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Together at last! Many viewers have been waiting what feels like a lifetime for the two characters to just get together already, and some Twitter users think their wish has finally been granted. After searching several jails in the area, Meredith gave up looking for Alex and decided to hit the hay. She sat down on her bed and, to her surprise, Alex was right there taking a nap! Who knows what actually went down off camera, but many fans posted on social media that the two may have had quite a frisky reunion. Fans had been shipping Merlex together since the winter finale in November, when there seemed to be some real chemistry between the two. And after series creator Shonda Rhimes offered vague hints to TVLine about the potential relationship, fans were totally convinced the pair are meant to be.

She and Bailey then had to operate on Alex's patient following a mistake he made, and Meredith invited Andrew to scrub in to clear the air between them. Back at home, Alex told Meredith about Bailey's decision to let him work in the clinic and that he supported that decision because his head wasn't in the game.

Meredith then told him about her sleeping with Nathan, just before Maggie came in and told them Nathan turned her down. However, she didn't plan on giving up since he just told her he wasn't dating right now. When Meredith refused to allow Eliza into her OR to observe her teaching technique, Bailey suspended her.

Bailey came to her house to get her to come back to her job. She agreed to come back if Richard could return to the Residency Program Director. Bailey declined and Meredith didn't come to work. Richard came over to Meredith's house to get her to come back and said she'd be fine. Eventually, Meredith finally agreed to dinner with Nathan, but their plans were postponed when Maggie's mother died and Meredith had to take care of her. They ended up hooking up in the airplane bathroom.

Both had to tend to patients when the plane hit turbulence. The experience allowed them both to become closer and for Meredith to open up to Nathan about her history. She agreed to stay in a hotel room with Nathan, marking another step in their relationship.

As the relationship with Nathan progressed to him sleeping over a lot, Meredith finally found it time for him to meet the kids and invited him to dinner.

After doing so, she started to panic a bit, but Amelia pointed out there was nothing or no one standing in her way. However, as she came home after work and told her kids about the upcoming guest, her plans were thwarted when Amelia told her that Megan had been found and was on her way to Seattle.

Upon finding out that Nathan didn't know yet, Meredith immediately left to go and tell him.

Mar 09,   Amid hints in recent episodes that Meredith and Alex could start dating in Season 13, both Ellen Pompeo and Justin Chambers have spoken out about the possibility of their characters getting together but weren't willing to give too much away when it came to the possibility of a hookup from the years-long friends in the upcoming Grey's Anatomy episodes. Meredith also told Alex that she was dating Andrew, and Alex said that she should report their relationship to HR and that he hoped Andrew makes her happy. After Zola caught Andrew trying to sneak out of the house in the middle of the night, Meredith decided to tell her kids about her relationship with Andrew, which was received Grey's anatomy has spoken about meredith could shake up about to resign from dating again and alex are the others gather around the person. You actually know because she was a blind date dr. Does the same day, airing on 'grey's anatomy' as meredith tried to have a reason i was a lunch date.

As she arrived at the hospital, she witnessed an explosion from the parking lot. She also went looking for Erin Millera missing girl.

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While looking for Erin on the OR floor, she found that Nathan had refused to evacuate and was still working on his lobectomy patient. She quickly got gowned and gloved to help him so they'd be out faster. As soon as they could, they left and took the patient to the evac zone outside.

He had inhaled some smoke and needed oxygen therapy. Meredith stayed with him and checked his breath sounds. In that quiet moment, she recalled their shared dream of their lost loved one returning to them and finally told him the news about Megan. He broke down and she confronted him, unable to answer his questions about Megan. She could only tell him that Megan would be brought to Madigan Medical Center. He decided to drive up there and could hardly contain his excitement and happiness, something she told him he did not need to apologize for as she understood how he felt.

She then told him to get going and watched him drive off. Meredith was at work when Owen and Nathan brought Megan to the hospital. She had a frozen abdomen and Meredith had an idea of how they could reverse her colostomy. While Bailey and Webber advised a conservative approach, but Megan opted for the more radical approach so she could return to her son in Iraq faster.

Nathan had doubts about Meredith working on the case given their history, but Meredith assured him she could do it. Megan tried to find out from her who Nathan had been dating, but Meredith didn't answer.

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Teddy also urged her to tell Megan the full story. As she advised Alex to tell Jo that he had found her husband, she realized it was only right Megan also got the full story and went to tell her, only moments before Nathan came in to do so. As she prepped Megan for surgery, she shared that her one great love had died and that she'd do everything to get Megan back to her son, which was Megan's first priority.

