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Jason Todd. Summary: The Avengers are betting on when Bucky will ask the reader out. Little do they know. Originally posted by sebbystanfann. All kinda staring at the back of the couch in the living room.

Kai's rampage is halted Kai continued using Elena to test his powers and didn't notice that Damon and Jo had come to the school, with Jo cloaking them both with a spell.

Kai wakes up In Prayer For the DyingKai remained in his induced coma and Damon was tasked with watching over him, making sure he didn't wake while the others tried to find a way to ensure Jo overpowered Kai in the Merge. Kai siphons the magic from Liz Later, Kai went to the hospital and started siphoning the magic in Liz from her body. Luke convinces Kai to merge with him Kai took Jo to an empty park to perform the Merge. Kai tries to fix the Ascendant As they worked to fix the Ascendant, Kai was relieved that he still felt revolted by Damon and Elena's relationship, happy that Luke's personality being integrated into his own hadn't changed him completely.

Kai can't bring himself to kill Liv Kai brought Jeremy back to the Prison World, focusing all his magic on one person to lessen the toll it took on his magic. Kai seeks help from Jo In Let Her GoKai turned up at Jo's door claiming that he wasn't feeling good and coughing up blood, realizing that merging with Luke might not have been as successful as they hoped. Kai tells Jo that she's pregnant Kai began to cough up more blood and grabbed Jo's wrist, accidentally absorbing some of her magic.

Kai with Damon at the Salvatore tomb In The Downward SpiralKai went to the Salvatore family crypt at the cemetery, where Damon was checking to see if his mother 's body was in her coffin, reiterating that she died of consumption in Kai sees Bonnie again Later, after Damon failed to get Bonnie to speak with Kai, Kai was disappointed by her decision Kai told him that he had a lead on the Ascendant, and had learned information from the Gemini arches about Damon's mother.

Kai pursues Alaric He followed Alaric to his car, where Alaric shot Kai repeatedly, but it was useless now that he was a heretic. Kai clashes with Bonnie Kai returned to the church, looking for blood to try and help deal with his werewolf bite.

Kai is beheaded by Damon As Damon arrived at the scene, Kai gave him the option of saving Bonnie's life or waking Elena up by letting Bonnie die. Dear Diary" This article has been identified as an article that needs help. Kai helps to bring Bonnie back After the merge with Luke, Kai had absorbed some of his personality and had changed. Despite having no magical power of his own, he appears to have paid attention during his coven's teachings, as he was quickly able to use his powers to cast spells, showing that he has the knowledge required.

Kai casting a spell Despite the fact that he now possessed the power of two witches, as he was only strong enough to take two people with him to the prison world and back to the real world, however, he later overcame this limit, as he had become strong enough to take all members of the Heretics ValerieMalcolmNoraMary LouiseBeau and Oscar back to the real world with him, off-screen.

Kai possessed all the standard powers and abilities of a non-original witch-vampire hybrid. Kai had the typical weaknesses of a siphoner. Kai had the typical weaknesses of a non-Original witch-vampire hybrid. According to Julie Plec and Caroline Drieshe could be irredeemable.

Since Kai was 22 years old at the time of his imprisonment in the yearhe would be 40 years old in current time, which is in the show's timeline. This means that Kai would be the same age or in the same age group as most of the main characters, such as ElenaBonnieCaroline 's etc, parents.

Due to the nature of his prison, he is biologically 22, but chronologically Kai knows about vervain, however, as revealed by him in Welcome to ParadiseKai does not have a lot of experience with vampires. In I'm Thinking Of You All The Whilehe reveals he did not even know werewolves existed until he was bitten by Tyler after he re-triggered his curse. He can absorb power from other witches, even to the point of killing them, if he so chooses. Kai is one of only ten recurring characters that appeared in more than 10 episodes in their inaugural season.

He was a member of a coven, despite his lack of magical powers, until he killed the majority of his family. As punishment, the Gemini Coven trapped him in a purgatory dimension which Kai has referred to as his own personal hell. This revelation means that Damon and Bonnie are not actually in Damon's personal hell, which they originally thought upon their arrival.

