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The real reason you should stay away from Korean women is because then there will be more of them for me! Hands down. Of course we are - we also love it when girls use those looks well. This - ultimately - means they have a desire to please sexually, as well. But that same attentiveness follows them out of the bedroom as well. Aegyo is baby-like behaviors, gestures, or mannerisms that are done in order to get what the girls want.

Yes ,but with attitude like that all you get is ugly Asian guy and ugly baby in the end. Smilesmile be kind to men its not that hard.

No matter where they come from, where they live.

I feel like your comment really strikes home though, and makes a lot of sense. However I feel like most men here in America would not be able to understand or appreciate Korean women and all of their wonderful traits, or much less any other guy from any other country, it does take a certain someone to love another person, but I feel like there is someone out there for everybody.

My wife is amazing because she is UnHui my amazing sliver lady and the mom for our 2 sons. Korea is and will always be my 2nd home- no doubt about that.

Dae Han Inguk! Chouchou, you are right. You guys from Korea are special women and should be cherished as much as possible. You are beautiful, elegant, charming and some of them are really gorgeous. As someone who has worked all over Asia for several years, the statement that Korean women have the best bodies in all of Asia is complete horse sh!

They wear tight pants with fake butt pads and stuffed bras to give the illusion of being fit, but very few will take off their clothes without all the lights off because their fraudulent bodies will completely disappoint you. Japanese girls, on average, have far better naturally fit bodies and much better personalities. The fact that Koreans are actually taller on average than Japanese and many Chinese, especially southern, is a major contributing factor as well.

I would very appreciate to get some information about it. Wow I totally agree with her comment. As always, not all people has same behavior,though. You sound like some 30 something yr old white troll. I guess the problem is they take their Korean wives back to the US. Now that I have Reached ish.

Livingston she was a Doll! I am a korean girl too and I can guess from your comment that you only met the bad korean men. I disagree with practically everything said above.

Note that the above says they have the best bodiesnot that they are the most attractive. What is the point of this article. Everyone knows that Korean girls only date white guys or Korean.

Thanks for letting me know. I agree wholeheartedly about the lower levels of discrimination in Korea and Japan than back home in the USA. Many black guys prefer to be discriminated against for being foreign rather than for being black.

Korean women can be very superficial shallow and picky. If you are a man, you had better have deep pockets be ready to give and do a lot of things for her because they are high maintenance. Some korean women, especially the westernized ones are very whitewashed and have very little to no care or concern for their heritage and history.

Thanks for your comments, though. Anyone with experience dating Korean girls will agree, that they are almost universally very high-minded, and pretty demanding.

Most guys who spend a good deal of time dating Asian girls also tend to really like Korean girls too though. We will have a post in the future talking about the issues you face dating Korean girls as well. And as for your last point about marriagevery few Korean girls actually want to date outside of Korean guys. VERY few. You can tell all of these posters below are fake wannabes who are just trying to give korean males a bad image.

Korean men treat korean women as possessions? Ask the 1 to 2 million koreans living in the West and ask them if their dads treated their moms like possesions? Korean dads worked their asses off, sacrificed and did everything they could for their korean wives and children to make sure they could have a good life.

White men need an easy asian girl to put her in the kitchen and do the chores that white women used to do in the 30s, 40s but no longer willing to do in the 21st century but most asian women including koreans are still in the 30s, 40s mindset.

How Korean husbands treat their wives is very different from how Korean men treat their girlfriends. Additionally, the Asian girls that date foreigners are usually the ones who want to have more freedom to be outside of the home and work if they so choose. The Asian women who prefer to date their own men often do so because they WANT to be home and family focused and not feel pressure to have a job.

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I will admit that I would love a woman, regardless of race or ethnicity, that was very domestically-capable and liked cooking and cleaning, but I would not ever take her for granted and want to lock her up. What kind of relationship does that produce? Yes they have been exoticized by many, but not all. Some people are in it for the morals, family values, and so on. Stating 7 reasons to love korean women is such a racist and generalizing asian stereotype.