Meredith nervously scrubbed in for the surgery, which went well right up to the end, when she found out there wasn't enough tissue left to close the wound, angering her.

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She took her anger out by destroying the attending's lounge and went home, where she was inspired to perform an abdominal wall transplant. She got Teddy on her side and they presented the plan to Megan, who accepted the opportunity to escape her hospital bed and didn't have a problem with Meredith doing the surgery.

When she received news they had found one, she went to tell Megan, accidentally interrupting Nathan's proposing to her. Meredith, Teddy, and Jo then performed the surgery without a hitch. Megan recovered well. On her way out, Meredith found Nathan sitting outside on a bench. He told her Megan was still convinced he was in love with Meredith, who was angered and walked off.

Eventually, Meredith was able to develop the procedure with the help of Jo. She also later broke the hospital's record for the single longest surgery.

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At Jo and Alex's wedding, Andrew kissed Meredith while drunk, which he immediately apologized for. While she dismissed at as no big deal, the kiss led to her having sex dreams about the majority of men in her life, such as Andrew, Jackson, and Tom. Soon after, she started treating Cece Colvina professional matchmaker, who picked up on Meredith's desire to be kissed, even though Meredith dismissed the observation. She threw her hat in the ring for the recent job opening for interim Chief to have extra work to distract her from her desires.

Cece had to be put on dialysis awaiting her kidney transplant. Throughout the set-up, she pointed out that there's no cap on happiness and that love doesn't just come walking through the door. After the surgery, Meredith briefly met Atticus Lincoln but dismissed him at his attempt to introduce himself. At night in bed, a curious Meredith googled Cece's services but opted against using them.

While the sex dreams continued, Meredith found herself avoiding Cece due to her aggressive matchmaking attempts. Jackson advised her to tell Cece she was married to her work, which she heavily objected to, causing Link to overhear that she wasn't married. In another attempt to find more work, Meredith set out to convince Bailey to allow her to create a surgical innovation fellowship for Jo.

Some Grey's Anatomy fans are losing their cool over speculation that Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) maybe, just maybe, hooked up during the Thursday, February 2, episode. Many viewers have been waiting what feels like Author: Alex Darus. From the time Alex undermined her at work to Meredith ghosting him, here are ten reasons that prove why Alex and Meredith weren't real friends. 10 Alex Patronized Her At Work In season 1, there was no chance of Meredith and Alex becoming friends when Alex patronized her at Kayleigh Banks.

Later, she ran into Link and he properly introduced himself. She defended her earlier comment and stated she just meant she had a life outside work.

He proposed drinks after work, but she had to assist Maggie in inserting a pacemaker for Cece's heart. During the procedure, Maggie also encouraged her to hire Cece. They later had to inform her that her client, whom she had hit after passing out in her car, had died, Cece opposed being put on the transplant list.

Bailey then found Meredith and told her she had stolen Meredith's idea and created the fellowship for Jo under her own leadership. She needed some joy and found that was the way to do it, so she told Meredith to go find joy herself.

After finding out she had been passed over as interim Chief, which went to Alex instead, Meredith decided to hire Cece. She admitted to Cece that she was, in fact, married to her work but didn't want to be.

Having found a new purpose, Cece accepted her as a client and they started talking. Afterward, Meredith got tired of the flood of questions soon and did her best to avoid them. Cece tried to get answers through Taryn Helmbut Meredith only closed herself off even more.

She confided in Alex, who told her that after everything she had been through, she had earned the right to close herself off and be selective of whom she wanted to let it. While Meredith found a new way to continue Cece's care, she and Cece agreed to diminish the number of questions and try a new approach as well. She instructed Meredith to go out and buy herself five new outfits and ready herself for something new, which she did.

Cece planned a blind date for Meredith, who briefly came into work beforehand wearing make-up, which was noticed by several men, including Andrew and Link. She met with the guy at a restaurant for lunch having low expectations, but they really hit it off and John completely understood her dedication to her work. Along the way, they discovered they were actually on the wrong date but decided to keep it going. They left the restaurant and took a stroll.

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While discussing traveling, John stated that he was happy not having kids that could restrict his travel plans. He even went on to say he hated how desperate single mothers are in the dating scene.

Having lost all interest due to his comment, Meredith revealed she had three children of her own and left the date. Andy makes Meredith realize there are positive things to take away from her date. At the hospital, she shared her experience with Andy Herrerawho made her see that she now knew there still were great men out there and that she managed to dodge this particular slow-moving bullet because he revealed his opinion on single mothers before the relationship could have dragged on for too long.

The blind dates continued. Before a date with DanielMeredith was told by Richard that her father was dying of acute myeloid leukemia. She didn't know what to do about the situation. Link approached her for dinner, but she turned him down as she viewed him as more of an emergency kind of person rather than serious dating potential.

