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Warnings : smut, usimplybeyondexpectations.comotected sex, dirty talk, locker room sex, swearing, ummm i think thats it? Requested by the lovely marauderskeeper who was ever so patient with this darn fic. I hope you like it love. And by hate, he means loves. He had felt her presence before she had spoken, but he had chosen to ignore her.

He becomes a lot more alert and starts apologising repeatedly. It lives in everything we hold dear. That is the promise of peace. That one day, after a long life, we find each other again. You groaned, reaching your hand out, expecting to feel the cold stone of the Great Hall, but finding softness instead.

Your eyes opened and you took in your surroundings. The room was decorated in red and gold, Gryffindor colors, there were four other beds. You were in the Gryffindor dorms. How the hell did I get here, you thought.

Is the battle over? You stood up, but immediately you noticed something was wrong. Something inside if you felt different. You looked down and your heartbeat skipped a beat. You pulled on the bottom of his shirt, and you gd when you saw your arm.

Your hand flew to your face. Mirror, find a mirror.

See, that's what the app is perfect for.

You went as fast as you could to the bathroom off the dorms. When you finally saw your reaction, you gd. How is this possible? You touched your face, your smooth skin sending tingles through your arm. She giggled from the bathroom doorway. You closed your eyes tightly, not wanting to believe it was her.

How could it be? Your eyes opened when you felt a horribly familiar hand on your shoulder. You looked up to look at her through the mirror. There she was, without a doubt. There was no mistaking it, she was here with you. Lily gave you a knowing smile.

Your eyes flooded with tears, and you grabbed her hand. Lily turned you around and pulled you into a tight hug. She rubbed your back, but stopped to pull away and hold your face as she forced eye contact. Lily pulled you back into a tight hug.

Your best friend was here. You were with her again. Lily grabbed your hand and pulled you out of the bathroom, the girls dorm, and down the stairs into the familiar Gryffindor common room. You stopped at the bottom of the stairs when you saw them, but Lily let go of your hand and kept going. She went straight to James.

Dating Sirius Black would include: okay im ngl when you first started dating, everyone was salty af because everyone has a crush on ya boy and he was so so proud to be yours he still is, actually. Until the very end - Dating Sirius Black Would Include. M ratings k ratings See, that's what the app is perfect for. black ships sirius black headcanons marauders imagines sirius x hufflepuff hufflepuff gryffindor james potter remus lupin dating sirius black would include dating sirius black.

Alice and Frank were sitting in their favorite studying spot by the window. Dorcas, Marlene, and Mary sat by the fire drinking butterbeer and looking through photo albums. Remus and Regulus sat on the couch just simply talking. Or at least they had been, until they noticed you.

Dating (young) Sirius Black would include Requested by anon. Coming up with new pick up lines all the time and always strolling up to you casually, looking you up and down as he bites his lip and say something stupid like: "On a scale of 1 to 10, you're a 9. I'm the 1 . is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Dating Sirius Black would include: Potter draco X harry Draco Malfoy x Harry Potter harry potter imagine James Potter james potter x reader Sirius Black remus x sirius sirius black x reader fluff sirius black x reader Remus Lupin remus x tonks. -you dating anyway-the first time you started dating someone, he literally blew up-he "forbid" you from dating him-he didn't even know the guy -but he knew that he hated him-because after all, you were sirius's little girl (no matter how old you got)-and no 'boyfriend of .

The Gryffindor common room went quiet. Your hand went to your mouth when you saw him. The last time you saw him he had gone through the veil when Bellatrix hit him with a spell. The last time you saw him he was covered in scars and Azkaban tattoos. Now, he was Sirius Black again. You practically ran from your spot at the bottom of the stairs into his arms. He took only two steps forward before you got to him. Sirius wrapped his arms around you tightly, and you did the same to him. No one said a thing as the two of you held each other again.

You could tell he was crying, but you were too. Sirius smiled brightly at you, and it was his true smile. He walked to the two of you and grabbed the two of you by your shoulders.

Leave it to James goddamn Potter to ruin a good moment. And what better reason to celebrate than all of us being together again. Everyone looked to you. And I became a marauder in sixth year? The room erupted into cheers, even Regulus was smiling. James and Sirius looked to each other, then nodded. Sirius grabbed the nearest chair and stood on it. To swear in our new members, we need something special.

