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You must have realized yourself that not all the hugs are the same. Do you hug your girlfriend the same way as you hug your sister or maybe your mother? Likewise, a woman has different kinds of hugs for different occasions. Sometimes, she will come up to you and hug you tightly, whereas sometimes it is just a casual hug. You must not have given so much of importance to her hug till date, but the truth is her hugs convey some messages. Every hug is different and every hug carries a different meaning altogether.

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A hug is one of the greatest feelings. If you want to hug your partner romantically then you need to keep it sensual and intimate. To hug romantically you need to sync with your partner. Do not focus on anything else except hugging and being with your partner. A perfect hug can give you magical pleasure and it also can increase the love between you and your partner. To know more on how to hug romantically read more.

Do not show rush in getting away from your partner after a hug. These things will make it more romantic. Leaving your partner after as soon as the hug ends will get your partner confused about your emotions. Try to caress your partner while hugging him or her.

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A little close caressing while you hug can do wonders for your love life. Caressing is entirely natural and lovely passionate touch that all loves.

Female like caressing when men touch their back firmly, lightly squeezing, or touching neck and lips. Men love it, when women gently touch their hands, stroking their hair all tenderly while hugging, as it warms up your companion.

Hugging one without any feelings is totally futile. Nothing done without feelings have great impacts. And even small gestures or actions when performed with feelings can make you feel great. When you feel like hugging your partner then the feeling which you will get is great.

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A romantic hug persists longer than a dispassionate hug. Gently grab a little tighter for two or three seconds.

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Take a deep breath and sigh; ease into the hug and appreciate it. Note that your hug should be strong enough to be noteworthy, but not so firm that it restrict him or her from breathing regularly.

Be careful not to harm your partner. If you are hugging a girl then you need to be more careful about it as it will need to be more careful as you might hurt her. If you relish hugging your partner from their back, to give them a passionate pleasure, then be certain before hugging that your companion is not into anything more significant work.

Girls like back hugs when guys place their hands on their stomach or around her neck. Everyone likes this sudden hugging approach made by their partner.

This way is lovely and surprising, therefore, it is liked by everyone. Tilting your head upon somebody is a sign of closeness.

When you roll in to give a passionate hug, move your head to the side. To add an extra sentimental touch, move your head or face toward the head or neck of your mate. Touch your body up against the back person you are hugging, and enclose your arms around them.

Dating hug

If you are trying to get intimate with our girl, then also her hug will let you know whether she wants to get intimate with you at the moment or not. There is a very thin line that between a simple hug and special one.

If you are all confused by now, then here we are describing 15 different types of hugs for you. This will help you next time when some woman hugs you. You will know exactly what they mean. This type of hug is generally for the greetings or for the sake of it. A woman will hug you without letting you touch her completely. This type of hug is generally given at formal events like meetings, special functions or events or office parties, etc. If you are dating a girl and she is giving you this kind of hug, then man you are in deep trouble.

Why on earth would she hug you formally, if she is really interested in you?

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She is just being polite with you. She is not serious about you and worse, she is simply not interested in you. If this is your second date, then most probably it will be your last date as well. She is not going out with you anymore.

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Next time, when you will call her she will excuse herself from going out with you. A warm hug conveys the meaning of affection. It is not necessary that the woman who is giving you a hug is your girlfriend.

Always hug goodbye and hello with friends and family. While hugging, rub your hands up and down your co-hugger's back, kiss his crown/forehead/cheek/neck, nestle your head into his chest, pick her up from the ground or wrap your legs around his waist. Adding such flair should be done with care, however. Jul 02,   Hug From Behind to Hug romantically Touch your body up against the back person you are hugging, and enclose your arms around them. It doesn't matter so much if you are the taller one or the shorter one, other than where your hands will settle Meghan Clinton.

This hug shows that she really cares for you irrespective of the relationship you share. You will feel good when you receive such a warm hug. Most importantly, she will feel even better if you can give her a warm hug. It will release all her stress and she will feel relaxed in your arms. Sometimes, words cannot comfort a woman like the way a hug does.

A Touchy Subject: Hand-holding, Hugging, Kissing and More..

So, next time when you see that your girlfriend is all stressed out, just go ahead and give her a warm hug. The warm hug is neither too short nor too long. But, within that frame of time, it spells its magic effectively. This warm hug is reserved for the person whom she loves and cares for. Cute Kairahug from today episode.

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A post shared by kaira lover kairakidiwani on Jul 5, at am PDT. This is the hug that you can expect from your significant other. This is the kind of surprise hug that has a long-lasting impression.

This type of hug is quite intimate and conveys the message that she was missing you. She would hug you from back when she has seen you after a long time or maybe she was thinking about you.

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It would make you feel all loved and enliven in the embrace of your love. This is definitely one of the cutest ways to get intimate with your partner in public without offending anybody.

When your girl wants to wish you well or wishes you luck, then she will give you a hug and will rub your back. These types of hugs are quite common when she wants you to know that she is there with you in whatever you do.

More than words, her hug can express her inner feelings better.

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It is not the quick hug types; instead, it is more than that. She wants you to know that she is happy with your decision and wants you to achieve your goal. If all of these emotions are put into words, then sometimes it comes across as very formal. So, just to add some personal touch to this message, backstroke types of hug are the best solution. In a relationship, when you are thinking of getting intimate with your woman, then this is the trick that you can try.

If she obliges, then you are in, else you know what she means, right? When your girl is allowing your arms above theirs, they are being vulnerable an open at the same time. If she is hugging you this way, then she trusts you completely. It is also a way of expressing their happiness on meeting you.

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She cares for you a lot and she is actually looking forward to talking to you about many things. This is one clear message and you should be smart enough to read between lines and stay away from her next time around.

She is quite uncomfortable around you, but she is hugging you just for the sake of it. These kinds of hugs are a quick one and it seems she is in a hurry. It is one of the most intimate hugs with an emotional string attached. If any woman has hugged you this way, then it is pretty sure that she has some feelings for you that she wanted to express through this hug. Wondering what is this slow hug? Okay, it is the one where she will be in your arms for a long time and then would move apart to talk to you while her arms are still around you?

If yes, then this is the slow hug where her eyes speak more than her words. She has a lot to say but is running out of words and she desperately wants you to understand all she has to say solely through this hug.

This is another intimate hug that a woman would give only when she is extremely close with someone.

How To Hug A Girl To Turn Her ON - 7 Types Of Hugs

You will see her arms wrapped around you and her head will be resting on your shoulder. She will only give you this cozy hug when she feels safe with you. If a girl is not doing this in a relationship, then she might not be serious about the relationship.

It is one of those types of hugs that a woman gives only when she is serious about the guy she is dating. It is the ways of making the guy understand that she trusts him.

When a woman snuggles up to you when both of you are alone in a room while watching a movie, then it means that she really likes you a lot. It might happen that she is trying to express her love for you, but somehow she is not able to do so. These types of hugs let the woman express her feeling without saying a word. If you guys are smart enough, then you will know what she actually means when she is cuddling up to you. Sometimes, it happens that a woman is not sure about what they feel, but if they are giving you this hug, then guys you are really special to them.

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This is one hint that you guys should consider if you were thinking about proposing her. Guys, you can then go right ahead without any second thought.

She is going to nod her head in affirmation only.

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