Girls are girls and men and men. We all love and want the same things. We have subtle differences yes, but to stereotype asians and claim that if you do certain things you can attract them but not attract white girls or black girls is very racist and short-sighted. These women are not fetishized. Learn something about cultures. In the Middle East, Islam teaches that it is okay to chastise women, then avoid sleeping with them, and then mildly beat them.

In Ancient Judaism it was acceptable to give up your daughters to guests as sex slaves. In the Christian world none of that is acceptable. Those are WILD differences if you ask me. There are generalizations because anyone who has studied sociology knows that we as human creatures are programmed to keep one another in line or to spread our views to the masses.

It helps us to understand our lives and give them meaning when others accept what we like in the mainstream. Guarantee if you start questioning everything you do you will come to see that it affects even you. Study advertisements and their effects on others as well. When I look for someone of a different ethnicity, it is not for fetishist reasons. It is because I would love to meet someone from a different culture, someone with refreshing perspectives on life and to see life in a whole new fashion.

I would be looking for someone I can truly love and understand better and someone who has a better set of principles than the nihilist principles we have here in America that has spread like the plague. The belief that life is not about anything but money, sex, and anything else that is meaningless and shallow. You call all of us out for stereotyping and yet, here you are stereotyping. I myself fell in love with Asian culture when I was a kid. When I was young I had a friend whose parents were black and Korean.

Every time I entered their home the house smelled like wonderful Korean cooking. His mom was polite and a strong, proud Korean woman and mother and his father supported her culture. I also loved that when you entered the home you would have to take off your shoes and how clean everything was.

If any man goes to Korea looking for a slave then he does not know what true love is and those men you can tear down and hate on. Because if you pick it up it dies and it ceases to be what you love. So if you love a flower, let it be. Love is not about possession. Love is about appreciation. As for me, I search for love, not a slave. Someone who has morals and ethics and would know how to raise a child, rather than the nihilists here in America who teach them to give up because life is meaningless.

Funny thing is you preach ignorance while preaching against it as well. Study sociology and you will notice there are differences in race and ethnicity that even in a melting pot such as America still hold strong from generation to generation inside the American culture. Maybe its been in my experience and a couple of other black guys I know to find that we are pretty popular with Korean women.

apologise, but

They were not extremely old either. Like to be exact. Love this article though as it was really spot on.

This is a great website. Being an Asian-American male, I love it how every other guy is putting us down. And Asian women are encouraging it.

Dating korean women

You know how many single Asian mothers I know here? They all have hapa babies and were all happily with their guy until they got knocked up and the guy bolted for a younger Asian girl. I love how every other guy on this site is speaking behind a keyboard saying how Asian men are shitbags, but these are the ones spending time talking shit behind a keyboard.

This comment will either be deleted or eviscerated by commentators but you know what? Keep doing what you are doing. Hopefully you all catch Herpes. This site is pretty much about Asians IN Asia. A lot of my clients are Korean-Americans and Chinese-Americans because when they come to Asia they realize that the game is different.

As for guys impregnating girls and then leavingfirst of all, most of these girls are not all that highly valued by their local standards.

Because in Asia, there is a much stronger sense of family. Being an Asian-American you probably know how American women have really done a lot to destroy the concept of family with all of their talk of being independent and not needing a man.

They were having un-protected sex of their own choice. They decided not to take the pill. They decided not to use an IUD or any other form of birth control available to them AND they decided not to have an abortion. They signed up for what they got. You have to look out for yourself and recognize the potential consequences. You have a girlfriend n am sure u jump in with no protection, if she falls pregnant, will you blame her?

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And since the consequences by din of biology are greater for her than for him, she should be more cautious about the risk of pregnancy. Lastly, so what if she believed the guy for saying everything would be alright. Trust the wrong person and you suffer the consequences. What do you do, sir? No doubt they have the best bodies in Asia, hands down.