James visibly light up at the mention of the map and ran upstairs as everyone but Remus, Lily, and yourself looked confused. James came back the stairs with the map in hand. Before handing the map to Sirius, James got on one knee and held it to Sirius as if Sirius were a king and he was a knight.

Our greatest creation. Every hidden tunnel and room in Hogwarts, it even shows us where everyone is at all times. And to activate it, we say something special. Something only Marauders know. Could I please have a young Sirius black x reader with the prompts 9, 14, 38 ,44 and 50? Thank you! I love your writing! Heyy could you do 26 and 9 with Sirius?

I hope you enjoy. There were so many damn rules in this stupid game, and you have had enough. And, unfortunately for your friends, your impatience has manifested itself into a grouchy, grumpy mood. Stomping toward your table at the Great Hall, you hold up a hand to Mary and Marlene, who had both opened their mouths to greet you cheerily. Flickers of confusion flit across the girls face, but Lily understands you immediately.

As the girls resumed a tedious conversation about Quidditch it was more like a heated debate between Marlene and DorcasLily turns to you with sympathetic eyes. There have been millions of opportunities for Sirius to get his head out of his ass and ask me out but he justmaybe I was wrong. Lily bites her lip and nods. We should move to Iceland together and live in a log house. Lily snorts, shaking her head with a grin.

> Sirius Black [The Marauders] -- Not afraid to die [1500+subscribers!!!]

Marlene and Dorcas have finally stopped bickering and Mary is gazing at the two of you suspiciously. She pops her spoon into her mouth and hums around it. Also on Ao3. Originally posted by tanrinisimplybeyondexpectations.comezervatifi. You stood just outside of the Gryffindor common room, clutching your tiny purse. Your soft, powder blue sweater bunched under your favorite tan leather jacket, making you frown. But, you knew you looked good. And, that was keeping you going was you waited for your very late date to arrive.

He said he would be there at quarter past four. Well, it was almost five-thirty, and he was no where to be seen. Originally posted by alessiajontrunfio. Potions had to be your number one least favorite class in the world. Most of the time Slughorn was unnecessarily boring. The thing that made the class bearable were the Gryffindors, more specifically, the marauders. They are always goofing off and messing with everyone, in and out of class.

Always pulling pranks, always sneaking around the castle, always causing trouble. You never made any attempt to make yourself noticeable to them, you preferred to watch them cause trouble from afar. Laughing at their crazy antics was always easier than being angry and turning them in whenever they were sneaking around. Today though, they were uncharacteristically quiet. No one else noticed, but you had. Sometimes when Remus comes out of the Gryffindor tower, he has a new scratch or cut that will turn into a scar.

I guess? Please excuse my horrible titling skills. Originally posted by imagines-therambles. Tears raced down your cheeks as you sprinted towards the towering trees of the Dark Forest.

Only the light from the full moon above lit your path as your bare feet stomped painfully against the grass and rocks. But, you had to keep running. Four older students, the same group who had been bulling you since you started at Hogwarts almost seven years before were on your tail, cackling into the night air around them. Your feet stung as you stomped on every rock and twig in your path. They had threatened you as you left your Common Room, in search of Sirius and James.

All you wanted was to make sure that Remus had made it to his secret spot safely for his transformation. Instead, you were met by the four pure-blood pricks.

Warnings: Teeth-rotting fluff, the marauders being dorks and a sprinkle of angst to make it all more delicious. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Originally posted by geminihurt. As he was reaching for more, Remus swatted his hand away. Absentmindedly checking your watch, you gd as you realised what time it was. His friends were accompanying him as usual. The five of you kept walking together. God, you loved the height difference between you two. Watcha say, guys? So, the Three Broomsticks it is? Judging by the look of his face, Remus was quite embarrassed and somehow annoyed, a light shade of pink coloring his cheeks and the tips of his ears.

He almost looked as if the idea of being with you bothered him. But now he was so quick to push you away and to say it hurt was an understatement. I heard the last time people went there, someone died. There might be criminals or all kinds of creepy people hiding in there. You ignored him and kept talking to the other three. You forced a smile.

As you were walking to your common room, the realisation of not having anything to do for the rest of the day dawned on you and you suddenly felt empty.

