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Perhaps there are females, and a Patriarchal culture could not conceive of a being greater than they, until they are corrected forcibly and definitively. I have read all nine of Dr Sitchin's Earth Chronicles books, beginning with The 12th Planet, and have no reason to doubt the results of his scholarship. The cuneiform tablets in existence are located in museums around the world, for anyone to see. Dr Sitchin did not see any conflict between the Bible and the Sumerian tablets; indeed, the first line of the Bible at the beginning of Genesis begins Chapter Five of the Sumerian account of Creation. The Earth Chronicles clear up anomalies and inconsistencies in the Bible, which has been censored and re-written over the centuries, beginning with the Council Of Nicea in AD. Also, for those who believe the stories that Nibiru, the home planet of the Anunnaki, is approaching our doorstep, it last appeared in our solar system circa BC.

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