On top of that. From my experience obviously. Good read, thanks. This is for people in Korea or in heavily Korean areas like L. Whatever you do, take the time to learn about the culture and share something of value with the other party. My wife and I have a great relationship because we watched all the same shows growing up together from anime series of the 70s to American TVdespite being on opposite sides of the world. Can find more of these nice ones on aampmaps.

Thank me later! Here are 5 reasons you should pursue a Korean girlfriend, today. If I met a cute korean woman like you just described, I would treat her like a princess and care for her my whole life lol.

Congrats, man! They can be a handful, so watch out!! They also know how to really put men under their thumb. Mad skillz. Met a Korean born girl in collegeshe came to the U. Korean, Spanish, Africanjust find a good woman. Ur personal porn stars.

Korean girl friend. Have nice body features, takes care of me, educated. I have dated Korean women. The ones they born herebig difference than the girls that are just visiting. The girls that are born in Canada are pretty Feminists just like the rest of Toronto women. If you are Blond with blue ayes you could have any Korean women that you want. Even me with my brown eyes and curly hair have no problem. I have lots of power with them.

Every time I were shorts and sandals Korean women and men. You are the king. Korean women are very unsecure. They look all the same ,right? Occasionally you could find a god looking ,well proportioned Korean women. It depends of you taste.

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Korean women are Fashinistabut smart. They know how to spend money smart. Having a white baby there is a statuesbig achievement, but they will never admit to that. Korean women just like the rest of oriental women want to marry a white guy and have interracial-white babynot black.

Black is NO -No baby. Of course they want improve their race. Looks are everything in Korea now. Koreans are notoriously proud people and hard to communicate ,specially the Korean men.

Its not good when you are dating a Korean girl ,trust me. Old Korean women are very bossy too. But if you are good guy they love you. Most Oriental people are Hard working and smart. I have had chances to marry a Korean or Japanese. Believe me it was a very hard decision. And to all those people that are saying they are goldiggers and only care for money. Oriental women will take a white guy over a rich Asian dude anytime.

We all know that. Of course they will never ,never admit that but its a known fact. Why the hell would you live in Korea? There could be a War at anytime. Are you nuts. I would stay in Canada where I was raised. She could go for a visit but to live there. No way. I live in Taiwan at the momentperhaps you consider here to be just as much at risk though. I have lived in Toronto for over 20 years and loved some lovely women.

Stop complaining and be a man, then maybe you can deal with some real women. I was surprised to find a beautiful girl in my college. But the Korean girl handled situation so smoothly that at the end I was happy that I have accomplished my goal of life. Amazingly that was my first date in entire life and I did not know that Korean women are so smart and talented.

I am back from date just 10 hours ago and I feel great that she treated me the best way I could ever imagine. I think the main appeal of Asian women is that they are circumcised and American women are not. Female circumcision aka female genital mutilation is not practiced in East Asia in the main stream culture.

There might be some small areas that do similarly to how there are some small segments of mormons that practice polygamy. Not tampered with by man.

Once you land Korean Peninsula. Do be careful. Best advice do not generalize Korean woman. Korean woman personality are all different. Of courseand while individual personalities are all different, they are constrained by culture, and that what creates averages that we can generalize around.

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Not true in Korea. I assume that our readers are not complete morons and can figure this out on their own. Koreans do not need Porn or Swinger club. Just go outside of Seoul. You will find plenty of Love Motels to enjoy. Do not be moron to think all Korean girls will go with you to Love Motels.

5 Fantastic Tips for Dating a Korean Guy. Dating Korean Women - A Complete Guide. Contents show Many foreigners find Korean women very appealing because they are simply beautiful. Korean girls are famous for being very stoic and calm. However, there is a lot of useful information that a foreigner seeking a Korean bride needs to pay attention to. Korean women Together, the two Koreas, North and South, occupy approximately , square kilometres, and would fit into the land mass of the United States of America nearly forty-four times. However, since the end of World War II, when the country was split into two by the United States and Russia, North Korea and South Korea have been two.