You gripped the strap of your bag tighter, determined to not think about the source of your sadness. After dropping off your books at your dorm, you headed to the kitchen for a snack.

The house elves knew you very well and always made sure to save some leftovers for you in case you happened to pass by. This time Winky offered you a piece of apple pie which you gratefully accepted. About that, I just wanted to check up on you. However, Remus seemed quite unbothered and saw right through you. You felt small under his penetrating stare and you tore your eyes off of him, suddenly finding the floor extremely interesting. Your face grew hot from embarrassment as guilt and sadness replaced your annoyance.

Your reaction remained unnoticed by your friend who kept his unforgiving gaze fixed on you, his cold aura sending shivers down your spine. You were usually thankful that he could figure out what was going on with with you without much effort, but now you felt vulnerable and exposed and absolutely hated his ability to read you like an open book.

I guess you could say that. Being the pacifist that he is, Remus never looked for a fight, but knowing you had been hurt awakened his wolf nature, his first instincts to fight and protect. True alpha. There it was. You wished you could just run away and not deal with this but you had to. Remus furrowed his brows. Why would you think that! His eyes were wide open in shock and you tried your best to read the emotions in them but failed.

You attempted to swallow the lump in your throat and with a trembling voice you asked. Realisation splashed over him like a bucket of cold water and he froze on the spot. You were now able to spot disappointment and guilt in his eyes.

Remus was no longer angry, just hurt. He replayed that moment over and over in his head but never realised the impact it had on you as well. The boy only snapped out of his thoughts when he heard you sob. You fisted his cotton Gryffindor sweater in frustration.

Because loving someone means craving to taste the bittersweet hellfire regardless of how burnt it leaves you. Want to know why? You were speechless, staring at him in anticipation. Your heart was fiercely trying to fight its way out of your chest as you could only hear your own rapid heartbeat. His gaze flickered to your slightly parted lips before he licked his own and murmured softly, his warm breath caressing your skin. Remus slowly lifted your chin up and brushed your cheek, finally closing the distance between you.

His mouth found its place on yours where it belonged, and his hands came to rest on your lower back as he pulled you closer, eager to feel you for the first time. Your relaxed into his embrace and your palms slid up his chest until they reached his neck and you sighed into the kiss, giving in to Remus completely. His welcoming warmth felt like home and your yearning for him only increased. He was filling up your senses, clouding your mind with nothing but love and joy. His soft lips moved gently but firmly against yours, taking their sweet time to taste you, and you let yourself be devoured, drowning in the pleasure.

Unwillingly, you pulled away for air and you were beyond pleased to see that Remus seemed out of breath too. Your chests heaved, arms still around each other. You felt like floating, careless and safe in his embrace. Neither of you could help the grins on your faces. His grip on your waist tightened slightly as he murmured against your lips, swollen from his kiss. It was almost true.

Yeah, almost. Sirius laughs and lays his head on your shoulder, his favorite pillow. Bonus: she's been secretly dating Sirius? Love ur fics btw I'm honestly just in awe everytkme I read something u written. It started in your fifth year, in the Astronomy tower while a rowdy, victory party raged below you. An innocent kiss, which had led to a passionate make out session, which evolved into a heated shag against the wall, rushed and sweaty and delicious. Of course, the guilt had harassed you every time you and Sirius met up.

It was secret dates in Hogsmeade and nights spent inside a make-shift pillow fort, sipping fire whiskey and talking about the future. It was cuddles and forehead kisses and tickle wars and picnics beside the Black Lake. He held you like a promise of protection, and Sirius never broke his promises. Father and son are very much alike, much to your dismay.

But, for some odd reason, the risk makes everything more exciting. Just thinking about the nights you spent, tangled with Sirius in an ocean of white sheets and earth-shattering pleasure makes you feel light-headed, and you squeeze your thighs together, the delicious ache between your legs Sirius had left intensifying. His body hovering over you, skin against skin, his lips spilling over your neck, his hands mapping out your curves, pushing in and pulling out rough and hard and fast.

You dispel the images of the previous night as James bends down and kisses the crown of your head. You throw an orange at your affectionate brother and it hits the back of his head.

Just as you say it, Sirius Black enters the kitchen, the scent of his cologne infusing the air around you. Your heart dances like leaves caught in a summer breeze. Sirius grabs the plate of waffles and leans across the table, dropping them in front of James. His arm grazes against yours as he does so, and it leaves invisible scorch marks on your skin.