Both have hurt most of their siblings. Although in Kai's case, he killed most of them while Klaus prefers to neutralize his. Both are called with abridged versions of their full names Malachai and Niklaus by most people.

Kai - Bonnie's Bennett blood to free himself from his Prison World that his family sent him into. Their fathers feel ashamed of them and abused and rejected them as a result. This causes them to be the way they are. They both become the main figure in supernatural bloodlines, and their death would kill every member of those bloodlines. He has voiced his disdain for his full name, stating it was like his parents expected him to be evil. Ironically, Malachai means "Messenger Of God".

Kai has tried to kill himself several times since being placed in his purgatory. In Fade Into Youit's revealed that he can fly a plane as he flew him and Bonnie to Portland, it's unclear if he already knew how to fly or learned to during the last 18 years in the Otherworldly Time Dimension. In Christmas Through Your EyesKai becomes supercharged with magic after absorbing the power from the spell of Traveler magic that created the anti-magic field around the Mystic Falls. He also takes Elena Gilbert prisoner at the end of the episode, having knocked her out with a tire iron.

He shared his father's knack for cloaking spells. Kai is the first one to know about Jo being pregnant as he himself told her the news. Kai's powers are reminiscent of a warlock's from Charmed. Being able to absorb magical powers through killing the person possessing them. In Prayer For the DyingKai siphons the magic of vampire blood in Liz 's system to save her from dying from the effects vampire blood has on cancer.

This implies that he can kill vampires by absorbing the magic of vampirism which keeps them alive or undead. This also makes him the only remaining thing that could kill an immortal besides Elena and Stefan 's blood in conjunction with the traveler spell, and now the cures from the two Prison World, and also an Original along with the aforementioned items and the White Oak Stake along with a powerful enough witch.

So far he's the only character who has never had a past or present love interest. Kai is a subspecies of witches called an aberrant witch that originally only had powers when siphoning magic from a source.

Jo revealed that the Gemini Coven has had many of these aberrant witches in the past, and they were turned into vampires that had witch powers. Since they didn't have power before being turned, they are a loophole in nature that are vampires with the powers of witches, with their vampirism giving them an everlasting source to siphon magic from.

Kai is the last character to die in Season Six. He is the first known witch in the series to be a vampire's blood source. Kai is the third main antagonist to have been killed in the season he debuted in. The first was Esther in Season Three. The second was Markos in Season Five. After Markos, Kai is the second main antagonist to have been killed permanently in a season finale. Interestingly, both were killed by Damon Salvatore.

Kai is the fourth vampire witch-vampire hybrid to be bitten by Tyler. Unlike others, however, Kai survives by siphoning the magic out of the bite.

Malachai Parker

This also makes him the first vampire to be cured of a werewolf bite without needing Klaus' blood. Kai is the second character to have killed a pregnant woman. The first was Damon. However, both of them have failed to killed the children. He and Jenna Sommers share the distinction of being the only vampires to be shown to be in transition, feed to complete their vampirism, and die all in the same episode.

Sheila Bennett gave the Gemini Coven her blood to create while Bonnie intentionally left him in as revenge for what he did to her. Kai has never met Lorenzo. Kai, like Stefan Salvatore, completed his transition to vampire by feeding on the blood of his dying father, Joshua Parker, like Stefan did to his father Giuseppe.

Kat and Chris "bonnie and Kai speed dating" BNCE 3 - day 2

Like Stefan, he is responsible for his father's death, Kai through his suicide, whereas Stefan killed his father by accident with his vampire strength causing his father to fatally stab himself. Kai has a Twitter account called Cobrakai Ironically, all their names start with the letter "K".

