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Thus, is important for the PUA to give her plausible deniability to those watching, and sometimes to herself. For example, under the ruse of teaching her salsa moves, you can kino escalate her by touching her back and waist. When extracting , the HB is going home with the PUA because they have talked about listening to his Aerosmith music collection prior in the night. This plausible deniability is important for the woman in the case of social counter-attacks by jealous members of her group, and gives her an excuse and exit should she sleep with the PUA on the first night. Try to give plausible deniability for the HB when you play with her palms by doing a palm reading routine. Want even more?

As they had done before their invasion of Georgia, their disinformation campaign extended to Russian delegates at the United Nations.

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It must be noted that the latter was to ensure the security and existence of critically vulnerable civilians. This is a stark contrast to the underlying reason for Russian aggression, which is to provide the continued hegemony of Russia in the post-Soviet space. One is the degree to which Russia was able to normalize the annexation.

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The other is the masterful execution of diplomatic and legal rhetoric which rendered the West inability of Western military intervention, to realize a controlled process of de-escalation and normalization. The ongoing exploitation-and arguably weaponization-of International law and legal framework by State actors posits a critical urgency to reform theoretical conceptualizations of international law governing conflict, especially since purely conventional battles will be the exception in the 21st century.

The blending of non-linear tactics with plausibly deniable conventional forces actively threatens the rule of law in the international order. Does the U.

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By Joshua Ball Last ated Jun 10, Russian special forces in Crimea. This was given the term 'plausible denial'.

Jun 10,   "Plausible Deniability" in Russia's Hybrid War in Ukraine From the beginning of Russia's engagement in Crimea, there was a profound emphasis on maintaining a degree of plausible deniability. The Russian flag was raised by residents of Crimea, not Russian soldiers. Russian forces were stripped of any identifying markers or insignia. Deniability definition is - the ability to deny something especially on the basis of being officially uninformed. Dec 27,   This plausible deniability is important for the woman in the case of social counter-attacks by jealous members of her group, and gives her an excuse and exit should she sleep with the PUA on the first night. Usage: Try to give plausible deniability for the HB when you play with her palms by doing a palm reading routine.

Non-attribution to the United States for covert operations was the original and principal purpose of the so-called doctrine of "plausible denial. Plausible denial involves the creation of power structures and chains of command loose and informal enough to be denied if necessary. The idea was that the CIA and, later, other bodies could be given controversial instructions by powerful figures-up to and including the President himself-but that the existence and true source of those instructions could be denied if necessary; if, for example, an operation went disastrously wrong and it was necessary for the administration to disclaim responsibility.

The Hughes-Ryan Act of sought to put an end to plausible denial by requiring a Presidential finding that each operation is important to national security, and the Intelligence Oversight Act of required that Congress be notified of all covert operations. But both laws are full of enough vague terms and escape hatches to allow the executive branch to thwart their authors' intentions, as the Iran-Contra affair has shown.

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Indeed, the members of Congress are in a dilemma: when they are informed, they are in no position to stop the action, unless they leak its existence and thereby foreclose the option of covertness. The Church Committee conceded that to provide the United States with "plausible denial" in the event that the anti-Castro plots were discovered, Presidential authorization might have been subsequently "obscured".

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The Church Committee also declared that, whatever the extent of the knowledge, Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy and Johnson should bear the "ultimate responsibility" for the actions of their subordinates.

CIA officials deliberately used Aesopian language [10] in talking to the President and others outside the agency. Richard Helms testified that he did not want to "embarrass a President" or sit around an official table talking about "killing or murdering. What made the responsibility difficult to pin down in retrospect was a sophisticated system of institutionalized vagueness and circumlocution whereby no official - and particularly a President - had to officially endorse questionable activities.

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Unsavory orders were rarely committed to paper and what record the committee found was shot through with references to "removal," "the magic button" [13] and "the resort beyond the last resort. As former CIA director Richard Helms told the committee: "The difficulty with this kind of thing, as you gentlemen are all painfully aware, is that nobody wants to embarrass a President of the United States.

Aug 03,   Reason 3: Plausible Deniability. Why it's a problem: This should be a no brainer, but in case it bears explanation, here it is. It's a problem because it's confusing! When people get caught up with wanting to maintain plausible deniability in the realm of relationships, it usually sucks for at least one person. Jan 11,   Don't listen to those people. Listen to me. A thousand horrible things can happen to you. The most important thing you can do in life is establish plausible deniability that you have ever liked anyone, anywhere, ever. Here, then is a guide for the cautious. Remember: nothing ventured, nothing ventured. Plausable deniability refers to circumstances where a denial of responsibilty or knowledge of wrongdoing can not be proved as true or untrue due to a lack of evidence proving the allegation. This term is often used in reference to situations where high ranking officials deny responsibilty for or knowledge of wrongdoing by lower ranking officials.

In his testimony to the congressional committee studying the Iran-Contra affairVice Admiral John Poindexter stated: "I made a deliberate decision not to ask the President, so that I could insulate him from the decision and provide some future deniability for the President if it ever leaked out. Another example of plausible deniability is someone who actively avoids gaining certain knowledge of facts because it benefits that person not to know.

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As an example, an attorney may suspect that facts exist which would hurt his case, but decide not to investigate the issue because if the attorney had actual knowledge, the rules of ethics might require him to reveal those facts to the opposing side. Private activities can provide that deniability.

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Public Diplomacy" [ citation needed ]. In computer networks, deniability often refers to a situation where a person can deny transmitting a file, even when it is proven to come from their computer. This is sometimes done by setting the computer to relay certain types of broadcasts automatically, in such a way that the original transmitter of a file is indistinguishable from those who are merely relaying it.

A condition in which a subject can safely and believeably deny knowledge of any particular truth that may exist because the subject is deliberately made unaware of said truth so as to benefit or shield the subject from any responsibility associated through the knowledge of such truth. This image dates back all the way to Author mbdadmin Posted on February 19, Tags humor, pinup, red Posts navigation. Page 1 Page 2 Page 7 Next page.

In this way, the person who first transmitted the file can claim that their computer had merely relayed it from elsewhere. It can also be done by a VPN where the host is not known.

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In any case, this claim cannot be disproven without a complete decrypted log of all network connections. The Freenet file sharing network is another application of the idea. It obfuscates data sources and flows in order to protect operators and users of the network by preventing them and, by extension, observers such as censors from knowing where data comes from and where it is stored.

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In cryptographydeniable encryption may be used to describe steganographic techniqueswhere the very existence of an encrypted file or message is deniable in the sense that an adversary cannot prove that an encrypted message exists. In this case the system is said to be 'fully undetectable' FUD.


The owner of the encrypted data may reveal one or more keys to decrypt certain information from it, and then deny that more keys exist, a statement which cannot be disproven without knowledge of all encryption keys involved.

The existence of "hidden" data within the overtly encrypted data is then deniable in the sense that it cannot be proven to exist.

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The Underhanded C Contest is an annual programming contest involving the creation of carefully crafted defects, which have to be both very hard to find and plausibly deniable as mistakes once found.

Usage: Try to give plausible deniability for the HB when you play with her palms by doing a palm reading routine.

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