What would Godric Gryffindor say if he knew his star seeker refuses to get along with her Captain? Sirius snorts, and something about his approval makes your heart swell with pride.

You and James shared a furtive glance as Sirius talk a bite out of his toast, his gaze boring holes into the butter dish. Silence hung over the breakfast table, filled only with the scraping of cutlery and the crunch of toast and bacon. Sirius shoots you a grateful glance, eyes brimming with grey melancholy.

James zooms down and staggers to the ground, his hair windswept and eyes bright. You stifle a snigger. Heat tickles your cheeks and you spin around, curtaining your blushing cheeks with your hair.

Sirius was right. Your focus had been lingering between Sirius and the lean muscles flexing beneath his Quidditch shirt. Sirius seemed to be giving you a knowing grin and you averted your gaze, staring at the ground. Sirius sends you a flirtatious wink before joining Peter and James, and your cheeks flare as you and Remus pace toward your house.

He was right, after all. You have to be honest and clear. Swinging on the swing strung on the large sycamore tree behind your house, you feel the summer breeze tickle your cheeks and filter through your hair as you try to figure out what to say. A lot had happened on this swing, which was large enough to occupy two people. But this was your spot of thought and contemplation.

Before you can string together a proper sentence, however, you hear familiar footsteps approach you, and then his voice fills the night air. Sirius sinks into spot beside you. I just have this gut feeling that you do. You laugh, trying to ignore the heat radiating from Sirius onto you. Your bare thigh brushes against his, igniting sparks beneath your skin. Sirius chortles. You feel his gaze sweep over you and you suddenly feel self-conscious of every centimeter of skin on your body.

You wish you had chosen a prettier sundress, or slapped on more make-up. Sirius raises a hand and tucks a strand of hair behind your ear. His fingers trace your jaw and travel down your neck, wrapping around your pulse point. You see the guilt flicker across his handsome features, and something chews away in your chest. This is just as hard for him as it is for you, you can tell.

But if James truly loves both of you, he will understand that this is so much more than chemical lust. Strange and magical and beautiful.

Leaning forward, you press your lips to Sirius in a languid kiss, your lips whispering how much you love him. Sirius kisses back, his other hand moving to cup your cheek before wrapping around tendrils of your hair. When you break away, Sirius plants a tender kiss to your forehead and you rest your head on his shoulder, his arm wrapping around you protectively.

Sirius steps back but James keeps charging toward him. Are you really going to tell me that? How long have you been shagging my sister? Because I love your sister, James. I love her. I always have, and I always will. I fucking love your sister, James, and I will sell my soul for her happiness without a hint of hesitation. Unshed tears glisten in your eyes as you gaze at Sirius, and his hand moves to cup your own, holding it flat against his chest.

I love you more than those three words could ever mean. I love you. Just you. Always you. Moving toward Sirius, you throw your arms around him and capture him in a warm embrace. You break apart slowly, before turning to James, whose face in unreadable.

You gaze at James, begging him for his blessing, because as much as you love Sirius, James is your brother and you love him, even when you think you hate him.

There is another still silence, in which the tension threatens to bury you alive. James nods, before a grin tickles his lips and he beams at the two of you. Warnings: Major fluff and also smut, oral female receivingfirst time with your adorable werewolf boy, the good stuff. Wattpad was my old love but it now brings cringy memories of me thinking I can write lmao. Originally posted by perfectfeelings. In return, Peter, Sirius, James and Remus absolutely adored you and they basically adopted you as their own the minute you first stood up for them in front of your stoic and most of the time quite unfair Potions teacher.

Very few people knew them individually and thought of them as separate people without having to associate one with the other two.

You loved each of the boys for their own personalities. Even though you had a strong friendship with all three, your connection ran much stronger with Remus. Due to him being way more caring and emotionally mature, he was able to understand you better and provide the best advice. With time you also understood that Lupin was basically just a fluffy smart puppy. His friendly but somehow shy personality was enough for you to trust him in no time and after awhile so did he.

At first Remus was very hesitant to reveal his secret to you but instead of being scared or disgusted when you found out he was a werewolf, you were more intrigued than anything else. This way he felt like he could truly protect you. It just felt right.

