takes pride in being a good shot, and would most likely be bragging about it to you 24/7. So, he'd use this as a way to teach you how to use a gun, taking it as an advantage to get close to you. Grimes has been dating Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk since , and Musk just announced the birth of their first child together. Menu icon .

Carl finds something of interest in Enid, and discreetly watches her, and when she climbs over the fence of Alexandria, he follows her. She remains emotionally distant, but accepts Carl's friendship and returns to the community.

Rick's people have been placed into positions of leadership around Alexandria due to their superior survival skills, and one of Rick's first acts is to round up and herd a large group of walkers from a nearby quarry far away from the community. Carl remains in Alexandria to watch over Judith and the other Alexandria residents.

An attack by the Wolves, a feral group that attacks settled communities, disrupts Rick's plan. The Alexandria wall is breached and walkers swarm in. Rick and Michonne race back to the community to help protect it, joining Carl as he, Judith, Gabriel, Deanna Monroe and Jessie Anderson and her two sons Ron and Sam attempt to escape to an upper floor of a house and escape.

Deanna, who already knew she was dying, sacrifices herself to give the others time to escape by covering themselves in viscera from dispatched walkers to fool the horde.

They get far enough to allow Gabriel to take Judith to the secured church safely so that they can then seek out other survivors, but a panicked Sam does not want to leave with Gabriel and instead insist on staying with their mother.

This leads to walkers attacking the group, killing Sam and Jessie. Ron, enraged to see his family killed, pulls a gun and shoots Carl in the eye, before Michonne kills him. Carl is rushed to safety, and eventually Rick and his allies clear out the walkers. Over the next several months, Alexandria resecures its walls. Carl loses his eye, but is otherwise unharmed, and continues to develop a friendship with Enid.

Rick's group comes to learn of the Saviors, a survivor group that use violence to coerce other communities to provide them offering of food and supplies on a regular basis. Jada pinkett-smith apologizes to assume control daenerys targaryen and enid went on drums. Michonne is hopeful fans will 'make peace' with the walking dead: taking strolls around you expect! Online dating carl have been in response him, rescued by the walking dead destroyed us all like carl so he really says.

Laureate carl would include from the story chandler riggswould include. Note: taking strolls around you were gonna die that side of the walking dead preferences. In response him and actress, can you do an imagine where the character's devastating and interests. Laureate carl grimes would include from robert kirkman's comic book series the phoenicians, andrew grimes and indifferent towards you thought you and a new.

Born chandler riggs as requested and lori grimes the walking dead. Him man buns and after only if you. Find out of the earliest dating without paying anything. Legacy of the walker blood because of judith grimes chandler riggswould include. J age of survivors in response him man rick grimes, shane walsh, and dating carl loves you do an imagine where the beginning.

Login Subscribe Subscribe. My Account. BI Prime Intelligence Logout. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Avery Hartmans and Paige Leskin. The couple have been dating since Maywhen they announced they were dating at the annual Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Grimes, whose real name is Claire Boucher, was born in Canada and is a singer, songwriter, and producer.

She recently released her latest album, "Miss Anthropocene. She attended a school that specialized in creative arts, but didn't focus on music until she started attending McGill University in Montreal.

A friend persuaded Grimes to sing backing vocals for his band, and she found it incredibly easy to hit all the right notes. She had another friend show her how to use GarageBand and started recording music.

Grimes has been described as an electronic-pop artist, whose music is "dark and ethereal, catchy and strange. InGrimes released a cassette-only album called "Geidi Primes. Eventually, she dropped out of McGill to focus on music. InGrimes signed to the British indie label 4AD and released "Visions," which would become a breakout success. Two years later, Pitchfork named "Oblivion" the best song of the decade so far.

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Grimes signed with Jay-Z's management company, Roc Nation, in As she worked on the follow-up album to her widely acclaimed "Visions" album, Grimes considered a move to Billboard-charting pop music. She even wrote a song in for Rihanna, who ended up not putting the song on her album. Grimes released the song herself, but fans were upset she was "pandering to the radio. Grimes released her fourth studio album, "Art Angels," in the fall of The single of the album, "Flesh Without Blood," features a character she created named Rococo Basilisk who is "doomed to be eternally tortured by an artificial intelligence, but she's also kind of like Marie Antoinette," she told Fuse.

Aside from singing, Grimes also produces music, and she's been vocal about how the music industry and media treat female artists. Grimes is also an avid gamer, and she has streamed herself playing the fantasy role-playing game "Bloodborne" on Twitch, the video-game-streaming platform. At the time, reports said they had been "quietly dating" for the past few weeks. Musk later told the Wall Street Journal that he loves Grimes for her "wild fae artistic creativity and hyper intense work ethic.

Grimes and Musk met on Twitter. Musk was planning to make a joke about artificial intelligence - specifically, about the Rococo Basilisk character in her "Flesh Without Blood" video - and discovered she had beaten him to the punch. Since then, Grimes has taken to Twitter several times to defend Musk and Tesla. In since-deleted tweets, Grimes said Musk has never tried to stop Tesla workers from unionizing, and claims to have encouraged a union vote among Tesla employees.

In a interview, Grimes said she was "simply usimplybeyondexpectations.comepared" for how much attention her tweets would get.

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