Fans have dubbed this group of villains Team K. Kai never met his niece Lizzie. Kai to Damon : "Rough day, huh, Damon? I'm Kai. Nice to meet you. Pork rind? Try listening to you and Bonnie bicker every 5 minutes. You two are the closest thing I have a to a TV. I mean, you're no "Baywatch," but Remember "Baywatch"?

opinion you are

Oh, man, you got to watch it. You like lifeguards, like Hot ones? It's already driven Bonnie away how many times? Oh, oh, oh, wait. I know. I'm just kind of rusty on the face-to-face type human interactions. That usually calms you down. Then makes you angry, then sad, then calm again.

It's a weird cycle, and look, if you really want to know the reason I'm following you, it's because I want to kill you. Vervain in your bourbon. Who didn't see that one coming? I mean, somebody must. Otherwise, it But now I'm a little unfamiliar with vampires, but from what I've gathered, a stake in the heart should do it, right?

Like that time you and Bonnie played monopoly and you stole from the bank. Not cool. Thank God. I've watched you try to do magic for months now. What are you gonna do, fail at me? It's embarrassing. I'm embarrassed for you.

I answer right, I get a pork rind. Wrong, I get a poker. It worked. What, you Heh heh. In what universe does that make sense? I'm not a monster. I knew Bonnie would show up. She always comes back, all 13 times, and I knew with the right motivation she'd be able to access her magic, although I-I did get a little worried with all your bickering that Damon's life wouldn't be enough motivation, but turns out it was.

I guess that's just how you two show your love. But then, I was, like, "Wait- How am I going to get these photos developed? I'm kinda curious why. What kind of person needs to have that explained to them? Pretend he's a white-noise machine. That's how I used to tune out my siblings. I grew up with a ton of little sisters and brothers. You know, all of them constantly yammering. But it taught me how to focus. It's like they expected me to be evil. Not everyone died. I had a soft spot for one of my sisters.

You can survive without a spleen. It's mine. You wanna go home to your friends, I wanna go back and give the rest of the Gemini Coven an excruciating death. I can't generate it myself. But, I can consume it from others temporarily. My family called me an abomination. That hurt my feelings. All good I hope. Okay look, the light of the eclipse will shine down and activate the Ascendant, you spout a little witchy woo and then poof! Anyone standing in the circle of light holding the Ascendant goes home.

The future sounds great, all right? I'm super excited about the Internet, but has been my home for most of my life. I'd hate to get homesick. So let's get down there-" Kai to Bonnie and Damon : "Forgetting someone? Because I had- lots of times, lots of ways.

Dating Kai Parker would include? (I LOVE you and your blog, and Kai is the love of my life haha, thank you!!) Him annoying you constantly and always being desperate for your attention Catching him up. Apr 17,   Browse through and take kai parker quizzes. Were you a fan of Kai Parker from "The Vampire Diaries" before Julie Plec got rid of yet another good character with potential (ie. Read dating stefan salvatore would include from the story TVD / TO Imagines by scrpents (soph) with 1, reads. thevampirediaries, damonsalvatore, fanfic.

Your choice. Anyhoo, I have no idea how you managed to shatter the ascendant into a billion pieces, but we need to put it together before the eclipse at You want to help?

I know you're a puzzle person. You're gonna do the spell and finally get us home? You stole the ascendant, naughty girl. You weren't planning on using and leaving me behind, were you? You left a trail of blood in the driveway. Figured where else would you stop and play nurse?

Although, you know, fun fact. Mice don't actually like cheese. Isn't that great? Shh, shh, shh. So we have an hour until the eclipse. It's time to go home, Bonnie. Thought you might want to bring her along. I mean, I did murder or heavily maim most of my immediate family, but after a long period of self-reflection, I've come to the conclusion that I could have handled my anger better. Honestly, I would do anything to get my family back, and the thing I'm most scared of is trying to figure out how to live in the world again.

Sort of hoping you've been a positive influence on me. You're a good person, Bonnie. You're brave, loyal, patient. I want to be more like you. Kai uses a high-pitched voice for Ms. Cuddles What do you say? Kai to Jo : "Josette. Where are they? Oh, Jo. Come on out, Jo. I know you can hear me. Where are they, Jo?

