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For me, high-end audio is all about the emotion. And the path to high-end nirvana can have many challenges. The advice of an expert can be invaluable in avoiding this pitfall. As a salesperson or dealer, you have a responsibility to provide your customer with what they want. It goes without saying that this requires skill and insight, not just a desire to earn a big spiff. But consider their multiple top-quality drivers, complex-geometry cabinets with expensive woods and finishes, elaborate crossovers, premium parts, and so on.

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Is faze adapt still dating adrienne

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Faze Adapt Ex Girlfriend Adrianna Diss Track - TheDissRapper (Official Music Video)

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And a controller to handle it all. A stack of remotes is hardly invisible, but all the major home-automation companies, from Control4 to Crestron to Savant, can put advanced control into an iPad or tablet that looks like every other tablet lying around your house right now.

You can also integrate that control into subtle but stylish and fully customizable on-wall keypads.

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I only speak for myself when I say that a trip to the specialty AV store sounds as appealing as a trip to the car dealership. I expect to be ignored or talked down to, to have all sorts of stereotypical assumptions thrown my way, and to be constantly pushing back against the upsell. We all know that sales is an art-the art of truly seeing the person right in front of you and figuring out how to sell specifically to them.

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The question is, are you making assumptions that immediately dismiss or diminish the person who just walked through the door? You know, the kind of stuff a woman would care about.

Treat them as equal partners, enthusiasts, and decision makers, at least until their own words and actions demonstrate otherwise. The melding of AV, smart home, and advanced control technologies has created an incredibly interesting and diverse portfolio of luxury home products that can appeal to anyone, so you should want and expect to see more women checking out your showroom. The fastest way to kill that potential sale is to talk down to someone. And the reverse assumption is also dangerous: If you assume a man has a high level of tech knowledge and bombard him with overly complex specs and industry jargon, that can be just as off-putting.

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I personally would have nothing but respect for a salesperson who asks me what level of technical knowledge I have before showing me a piece of gear.

Do I want high-level tech talk, do I want to keep it basic, or do I want something in between?

It shows me that this salesperson is actively trying to avoid assumptions and wants to know more about me. Another way specialty retailers can avoid bias is by hiring a more diverse staff-and not just in the accounting or purchasing departments. You need females on the show floor and out in the field. Every year, I attend the CEDIA trade show, which is where custom installers see and receive training on the latest AV and home-automation wares, and the vast majority of them are male.

The luxury AV market lags far behind other consumer electronics categories like computers and gaming when it comes to gender diversity or diversity in general, to be frank. They can get that on the Internet.

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I want that. I think the need to experience products and systems in action is especially important for women. While men may enjoying digging into the nuts and bolts of the particular pieces in an AV or home automation system, a woman is more likely to be swayed by the experiential result of all those pieces working in synergy.

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Let her experience the luxury of a luxury home cinema system-where the push of a button on a beautifully streamlined touchscreen controller dims lights, lowers. Show her the many ways smart home products and an advanced control system can work together all around the house to make daily tasks easier.

Trust is the key to building long-term customers, and for me and most women I know, nothing destroys trust faster than the upsell. I know profit margins are lean these days, but if you can resist the urge to upsell now, it could pay dividends from a loyal customer in the long run. Of course, the above suggestions are moot if there are no women to sell to. Specialty retailers will sometimes host listening events, where they invite people in to hear a hot new product.

In my experience at these events, the audience is almost entirely male, and the demo usually takes place in a small, dark room in the back of the shop.

Is faze adapt still dating adrienne

This might be an effective way to appeal to the audio enthusiast, but you may need to think outside that box in order to get your product offerings in front of more women. Consider partnering with a local gallery to show off both art and tech together.

The pulse of what's trending on YouTube. Check out the latest music videos, trailers, comedy clips, and everything else that people are watching right now. Jan 10,   Rapper and actor Machine Gun Kelly, also known as Colson Baker, shows off his 10 essentials-including the present he got from his 'Bird Box' co-star . The new inch MacBook Pro got quite the ate in mid with several imp.

Or do an event at a local home goods store, where you can demo how custom home automation and smart products can improve your kitchen, living room, etc. Sometimes you have to start small. It has been five long years since last we saw Hiccup Jay Baruchel and his beloved dragon Toothless on the big screen.

Albert Einstein Birthday Time And Place

Apparently it took a few passes to nail the landing, but The Hidden World proved worth the wait. The story takes place one year after the events of How to Train Your Dragon 2. Enter Grimmel the Grisly F. Murray Abrahamthe ultimate dragon hunter, singlehandedly responsible for the killing of all the Night Furies. All but one, that is-which is something Grimmel intends to rectify. He threatens to destroy everything that Hiccup loves unless Hiccup turns over Toothless, and with his own set of powerful and powerfully drugged dragons, he has the means to do it.

Hiccup sets off to find the mythical Hidden World, a place where dragons and dragon-loving humans will be forever protected from evil men. Meanwhile, Toothless has found himself a girlfriend.

After seeing The Hidden World three times in the theater you can read about that adventure hereI knew one thing for certain: The Ultra HD version would be a sight to behold. And indeed it is. The scenes in the hidden world are perfect demo material, both for their HDR and their color.

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The disc includes a Dolby Atmos soundtrack that makes good use of the complete channel palette. The Hidden World is a wonderful conclusion to a wonderful trilogy that will delight children and reduce grown men to tears.

No, really-I saw this myself in theaters. Podcast: Play in new window Download. One thing that does meet expectations is the performances, as both Applegate and Cardellini are a joy to watch.

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But the real credit goes to show creator Liz Feldman and the writing team for giving them such great stuff to worth with. The other is sweet and quirky. But the image is clean, colorful, and razor sharp, and the many Orange County, CA landscapes provide some nice eye candy.

Dolby Digital Plus is just fine for this type of dialogue-driven content. A good control system is the backbone of any high-end home entertainment system, whether that system resides in a dedicated home theater space or in a multipurpose media room. No matter how great the picture quality, how immersive the audio, how effective the lighting control, the experience falls apart if the control system falls short.

But what makes a good control system? I pondered this question recently as I reviewed a pair of universal remote controls sold directly through retail channels.

May 11,   Objects are made of atoms, and atoms are likewise the sum of their partselectrons, protons, and neutrons. Dive into one of those protons or neutrons, however, and . Dr. Anthony Fauci finally returned to the coronavirus task force briefing on simplybeyondexpectations.com renowned immunologist was visibly horrified as President Trump referred to the State Department as the deep. Sep 19,   At , Cineluxe contributor Adrienne Maxwell and Wirecutter senior staff writer Chris Heinonen-arguably the two biggest experts on video displays in the industry-join Dennis & Mike to discuss the emergence of and potential for 8K video.

Both remotes shared a common goal: Simplicity. While I found both remotes easy to set up and pleasant to use, neither could perform all of the advanced functions or accommodate all the use cases I needed.

They were great for controlling my basic living-room system, which consists of a. Functional cookies help to perform certain functionalities like sharing the content of the website on social media platforms, collect feedbacks, and other third-party features. Anthony Fauci finally returned to the coronavirus task force briefing on Friday. Learn More. Spread the love. More Stories.

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