Remus could hear your heartbeat getting faster when he would occasionally press kisses to your neck or chest while basically being wrapped around you.

It filled him with pride when he looked up and saw how flustered you had become because of the gesture. You would look down at him in admiration and run your fingers through his messy brown hair, trying to play off the fact that your mind was buzzing with thousands of thoughts.

There was no hiding this from Remus, he could see your blushing cheeks and the sparkle in your eyes. Your kisses became more urgent and needy as you grabbed his soft hair. Remus tested the waters by moving his lips down to your neck. Soon you were tugging at his locks and panting heavily, instinctively rubbing your clothed pussy up and down against his crotch. Remus found himself getting hard on the spot. He wanted to have you right then and there but he knew he had to be careful with you.

A little hesitant, you nodded and he peeled the clothing off your body. You helped him take off his own shirt as well, his Gryffindor uniform finding its place next to yours on the floor. However, you still had your bra on. You had learned to dislike your body overtime, thinking your appearance would never make a guy find you attractive or desirable, but Remus was determined to help you change your mindset.

He pecked your nose and looked into your eyes. I mean, look at my scars. You still love me with them, huh? Now please let me admire you, sweetheart. Once you were uncovered for him to see, he slowly trailed his fingers up your waist until he cupped your breasts.

His fingers felt warm and soft against your skin. When you looked up at him, his reaction surprised you. His eyes were significantly darker, eyeing you up and down hungrily. Something between a whimper and a growl escaped his throat and he whispered, seeming out of breath.

Dating sirius black tumblr

His mouth found your nipple and you gd in surprise, hands grabbing his shoulder as he sucked greedily. His fingers rolled your other nipple and you could feel yourself getting wetter by the second. You threw your head back as moan after a moan started falling from your reddened lips. Did I hurt you? Am I going too fast for you? He smiled, seeming way more relieved. Remus had to get used to you moaning his name and the thought of it filled him with joy.

He carefully laid you back down on the bed, capturing your lips in a long, deep kiss. His lips moved slowly against yours, tasting them as if for the very first time. When you felt his tongue lick your bottom lip, you gladly let it in and your lover wasted no time to explore your mouth.

The kiss swallowed your desperate moans and your hips involuntarily buckled to meet his. Remus took the hint but instead decided to prolong this further by setting between your legs and dry-humping you. His clothed dick rubbed deliciously against your pussy and you were sure your panties were soaked at this point. Even though he enjoyed toying with you, Remus was pretty impatient himself so he pulled back and slipped down your jeans.

He spread your legs wide and his lips twitched in amusement at the damp spot on your panties. He ran his fingers up and down your core and chuckled when you whimpered.

Dating Sirius Black would include: okay im ngl when you first started dating, everyone was salty af because everyone has a crush on ya boy; and he was so so proud to be yours; he still is, actually; lots of pda because he loves showing you off as his gf; forehead kisses; sleepy mornings curled up in his arms *pouts* "don't go, i'll be cold,". is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. He sat down and kissed me on the lips. I guess I'll have to get used to things like that, now that I'm dating Sirius Black. I don't mind. Study Dates (Sirius Black x Male!Reader) Summary: Your boyfriend was known for being able to get any. - Dating Sirius Black Would Include M ratings k ratings See, that's what the app is perfect for. imagine sirius black x reader sirius black x oc marauders era marauder preferences harry potter preferences would include dating cute. notes. notes Jun 8th, Open in app; Facebook;.

Remus finally peeled off your panties and stared at your red, swollen and incredibly wet pussy in all its glory. He licked his lips and growled quietly, making your thighs tremble before placing each of them over his shoulders. Remus blew hot breath on your core and you sighed in anticipation. He used two fingers two spread your folds and inhaled your hypnotising scent. Remus used the tip of his tongue to gently flick your clit and you yelped, you thought you could cum right there but he stopped.

He licked a generous amount of your juices and slowly dragged it up before adding his lips to the mix and starting to french kiss your pussy. Your head fell back down on the pillows, hands coming down to massage his scalp as your needy moans echoed in the room. Your hips involuntarily moved up to meet his mouth and he hummed in appreciation, the vibrations spreading waves of pleasure through your body.

