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According to an article in the Springfield Weekly Republican, April 18,the two men conducted an exhibition at the Mechanics Hall for at least one week, which included the above scenes and the plate brought from New York City. On April 16, a Thursday, the article noted the men had taken a "pleasing view" of part of Chestnut Street in Springfield. Southworth and Pennell placed an advertisement in another newspaper on the 18th announcing this was the last day of the exhibition, but at 2 p. Those plates would be exhibited "at Union Hall near the Armory" on Monday at 2 p. Since we know that they could have developed and fixed the daguerreotypes quickly, did the pair hedge their bets and have an extra day if the experiment didn't work. Southworth wrote to his sister Nancy on May 21,and told her about his New York City visit, meeting with Pennell and buying "an apparatus" to make daguerreotypes.

Got hooked with Alexia and Casey's story and followed series in order.

The Love Art series is just as good waiting on Paint. Like even the singles.

INFP Relationships, Dating, and Friendship Advice

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