It is stereotype and cultural generalization you have to be careful about. Like saying all Blacks are good in sex. I dated one during summer in school. I did not know she was married, superstitious, palm reading.

She was very secretive. At the end of summer, she went on dating anther guy, After a few months, no one knew her whereabouts. I think her husband found out and she ran away in disgrace.

They are the cutest in the world, maybe just compared to Japanese girls who are also wonderful companions and friends, or even more, depending on how it goes! I would love the 9 of them to be my girlfriends. Their picture is even now my wallpaper on my notebook.

They are the most gorgeous in the world, congrats Korean beauties! Are Korean women that frenzied to get laid, that they need such articles advocating for them. This just comes off as uber desperation. Shocking to me too but for some reason it seems American people think that Korean women are very unattractive:. I married a Korean princess, as I call her, about 10 years ago.

Absolutely love her to death, would die for her in a heartbeat. We have two children together. I am from Canada and can not imagine being with anyone other than her. Love you baby!! I hope you will replay soon. Two years ago I decided to join a website that allows to know people from all over the world in order to improve english. So I met this korean girl and we started to send each other emails where we talked about our hobbies, our lives etc. Then we decided to leave emails to use a mobile Instant messaging application, because it was easier to talk with this than emails.

So we continued to talk, to send each other photos from our Countries and photos of us with friends or while doing sports.

Last month her university give to her and other friend the possibility to travel in Europe, so she visited some Countries and then she visited mine. At the beginning of her journey she said she would visit my Country but only the North of my Country which is quite far from my town in the Center and she said she wanted to visit my town or the capital of my country which is quite near my town, in order to talk face to face.

Then 3 days ago she said she and her friends changed program and they would come to the capital and asked me if i could go there to meet her. So yesterday I spent an entire day with her, just me and her. We visited this city and we talked very much and we had lunch together.

We had much fun and so it was an amazing day for me and I hope also for her. Later when I was on my way home, she sent me a message where she said she had an amazing day and she was happy.

Please RedpoleQ help me to understand this korean girl, and sorry for the lenght of this text. Should anything happen that would make me a single man again, I would start my life over again in Korea. Most of the points you make are about what they do, or fail to do to their bodies and I think that comes down to lifestyle which Koreans lose big time to Japanese on. Korean girls on average, have: bigger breasts wider hips with slimmer waists longer legs.

Not sure where to put this but I find it appalling that you guys would allow a woman to pay for dinner! I am just speaking from my personal experience. I dated few Asian girls in my life. I am Korean myself. Just case by case. The experience of most of my clients is that Korean women are very generous and are looking for a guy who they really genuinely like.

This really bothers a lot of western men for some reason. Ive been married to a Korean for a long time and I can tell you that they make decent wives except for the sex. Sure on occasion they get into the mood or if you really beg they will but they are really not into it.

The main difference is that western women, believe that they SHOULD want to have sex with their husbands and that hot sex is part of a healthy marriage. Korean culture has one more strike against it because sex is not highly valued in their culture aside from producing kids and working in improving your sex life is something wholly unimportant.

Just look up the global distribution of the ABCC11 body odor gene, and you will soon see that any intimate relationship with a Korean will fail. The sad truth.

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This is one of the rare occasions when I learned something from a comment on my site. Thanks for that.


I did some reading on the ABCC11 gene. From my humble observation, the korean women who ends up with foreign men are either plain fugly or are seriously f-ed in the head. Half way good looking, half way traditional woman from a decent, loving family usually do not marry foreigners. It is extremely rare to see a good looking korean woman with tall, successful, handsome white male couple in korea. I have also noticed this phenomenon in north america where butt ugly asian broads usually brown skinned southeast asians with not so very good looking, bottom of the barrel type of white males.

