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Carl Zeiss Binos Serial Numbers List

Optical Museum. Short biographies are available for all employees who were hired until You can search by name, place of origin or profession. The places of birth are shown on a map. The mechanics from this early period come from all over Germany and some of them stay only for a short time.

The opticians, on the other hand, who were initially trained by Carl Zeiss itself, came from the region and usually stayed until the end of their professional lives.

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Search for employees until Another map illustrates where the microscopes were sent until Zeiss initially delivered more to German and Russian university towns, but later he also achieved great growth in the western european science and trade metropolises.

Research for microscopes until Chronicle of Optics In the early s, archivist Fritz Ortlepp put together a chronicle of optics.

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It consists of some 30, index cards and ranges from the pre-Socratic philosophers to about This card catalogue is currently being processed so that it can be made available as an online database.

Virtual Museum The biographies of the most important Carl Zeiss employees up toincluding photos, are currently being compiled. They are being added to the Virtual Museum along with a photo. There will be links to the instruments that each person invented. The patent database for the period before will also be included in the museum. The patents are to be linked to the inventors and products.

Feb 02, † Carl Zeiss Binos Serial Numbers List Can anybody tell me a website where I can check the serial numbers for Carl Zeiss Binoculars. To be specific DDR Carl Zeiss Jena multi-coated Jenoptem 8x30w binos. Mar 06, † After the war, when the Carl Zeiss Jena plants happened to be on the territory of the German Democratic Republic, the production of both binoculars was continued. The main difference was the implementation of single-layer antireflection coatings. Sep 25, † Sony NEX-7 Carl Zeiss Planar 85mm f, Minolta MD 35mm f, Konica mm f, Minolta MD 50mm f, Minolta MD mm f, Carl Zeiss Sonnar mm f Last edited by Attila on Tue Sep 25, pm; edited 1 time in total.

However, due to the diversity of companies and business units, this will take some time to complete. Parts of the Virtual Museum will be translated into English. Due to the volume of data involved, however, this will take some time. Like on the internet, "full-text searches" are possible.

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However, it often turns up very imprecise results. For this reason, there are three further ways of searching that are typical for archives:.

Indices Keyword, device and place indexes enable precise searches for particular information. In general, the individual keyword is followed by a derivative and a comma in order to keep the number of hits at a reasonable level.

Sol speed gun 6 holders, dating back to the carl zeiss binoculars works tested. Usually with solutions for industry, carl zeiss jena have trouble finding information. There are post wwii by year of lenses made by year. It has been issued to

Therefore, it is advisable to also consider related terms in the index lists keywords, devices, etc. Document Plan Since the mids, the document plan of the Ministry for Electronics and Electrical Engineering has been used. This file plan has its disadvantages. The content was arranged by topic and formal cts e. The origin is not important.

Zeiss jena jenoptem binoculars 10x50

For instance, as per the document plan, "Workloads of the Different Management Levels" had to be filed under number 0. The content was formally catalogued on the level below that Specifications, Designs, Protocols, Templates. There was no way to distinguish between the "different management levels" such as combine and enterprise management.

They can therefore not be distinguished here. That's why this document plan is not suitable for all archive searches. However, as the documents were pre-classified in this way, this system remained in use. Classification A completely new classification was created based on origin. An attempt was made to use the document origins as a guide to the greatest possible extent. Consistent division was not always meaningful, which is why, for example, the plant management documents, which could in theory be responsible for all questions and problems, are allocated to the respective directorates and departments.

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There are 4 hierarchy levels: at the top is the inventory, and below it are the main departments and directorates, followed by the other departments. Large document volumes are allocated by tasks and responsibilities on the lowest level. The written records of Carl Zeiss Jena contain production and dispatch lists for microscopes and optical measuring instruments. This means instrument specifications, production details and information about the recipient can now be researched online.