Everything's gonna be OK, all right? Everybody's just playing a game. You guys want to play a game?

excellent idea. support

You want to play hide-and-seek? You know I won't kill you. Oh, you would have been super-impressed with my flying skills, but I'd already knocked you out with painkillers. I'm cooking you dinner. Pitter-patter of little siblings' feet, witchy-woo, chanting in the air, mom and dad calling me an abomination. My coven goes out of their way to make sure no one finds us, but since they're not here to be paranoid freak shows, mi casa es su casa.

Come on. Not exactly a turkey dinner, but it's what my family had in the fridge on May 10, Because it's brand-new, looks cool, and I don't want you to bust it. I knocked you out, kidnapped you against your will. Can't you see I'm trying to apologize? Can we at least have one last dinner conversation before my eternity of aloneness resumes? My father, the great coven leader It's like his Coven always came first no matter what.

Come out, come out, wherever you are. Why can't I feel your magic? And why aren't they saying anything? They should be saying something. They should be saying something, right? We're merging. This should all be a bigger deal. It seems wrong. I'm all bunched up. Also, why are jeans so tight when phones are so big? I'm that guy, right? That guy that won't shut up. Oh, I hate that guy. I just sat next to that guy on the plane. He was the worst.

Speaking of planes, have you flown recently? Because what's with the whole liquid situation and the stripping before you go through security thing? It's weird. Well, I'm sorry, but the real terrorists are some of those people taking off their shoes. I know I'm chatty. I've just been in prison for awhile. Not like a regular prison, you know, more like a Uh, will you take this?

Hang on. I got it. I just signed up. You should follow me. Like "Karate Kid"? Did you know you can follow celebrities? They all Twitter the stupidest things. It's-it's hilarious. Hang on, hang on.

I'm gonna get a real drink. No bourbon. I'm secure enough in my masculinity. Vodka's boring, rum's too tropical. You do not want to see me on Tequila. What about gin? Is that weird? True story, but that's not the most interesting thing on that I.

Look again. Name, address I was trying to kill you. Why don't we pick up where we left off? I'm sad you didn't recognize me. That means dad erased all trace of my existence- family pictures, movies, little handprint turkey I made. What a dick. I mean, you were 4, but still, find a better hiding spot. Are you guys talking about Bonnie Bennett? Because honestly, I didn't think she was all that great. Me, too. Oh, yeah. Damon, I, uh, I stole some of Liv's magic when I tried to kill her.

Think some of it might still be in my system, so pardon me. I guess this is that, uh, anti-magic border, which means now there's a psycho loose in Mystic Falls and no vampires around to stop him. Feel like making a deal with the devil? You can't muster a hello? He stabs her again magic.

It's not working. You don't think I'll do it now? All right. Let's try this again. Preferably by the time I get back so I don't have to dull it by slitting your throat. Is that funny or sad? I get my emotions mixed up. What's the one for fire again? It's "incendia," right?

Apr 09,   Category Film & Animation; Show The Vampire Diaries: Pilot; Song Often (Kygo Remix) Artist The Weeknd; Licensed to YouTube by UMG (on behalf of Universal Republic Records); BMI - Broadcast Music. Imagine/One Shot Requests (Include Plot) Archive; The Sociopath. Part 2 here. Warnings: None except light cursing. He chuckled at the tear that had rolled down your cheek before using his finger to wipe it away, he locked eyes with you and brought his hand to his mouth, he licked the tear off his finger, still holding your gaze. You broke the. Kai getting horny all the time. Him calling you a naughty girl every time you tease him. Blood sharing. Kai healing you when you get hurt. Kai getting jealous every time a guy flirts with you. Kai only being nice to you. Teasing you in public. Fighting. Makeup sex. I love you's. Kai treating you like a queen. Making cupcakes. Flirting.

Looks like you found the anti-magic border. Drew a line in the dirt for everyone's convenience.

Dating kai parker would include

You're welcome. Like a dome or a bubble? Like, say, you were in flying over Mystic Falls, would you die? You know, that could be dangerous, like if you're headed to New York and your pilot reroutes for weather. Must be a pretty big spell. Like a really big spell. So big How genius is that?

