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Bad News - It took me awhile to finally find some direction and decide that this was going to be my career path. That being said, I'm 30 yrs old now and considering what to do next. I thought a good option to consider was public accounting. It's not typical to finally go for the CPA at my age, so I assume that large firms don't get many 30 year old applicants. Can anyone shed some light on my situation? Is it not as weird as I think?

There are so many incredible advantages far above the fantastic dirt-cheap cafeteria and the dry cleaners on site that I haven't felt disadvantaged at all.

Not only is the pay fantastic, I will have lots of opportunities to do whatever I want within the company, AND since it's a truly global corporation, I can eventually move wherever I want in the world. I started at a Big 4 when I was 38 and I am having the time of my life.

The first step in finding a friend Public Accounting Dating with benefits is finding friends. The friends you find matter, of course. If you make friends at an evangelical religious retreat, you're a lot less likely to find a sex partner than if you make friends among sex-positive people/

Been here nearly 3 years and things are going great. The caliber of people you work with on a daily basis and the client experiences are well worth it. I would definitely go for it. I would like to get some public accounting experience; I currently have a job, but I am going to work on transition from industry to public. I am 32 years old and I start with PwC on Monday. I am very excited but I will have to say I had to take a pay cut for the move.

I have a family but in my mind the experience, training and resume recognition will be well worth in it in my mind. I had to get my auditing hours somewhere so why not the Big 4. Plus it really like a 1 year contract in my mind I will be a CPA and if I decide its not for me I got back to private with a edge on most candidates and what should be a decent pay raise. I was an auditor for almost 3 years at a midsized firm based in Sf.

Worked through the economy crunch so as I got more experience they sent me out on solo audits and I never got the auditor based CPA sign off since I didn't have enough review hours.

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On my large engagements people shrank to man teams do to serious cost cutting efforts. With those small teams managers did all review of entry level or staff below me.

Personally i think public accounting firms are run by very gready people. Especially when i see how much they bill clients for my labor and then give us more work and cry broke so they cuttback on staffing and cost of living increases.

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To put in perspective i worked on average of work hours per year and got paid for Oh well I got the sign off I need for the liscense anyway, not planning on being a partner or doing anymore audits anyway so no use for it.

I got out of public accounting to pass the CPA exam 2 parts left, hopefully 1 as audit score pending since I worked 65 hours a week I kept failing the test. I am older the the op by a few years and I tell u not going back to public accounting once I get my lisence. Pay is much better for CPA in private industry unless u shoot for partner and choose to give up family life. Not sure what your asking me, I already have the hours signed off on for my experience under a CPA in industry.

Now I just need hours of attestation experience to meet the hour requirement for my CPA. I assume it will take about 5 months at PwC.

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However, since I would never leave a company after just 5 months I use a full year as my first date to self reflect on if I would want to stay or go back to private. Ya i thought u were going for the 2nd level CPA liscense which requires a specific amount of audit time at each stage of the audit planning, fieldwork, reporting and supervision and review hours. I got that general one but was missing the required review hours for the higher level CPA liscense which allows people to sign off on Audit Reports in both private and public industry.

It really is useless though unless u plan on staying in public accounting and making partner, since you wont be doing Audits as a sole proprietor, tax professional or accountant in private industry anyhow. I am working on it at age I work at a Big 4, but in Advisory IT.

I may go into financial systems management.

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There are a lot of options after a CPA I think. I am 32 now and I just started with PwC. I feel it is not a big deal as long as you get along with your coworkers and seniors and managers. I had a career change and got into accounting late in life. I guess it helps as I am young at heart and got along great with my classmates during graduate school and many of whom were ish and also going into acoounting at Big 4 and other large corporations.

I worked at a large regional firm out of college and there were some older staff people. Most of the staff are straight out of school and young, but there is no rule. I think firms are looking for people that are eager to work in public accounting. People that had some industry experience generally got promoted faster.

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I'm assuming they had to start at around the same salary as the other staff straight out of college. I didn't do tons of socializing after work, it just isn't my thing. The team atmosphere at work was pretty awesome, but not going out to happy hour was not held against me, they just stopped inviting me. Oh well! I'm not sure what to do either. Worked for one public company and two private.

I should be licensed early next month. However, none of the big 4 have contacted me when I have applied to all as an experienced associate.

I realize corporate financial accounting experience isn't audit experience, but come onI have 5 years plus in June, will be a CPA. I'm in Phoenix, AZ. My grades weren't great in college because I was a full-time student, had two jobs,and a GF, so I kind of skid by.

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This is one of the reasons I didn't try for Big 4 and took the first public company staff accountant job that was offered to meeconomy was horrible in and I wanted experience. Any suggestions are welcome. If I were you, I would be looking at controller or accounting manager positions in industry.

I honestly think you could make more money faster that way.

