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As Berge noted in referring to bottles, the " This bottle dating "key" is a relatively simple "first cut" on the dating of a bottle. Please be aware that in order to gain the maximum information about any particular bottle e. Unfortunately, the complexities of precisely dating bottles is beyond the scope of any simple key; more complex keys are far in the future if they ever become available. A substantial amount of bottle type specific information must be reviewed by a user to increase the probability of dating accuracy. Additional reference materials outside of this website must usually be consulted to narrow down the date of any item as far as is possible and to really get a "feel" for the history of the bottle in question.

This is the base of the bottle whose lip is shown above left.

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Note the diagonal line which cuts across the base is obliterated by the Owens Ring the large off-center curcular feature. Inside the Owens ring are several numbers.

26 rows  found on soda bottles: - s: codd bottle patented in uses a marble and . Well-maintained genuine antique glass bottles could fetch you a good deal. HobbyZeal gives you a guide to identify antique glass bottles. Did You Know The earliest known use of glass vessels was by the Ancient Egyptians dating . With each chart the reader will find accompanying pictures to further aid in bottle identification and age. Chart 1 The Basics of Dating Bottles. Readers first need to develop the vocabulary necessary to distinguish early and late forms of bottles. The following charts and pictures on the dating bottles .

Owens' early bottles were often cruder than their hand blown hand tooled counterparts. The glass is rough not sharp around the circumference of the Owens ring.

A Compendious Guide to Identify Antique Glass Bottles

Notice also how unlike most pontil marks, the Owens ring covers the whole base of this bottle. The base of the second bottle whose lip was shown above right is displayed here.


The the lower left corner you can see evidence of the diagonal mold seam which at one time bisected the base. The Owens ring again covers the entire base and even intrudes out to the side of the bottle slightly.

In the center of the Owens Ring the Owens mark is shown the diamond.

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Owens rapidly made improvements as eh redesigned his machine numerous times and eventually over came the problems of uniformity see here. All of the bottle mouths shown below were machine made.

Dating antique bottles requires knowledge of the evolution of bottle technology and the ability to research manufacturers and bottling companies. Although glass bottles have been made for a few thousand years, it was not until the 19th century that bottle . DATING BOTTLES BY THEIR TOPS AND BASES. A Look at Bottle Bases. One approach to helping beginner identify their old bottles involves show them the bases of old bottles. The picture below at the left shows an iron pontil on the base jof a historical flask circa The middle picture shows an open pontil on the base of a cylindrical medicine bottle. Kevin, concerning the reuse of liquor bottles - bottles used for distilled spirits "other than those contained in that bottle at the time of closing" - this phrase may be indicated on the bottle due to the provisions of 26 U.S.C. (c), Refilling of liquor bottles.

In the s, the bottle mimicked early forms which were hand tooled and sealed with a cork. For instance, beer bottles made before the s generally have embossed lettering that says "porter" or "ale.

Check the base of the bottle for imperfections.

Dating old bottles australia

Prior to the s, bottles were hand-blown, and the base of most of these bottles has a "scar" from where the bottle was removed from the blowing pipe. If the bottle is smooth on the bottom and has a series of numbers, it was manufactured after by a machine.

Observe the lip of the bottle to determine if it was sealed by a screw cap or a cork.

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Bottles handmade made prior to the s were sealed with a cork; the lip will have a flared shape to accommodate this method of sealing. In the earlyth century, screw tops became popular, and shape of the lip adjusted to include a ridge where the lid sat.

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Check for labeling or painting on the bottle. In the s, embossing bottles became outmoded and manufacturers began painting the labels directly onto the glass.

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This can also help you identify the original use of the bottle. Check the bottle for mold seams.

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When the bottle was broken off, this iron rod left a definitive mark. Most bottles with a smooth base indicate that they were made after the year Open pontilled bottles were made before the s, iron pontilled bottles usually date back to the years Smooth pontilled bottles were made after the s.

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Flared Lip or Sheared Lip: This is common observed in hand-blown glass bottles. It results after the bottle has been cut from the blow pipe. Such lips were commonly produced between the years The lip of such bottles appear crude and usually have an unfinished drippy bottom.

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Seams run under the applied lip. These lips were common on bottles produced between the years Applied Taper: The lip has straight edges that taper towards the opening.

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The lip usually has a crude finishing with unfinished drippy bottom. The seams usually stop just before the lip.

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This type of lip on bottles was seen between Applied Blob: The lip is slightly curved and appears to have a slightly thicker bottom. The seams tend to end just below the region where the lip is attached. This type of lip was common on soda, beer, and mineral water bottles.

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Such lip was seen between the years An additional piece of glass is usually not attached as the lip. The finishing of these lips is usually very crude and uneven. Bottles with such lips were usually produced between the years The neck ring and threads were a part of the mold.

Collecting antique bottles can be a lucrative hobby. Glass bottles began to be manufactured around and were used for beverages, cosmetic products and household cleaning supplies. Determining the date of a bottle helps the collector to determine the value of the bottle . Antique Bottles Pictorial. Antique Bottles In its early years Australia had a huge variety of bottles, stone jars, tins, containers and pot lids. Most at that time didn't have screw tops and a variety of . This bottle dating "key" is a relatively simple "first cut" on the dating of a bottle. While running a bottle through the key questions, the user is frequently directed to move to other website pages to explain diagnostic features and concepts as well as to add depth and/or precision to the initial dating .

The seams usually run above the threading system. The end near the opening was usually sheared and fire polished.

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