Dad actually let me cook Taught me to measure by eye. Seasonings to taste, all that stuff, but it's different now in the restaurant world.

apologise, but, opinion

Everything's on time. It's like, the fries go in, you push a button, it dings and you take 'em out. Literally no guess work. You're like, really pretty. Like ate it I guess. It's cool, huh? First, I eat magic and then eventually I lose it. But, with a huge spell like that. I mean, come on, magic's oozing out of me. It's all over the place. You know, I didn't quite realize, I was so out of control until I met the manager of the grill a few hours ago and he was all like, "Yeah, you can't come in here, we're closed, and you have an unconscious girl over your shoulder.

Tried to. But all I did was make him vomit uncontrollably, which was like, uh, all right, let's stop that. So, I tried again, and I think I broke his spine. I'm not- I'm not really sure, because the third time I tried the spell, he kind of exploded in blood.

You know, it wasn't until after my test run with the manager that I realized, if I start to merge with Jo and my gushing fountains of magic turn her into that guy, then I'm not gonna have a twin for the merge.

So, Elena, that is why you are here. Because I need to get my magic under control. By practicing with you. Or rather, by practicing on you. Oh, PS: Silver lining, after the manager finally stopped thrashing around, I finally managed a cloaking spell.

But Dean was still being his overprotective self. You took this as an opportunity bring up that past. You knew why Dean was so confused when he had seen you for the first time in forever. You shook as you clutched the bathroom sink. Tears pricked at your eyes.

Why did everything happen to you? You looked up at yourself in the mirror. Your eyes were glassy and your nose was red. Instead, you stared at yourself in the mirror, contemplating on what to do next.

have hit

You woke up with a pounding headache. Everything was fuzzy, even the quiet clinging of medal beside you. As you groaned and rolled over, you immediately regretted it. Your body ached, especially down there. You winced in pain and tried to look around the room.

think, that you

You turned on the shower, putting it on the hottest setting, and you walked in. How could he do this to you? Almost every emotion imaginable flooded you; guilt, sadness, anger. You just sat there in the boiling water doing nothing. More memories flooded into your brain. You sat alone in the room, your vision clearing up. You tried to get up but your legs felt like jello beneath you.

The one thing that you actually liked about yourself had been taken, you were no longer innocent. You turned off the water and grabbed a towel, wrapping it around your body and going for the door. But it opened from the other side. Your skin was beet red and your cheeks were puffy, and you had a bruise along your back where the towel slacked.

Stiles immediately grabbed you in his arms and pulled you in. Hushing you as you bawled. He cooed at you, repeatedly telling you that you were safe and that you were okay. Eventually, you pulled away from him, looking up at his sorrowful eyes.

You shook your head, not wanting to say the words out loud. He just looked at you until his once defensive demeanor had softened. He took in how broken you really were. He looked at the bruise on your back that had caught attention again. He stared at it in the mirror and sighed. My dad could help protect you, I could help protect you. You looked at him long and hard, until you caught his gaze.

You turned around and looked in the mirror at your back that was now black and blue. You sighed, sniffling as you kept staring at yourself. Maybe Stiles was right. Maybe you did need to tell someone. Were you the first girl he had done this to? Were you the last?

have hit

These questions flooded your brain until he snapped you out of it. Stiles lightly touched your arm and looked at you in the eyes. You looked back up at him. You opened your eyes, the sun pouring in as soon as you did. You were met with an empty bed. As you roamed the halls you could smell the smell of bacon becoming stronger and stronger. You called his name again and listened for a response.

When you walked in you smiled. There he was, shirtless, in grey sweats, cooking breakfast. Your eyes wandered over to his toned abdomen, then to his pants. You bit your lip mindlessly, those sweats left nothing to the imagination. You were only drawn out of your thought because Sam had placed your breakfast down in front of you. The food looked absolutely amazing. You gave him a quick peck on the cheek before grabbing your fork and digging in. Sam was a wonderful cook, hell he was a wonderful everything.