Remus slightly pulled back and watched as he slowly entered two fingers into your pussy, a thick layer of wetness coating them. Remus smiled to himself and went down to business, quickening the pace of his fingers. His tongue came up to play with your clit again but you truly lost it when he added a third finger, thrusting them rapidly as he sealed his lips around your clit, sucking harshly and massaging it with his tongue. You came hard with a loud moan, your juices gushing all over his fingers as Remus kept eating you out like a starving animal.

He only stopped when you tugged at his hair since your clit had become sensitive and he crawled up to you, a satisfied smile playing on his lips. His hands began to wander your body, eager to feel all your curves. His fingers left goosebumps everywhere they touched; your chest, your breasts, your neck, arms, thighs Remus made sure to mark every single spot with his fingers and lips.

He quickly got rid of his boxers and your mouth watered when you saw his glorious length spring free. His thickness stretched you out much more than his fingers, your pussy eagerly welcoming every inch. You squeezed your eyes shut, taking a moment to appreciate the feeling of being full up to your cervix.

And with that Remus laced his fingers with yours in a firm, but gentle grip and started to slowly pull out and then thrust back in deep inside until he filled you completely. And again. Your bodies moved in a passionate dance, your hips lifting up to meet his as he kept pushing into you.

He picked up the pace, hips snapping into yours as his thick cock slipped in and out of your glistening pussy. Your back arched, your breasts brushing against his chest with every move. Remus removed one of his hands and slipped it between your bodies to rub nice tight circles on your clit. The volume of your moans increased and so did the speed of his thrusts and fingers. You looked down at where your bodies met and you moaned at the sight of his thick cock frantically entering your wet pussy, hitting all the sweet spots.

Remus kept thrusting in and out of you, prolonging your orgasm, and then finally slipped out, lying next to you and hugging you to his chest. You both started to laugh. You felt tired, absolutely spent, but you were also energised and refreshed.

Was I okay? You did amazing, I assure you. He seemed visibly more relaxed now and looked down at you with such pure love you had never seen before. You deserve to be taken care of in an appropriate manner. Originally posted by lilpieceofmyworld. Tears rolled down your face as the death of your family set in. Never in a million years did you think this would happen to you, to your family. I cursed them in my mind. How could they leave us together.

I was going to screw up. Sirius looked at me and I felt my face burning. He was getting closer to me and I understood why my two friends left. I felt his breath on my neck, I was melting. I closed my eyes and felt soft lips against mine.

I kissed back. He moved so he was now on top of me. We pulled away to catch our breath and I felt his lips on my neck. I softly moaned and closed my eyes again. Sirius Black saying he loves me? Sirius Black using my name? He never really showed appreciation more than friendship and never called me by my name. It was too good to be true. I felt his hand going under my shirt and lift it. He did the same with his shirt and kissed me again. We stayed like this, touching each other until it was time for dinner.

We dressed up and walked to Great Hall holding hands. A few people turned around to look at us, some with disgusted faces, some smirking. We looked at each other and nodded. We loved each other and it was the only important thing in the world at the moment. We sat at our normal spot and started eating when Sirius got up and walked toward professor Dumbledore.

I looked at him confused. He was talking to the head master as if he had something important to ask. He came back and smiled. I tried to ask what he told Dumbledore, but he said it was a surprise. I hated surprises.

We continued eating when Dumbledore got up as if he was about to do a speech. He looked at Sirius and I started to worry. What has he done? I would like to tell James Potter to ask Lily Evans out before someone else does. So if anyone tries to gets too close to him or tries to hurt him, I might bite you. He returned to the table while everyone were whispering to their friends.

My face was burning. Such an idiot, I thought to myself. He sat down and kissed me on the lips.

sirius black smut

Summary: Your boyfriend was known for being able to get any girl he wanted, but that was far from what he wants. You were no exception. You were, however, the only one lucky enough to call him yours.

In past relationships, Sirius had no objection to showing everyone how much he loved the person he was with, but with you, he tended to keep his affection limited to times when you were alone. Because of this, you cherished these moments alone.

You run your fingers through his long, black hair. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. Show more notes. Sirius Black x Male! Reader Warning: this story happens during the Marauders era. Already one minute and ten seconds!

What do you mean? Oh no. Sirius got up and walked toward him thanked him. He turned to face everyone.

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