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The lists were compiled with old German handwriting, which means they are sometimes confusing and thus hard to work with. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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Microscope production lists production data and dispatch lists e. From this date onwards, only delivery data was collected. The lists are normally structured as follows:. In book 1, simple and compound microscopes appear in separate lists. Simple microscopes were given their own numbers, from 1 toand compound microscopes from 1 to 5, In books 2 through 7, the microscopes are listed in numerical order, from 5, to 69, This does not apply to the dissecting microscopes, which are logged in book 3, and numbered from 10, to 51, The first simple microscope was sold inand from onward Carl Zeiss began to incorporate new design features the fixed stage and movable lens holder into his microscopes.

The first compound microscope was produced in The Roman numerals are used to indicate different stand sizes, rather than chronological order.

Against the embittered resistance of the workforce, Carl Zeiss Jena was nationalized on 1 July At the same time, VVB Optik was established with a view to coordinating the work of the VEBs in the field of optics. In the first few years, the foreman of VEB Carl Zeiss Jena was also top executive of this VVB. Carl Zeiss Binoculars Serial Numbers |. List of zeiss binoculars from jena and serial numbers: - 20, - 60, - , - , The following is a collection of serial numbers for large format lens manufacturers. Serial Number. Carl Zeiss Jena Serial Numbers. LIST OF ZEISS BINOCULARS FROM JENA AND OBERKOCHEN WETZLAR. Feb 20, † Carl Zeiss Jena Marineglas (help) - posted in Binoculars: A co-worker received these from his grandfather and was wondering what they are worth on the used simplybeyondexpectations.com glass is in decent shape and there doesnt appear to be any dirt or mold simplybeyondexpectations.com collimation seems fine to my simplybeyondexpectations.com focusers are smooth and simplybeyondexpectations.com leather case with built in compass has seen better simplybeyondexpectations.com .

It was possible to select different combinations of lens systems A, B, C and eyepieces 1, 2, 3, 4. InErnst Abbe scheduled production of microscope optics based on optical laws and Otto Schott melting of new optical glass triggered a boost in microscope development.

Inthe company celebrated the production of the 10,th Zeiss microscope. And inHenry Siedentopf and Richard Zsigmondy built the slit ultra-microscope, which ultimately earned Zsigmondy the Nobel Prize in Any ZEISS instruments that used optical methods to determine chemical or physical characteristics were referred to as measuring instruments.

This area also paved the way for the creation of other product groups like geodetic instruments, stereoscopy and photogrammetry. From and refractometer no. The instrument type should first be identified before research can be conducted into the production lists. You can also contact us.

Dating carl zeiss jena binoculars

In addition to microscopes, a number of other instruments were taken to market before but only in small numbers. InDr. Carl Pulfrich began setting up the Optical Measuring Instruments field of the business.

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This was followed by the launch of the Pulfrich refractometer for chemists in Other product creations included butter refractometers and milk fat refractometers Pulfrich and Wollny. InPulfrich developed the immersion refractometer for chemical and clinical laboratories; the photometer Pulfrich and interference measuring instrument Pulfrich came later.

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From onward, instruments for measuring length, refractometers, spectrometers, technical inferometers and colorimeters were advanced by Dr. Their scientific, technical and sociological development and importance popularly described.

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Im guessing world war 1. Buy Carl Zeiss Binoculars. Low Prices Every Day.

32 rows† Carl Zeiss serial numbers. From simplybeyondexpectations.com Post-War Production; 2 Carl Zeiss . at the same time, the prism cover was provided with a lip to wrap around the binocular body and the binocular was marked with the model name prior to , binoculars were identified with the carl zeiss name in script. after that time, the familiar lens logo was substituted. logos: , zeiss in script. , carl zeiss jena in lens. But these "lost" makers are a treasure trove of zeiss to a interested collector of dating binoculars and can often be "picked up" for a dating price. Have purchased a Ross No 5 type. It has no markings of any kind on it. It came with a brown covered dating case, it has the gratatule in the serial hand side.

Can anybody out there tell me why a Carl Zeiss Jena Telact binocular in my possession has a serial no. Carl Zeiss Binoculars Serial Numbers List of zeiss binoculars from jena and serial numbers: - 20, - 60, --With a wide range of binoculars, telescopes, quality optics and accessories to choose from you are.

WW1 as from to Around Buy Carl Zeiss Binoculars. Star added. Quote saved.

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