But his scrambled eggs were something that could never be matched. Your death grip on the sheet that was covering you had slowly softened until you completely forgot about it. Sam cleared his throat and you looked up, taking a break from eating your breakfast.

He nodded his head at you and you looked down, your whole top front was exposed. You just chuckled, getting ready to take advantage of the morning. He almost choked on his coffee as you stood up, completely forgetting the sheet at your ankles. You watched as he shifted in his chair, so he was now facing you.

You knew what you were doing, though. If you kept at this hopefully he would just fuck you right on the kitchen table. You stopped at your breasts, thumbing your nipple.

Especially with all the nerves, she feels in her stomach. In fact a little over a year now. Kol shook his head really fast. My family is dysfunctional to say the least. They have many enemies and so do I. Insecurities can be a bitch. No, I am not ashamed of you and I never will be. Or could be. I love you.

He had eased her nerves a lot, for now. That I made you feel that way. Summary: Klaus thinks the readers dead, but she not. Before the originals and hybrids. Originally posted by eternalmikaelson. As much as I hate to say it. Elena sighed shaking her head. Elijah said one of the reasons Klaus is the way he is, is because he lost his little girl. But she alive and well.

Some of us are Human - The Sociopath

He should know. They should get to be a family again. Admiring her and staring at her in shock. Why would you two do this? I thought I could trust you both.

Nodding gratefully to the girls. Hoping her friend would let her father back in her life. Well, the Uncles she cares about.

DATING KAI PARKER WOULD INCLUDE: Extreme possessiveness; Kai would kill any guy that so much as looked at you for too long; Teaching him what love is ; Him being extremely blunt and telling everyone how he feels about you ; Him being very cheeky and flirty ; Him being unbelievably sweet considering he's a sociopath ; Kai attempting to cook. Dating Kai Parker Would Include NSFW A-Z Headcanon. Kol Mikaelson: Crushes They'll be to occupied Companions Overprotective alpha Wheres My Bra? Admit It Already To be or not to be or just the plan Dating Kol MIkaelson Would Include NSFW A-Z Headcanon. Klaus Mikaelson: Run MIssed So Much Un-daggered Dating. Dating Kol Mikaelson Would Include: Kol being extremely possessive and protective of you. "You're mine, nobody else's." Having really bad fights and arguments. Kol always flirting with other woman, which makes you jealous. You flirting with other men, which makes Kol jealous. Kol always teasing you, in more than one way. *wink* *wink*Reviews:

That you were killed. The others were to. Come back with me to the mansion I had built. Reunite with your family and let us get to know eachother. Become like how we use to be.

Authors Note: short-ish. Legends killed off captain cold. Originally posted by dolkav. To sweet to be a criminal. So why are you here? I think. Maybe we could go get drinks sometime. She would always welcome having a new friend. Leonard walked over to Barry, turning to stand next to the younger man.

Crossing his arms. You better treat her with respect. Ya know if I do. I would say looking out for her and being protective of her is in the job description. She has no record and no one knows about her. If you date her Barry, make sure to keep it that way. But she has an unlikely savor from the situation. Authors Note: Leto!

I guess it would be Ben Affleck Bruce Wayne but you could probably do it with any batman. Leto Joker is the only Joker I write for. Keep that in mind if you request. I think he was the most realistic Joker. Originally posted by aegonthewhitewolf. I thought the quote kinda goes with the theme of the reader not being like her parents like everyone thinks. Which made the young pre-teen very uncomfortable.

Everyone staring at her waiting for a reaction to come from her or for her to finally snap and have a reason to arrest her.

Instantly shocked that the man she ran into was Bruce Wayne. Thee Bruce Wayne. Your Bruce Wayne. No harm done. Trying to give her a light smile. Make her a little more comfortable. You can tell me. He knew immediately who she was. Everyone else does. Bruce nodded, of course, he knew thanks to his nightly activities. Looking around with scared eyes.

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