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In moving from brushes to concertinas, Charles Jeffries may have been following a labor of love, but also would have been on the trail of greater prosperity. The weekly wage of shillings for musical instrument makers who numbered about 2, at the time can be compared with the 22 shilling-wage of a railway worker and the shilling wage of a policeman. In addition, the mechanization that was creeping into brushmaking may have encouraged Charles Jeffries to leave the profession of his father behind. The existing Jeffries instruments that bear the White Lion Passage address range from simple key or key wood-fret Anglos see Fig. Although the comments of Crabb family members 10 and Tommy Williams point to Crabb as the maker of early Jeffries concertinas, a few early Jeffries instruments have many characteristics of early George Jones concertinas. The Horniman Museum Collection includes a sophisticated metal-end Anglo concertina engraved with the White Lion Passage address and displaying features in common with Jones instruments see Fig.

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