Sep 20,   Love, Friendship and Public Accounting Don't Mix. There's supposed to be a bright line between business and pleasure. Things get messy when Author: Matt Levine. Married my gf right after graduating. I can't imagine trying to start a relationship while in public accounting. Once you have your CPA it probably gets a little better, but i imagine it must be hard if you only have been dating somebody for a few months or less and then you tell them you will be really busy at work for the next few months. Mar 08,   When you date an accountant, they will assure you get in and out of restaurants in a timely manner, have vacations planned by the hour and that you get every ounce of Author: Drew Carrick.

Even if you don't have a ton of managerial experience, having a CPA license will help get you in the door for those roles. Casey, Thanks for your reply. I never thought about it since some of those positions say they require public experience and actual supervisory experience. I have been a Senior Accountant for close to 3 years, the other two were Staff Accountant positions. My current recruiter is saying people that are hiring for accounting managers are looking for those that are already managers.

She said if I wanted to get a Acc Mgr role that I would need to find one where they wanted to train up to that quickly. Thanks for your advice.

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I will try applying independently to management positions. Tell your husband to keep his relationships and networks in tact. That is how he will put his name on the door.

He might already have the hard part done building his network. I know someone who's 32 years old and they are entering at PwC, and they will get the offer soon!

Dating in public accounting

Another85 How did they go about getting their foot in the door? Were they previously working in Public? I'm looking to get into to specifically PwC.

She was working in a small company and she was pursuing her master's degree in accounting; she was my classmate. She communicated with campus recruiters and she got the offer. They didn't care too much about her age; she was self-conscious though because people her age were in the manager and senior manager level, but who cares!

Also, most interns and entry level staff are usually 22 or This topic has 31 replies, 23 voices, and was last ated 4 years, 11 months ago by juuustin. Viewing 30 posts - 1 through 30 of 32 total.

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May 25, at am Good News - I just passed my final part of the CPA exam Bad News - It took me awhile to finally find some direction and decide that this was going to be my career path. Any sort of input would be greatly appreciated. Anonymous Inactive. Lizzerz79 Participant. May 26, at am May 26, at pm Self proclaimed: Highest ratio of Replies to Others v.

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Thanks, everyone. Mom2two Member.

Public Accounting Dating way of upload a new or pasting in an Image URL that is already online and Public Accounting Dating Share with other members. Meet Women Near your local area that horny for a casual fuck. You are always welcome to Public Accounting Dating ate your information, hobby, photos, videos by yourself/ Public Accounting Dating, speed dating boksburg jacket, happyslip and kevjumba dating apps, is a dating website an ecommerce site/ May 27,   I got out of public accounting to pass the CPA exam (2 parts left, hopefully 1 as audit score pending) since I worked 65 hours a week I kept failing the test. I am older the the op by a few years and I tell u not going back to public accounting once I get my lisence.

May 27, at am Any major accounting firm has season tickets and box seats at a variety of event venues. If you're dating the accountant that just got the Justin Bieber concert tickets, you might have become the happiest plus-one in the country. It had to be mentioned somewhere, and while not all accountants are tax accountants, they still all know how to do them or are very good friends with someone who can and will make sure you are not missing out on a single refund dollar.

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Tax season is usually the time of year when you pay some guy your parents have known for years to do your taxes for you; insert accountant boyfriend and not only are your taxes done for free, but they'll take care of everything for you. Finally, if everything thus far has not convinced you, accountants are trustworthy and supportive people by nature. People have often listed their accountant as one of their most trusted advisors. As an accountant, it is important that the people in your life, including your clients and your friends, trust you to advise them in the best way possible.

Accountants are everything you look for in a boyfriend: loyal, trustworthy, confidential, interested and helpful. Also, not to mention with how much they love Starbucks coffee breaks, they're always going to be supportive of your habits, no matter how basic they may be. By Drew Carrick. More like "get busy" season They are employed. It's good to want, but it's even better to have.

You'll be the most fashionable couple. You look good, and so does he? Chalk that one up twice on the IG, cause that's a win-win.

The first step in finding a friend with benefits is finding friends. The friends you find matter, of course. If you make friends at an evangelical religious retreat, you're a lot less Public Accounting Dating likely to find a sex partner than if you make friends among sex-positive people. So it / Dating life in public accounting. About me: A junior in college wanting to begin my career in PA and I know crazy hours are expected. However, I have only slept around in college without really dating anyone and also I've never found someone I want to date yet. I am in a frat but my attention has been leadership and management. What is Big 4 Accounting? Big 4 usually refers to the four largest accounting and auditing firms: PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Ernst & Young, and KPMG. These certified public accounting (CPA) firms perform most of the audits which are required of U.S. corporations having stock that is publicly traded. In the s and before, the majority of the audits of publicly traded.

You'll always eat well. They understand what it's like to be busy. Your life will be at an all-time efficiency rate. Your parents will love them.

It Pays Off: 10 Reasons You Should Date An Accountant

You'll get to enjoy his company perks. Taxes are now your favorite thing. Remember that Louis Vuitton bag you wanted? Hello, tax return. Thanks accountant boyfriend! They are trustworthy and supportive.

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