I just laugh every time I see posts like this. I can just imagine what these men and women would look like in real life. The fact is that MOST men are with ugly women.

In Korea fashion and appearance is important. We boys also take care on our look. Walking the streets in Hongdae seeing foreigner with no style is just horrible.

I have dated every kind of Asian girl and do not agree with this summary, even though one of the girls I am sleeping with now is Korean, born in Seoul. In Korea, there is a natural law of women, unlike anywhere else I have been. Their friendliness is inversely proportional to their attractiveness.

There are stunning Korean girls, but they are snobbish and impossible to talk with. There are some dog faces out there that are the sweetest girls in the world. My Korean sexmate is just ever so slightly overweight and has an ok face, and she is friendly, but she looks nothing like the top girls. When she first got naked, she said something about her boobs being bigger than typical Asians; I informed her that Koreans on average do in fact have bigger boobs than other east Asians.

Those girls are not impossible to talk withyou need to work on your opening. And the reason they make it hard is because Korean guys are really aggressive in going after women. I dont understand why people say white do better in asia, blacks dont, etc etc.

In every race there is good looking people, ugly people, cool, losers etc. Well im south american studied in australia and travel through asia before going back home and the truth is it doesnt matter whats your race. I think it is because there is no much competition, I mean i read reviews before going and said it was really fancy and classy, i was thinking something like a reggata in sydney or in melbourne cup where you see people that can appear in tv.

Here are 5 reasons you should pursue a Korean girlfriend, today.

Learn to Read Korean in 90 Minutes - FREE!

Some interesting comments here. They have almost no redeeming qualities and I feel sorry for Korean women because of that. I hate almost all Korean men, and I have good reason for itoccasionally you will meet a okay one, but even then usually they will hit on you every time you see them, even going as far as touching you in private places, etc.

They are all homos, it seems like. Korean women tend to be slender and pretty, but plastic surgery is too common and usually pretty obvious. They also lie a lotlargely for cultural reasons, I guess, but sometimes just for no good reason I guess this is due to insecurities more than anything else. It is amazing, really. Korean women are really jewels and I hope to marry one, which should say plenty.

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For a Korean woman to be in public with a foreign man is very socially risky for her. This is probably another reason to move fast and try to get her home or to another private place. There is a lot of racism and a lot of social pressure and they are hyper-sensitive about their reputation amongst their own kind.

Check it out below:. Read on for our best tips and techniques for making your dreams of dating your Korean crush a reality!

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Fear not! If it makes her feel more comfortable, you should consider it. In Korean dating culture, something that women worry about is being perceived as an easy target by foreign men. Ah, the age old question - who should pay at the end of the date? Everyone has an opinion one way or another, and Korean women are no different in that regard. For decades, the norm has been that the man pays for not only the first date, but also the vast majority of dates that couple goes on.

While this has been considered normal and still is by many, Korean dating culture has begun to shift to a new, more modern paradigm. The couple would then take turns paying for each stop of the evening - so, for example, if the man paid for dinner, the woman would then pay for soju, then the man could pay for ice cream, etc.

As far as gifts go, most Korean women will be receptive to you conveying your affections with lavish gifts and tokens of your love and honestly, most Korean girls will expect it. Be prepared to spend big on birthday gifts, and be prepared to also purchase gifts for each of the love-centric Korean holidays.

So be prepared to compete! But until that happens, be prepared to be at her mercy.

6 Fantastic Tips for Dating a Korean Girl

Before you consider approaching a Korean girl, be warned! How is that even possible, you ask? You can thank social media. When you take your Korean girlfriend to a fancy dinner or buy her a lavish gift, she will photograph it and post it to every social media platform and instant messaging platform that she uses so that her friends can see it instantly. Get used to being on a chat app to keep her attention!

While social media can be great because it lets you keep in touch with friends from afar and stay connected to your social circle, it can also cause a lot of pressure and anxiety for both the girl and the guy in the relationships. While it sounds exhausting, this also means a lot of fun!

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