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Custom matchmaking in Fortnite Battle Royale allows you to play with a specific group of people through an invite process. Right now the feature is currently being tested, but we've compiled everything we know about this upcoming feature. Custom matchmaking is an upcoming feature that allows players to set up private matches where only players with an invite can join. The player who sets up a custom match will be given a key that can then be used to enter the match. Only players with the same key can play in the match.

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Figure 1 shows a center-tapped Delta transformer. It also shows the power leg to neutral as being V for a V system and V for a V system. The different voltage magnitudes depend on the turn ratios of the primary to the secondary windings of the transformers. Figure 1. A center-tapped Delta transformer. The V system has a V power leg top. The V system has a V power leg bottom.

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