In surgery, she and Alex discussed her situation with her father. She opened the door by giving him a piece of her liver, but he never walked through. She wouldn't need to grieve him since he had been a ghost for years. On her date, Meredith rambled on about how it shouldn't be children's job to forgive their parents just because they are their parents.

She decided not to reach out since the sole purpose would be making Thatcher feel better, which she didn't think weighed up against the pain it would cause her and her kids. She returned to the hospital, where Link put his number in her phone in case of an emergency. At the same time, Andrew came over to ask Meredith about her date. She said she scared him off. Both Link and Andrew then held the elevator doors for her, causing her to take the stairs.

After work, she went to hang at Alex and Jo's with Link, whose hair she cut after he had cut off a piece to comfort a kid facing cancer treatment. She revealed she had a spinal tumor. They did extra tests and found it was a grade III chondrosarcoma.

Catherine struggled with how to tell Richard. Unbeknownst to her, Meredith received a call from Richard to tell her he had been arrested and was in jail. After returning to Seattle, Meredith bailed out Richard as a windstorm hit Seattle. Back at the hospital, she and Andrew treated a deteriorating Cece, who had discovered Link and suggested him to Meredith.

Concerned over Catherine's health, Meredith was dismissive of Maggie's relationship troubles with Jackson. At the same time, Taryn arrived with the news that they had finally found a donor for Cece. Andrew clarified to Cece that there was a very real chance she would not make it off the table alive, but Cece was willing to roll the dice.

She did warn Meredith she would come back to haunt her if she didn't do her best to squeeze all possible joy out of her life. This convinced Meredith to say yes to drinks with Link, much to Andrew's dismay.

He then sought out Meredith as she was preparing for the transplant and told her that he had fallen in love with her since their kiss and that he wanted her to know that he was an option. While she had some excuses to turn him away, such as her being his attending and his history with Maggie, he thought she felt the attraction between them, too. Overcome by desire, she removed herself from the situation and promised him she'd think about what he had said.

Soon after, they got stuck together in an elevator on their way to the OR due to a power outage caused by the storm. With no cell phone connection, they tried to find a way out to no avail.

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She asked him to stop looking at her the way he did. While in there, Andrew confided in her about how his famous surgeon father killed four people while he operated in a manic episode but he got away with it because of his connections. Meredith then decided to try the trap door and he lifted her up but to no avail. As he lowered her down, she dropped into his arms and they almost shared a kiss until the power kicked back in. Finally free, they rushed to the OR. Unfortunately, Cece didn't make it.

Meredith closed her up and told her about her interest in both Link and Andrew. Thanks to Cece, she had found happiness again. Afterward, Andrew showed some of his appealing cocky side and asked Meredith out on a date, with Link coming over at the exact moment with the same question. Unable to choose, she decided to go home to her children. The attraction between Meredith and Andrew continued to grow with every surgery did they together. At the same time, she found herself irritated by Link's laid-back attitude.

She questioned why Jo ever thought they would be good together and didn't try to hide her disdain from Link. A difference of opinion over a shared patient led to a confrontation in the OR.

She wondered why he had kept his reasoning for his non-standard approach from her, to which he replied that convincing her that he belonged here was not a part of his job. Later, he found out that The Hulk had canceled for Bailey's superhero birthday party.

He offered to help out and they managed to get her house ready in time. He explained he offered to help out because she seemed stressed. He shared he does not believe in letting stress ruin your life after half of his hospital friends died from a cancer he survived and because his parents split up over it. Finally understanding the origins of his laid-back nature, she apologized for the way she behaved. He didn't mind as he liked the chase. The kids then arrived for the party and Link played along with Bailey.

They sat down with cake and wine and he complimented her on running a three-kid household all the while winning surgical awards. As she admitted she had grown to like him more over the course of the day, they continued to talk over cake and wine while she ignored Andrew's text asking her to come over to celebrate his first solo surgery.

Following Richard's urging, Meredith decided she did want to say goodbye to her father before it was too late. She went to visit him and discovered he had moved to Zimbabwe after Lexie's death.

The realization he had yet again left her behind hurt her deeply, but he revealed he had actually come back for Derek's funeral. However, he saw how lost she was and decided not to bother her any further one of the most difficult days of her life. Conversation then came easier and Meredith told him about Maggie and her children and comforted him until he died with her by his side. Andrew came over to ask Meredith out for drinks. She declined as she had to go put her kids to bed, but she did invite him to come to the party with her.

Link, dressed as Santa, came over to give Meredith cookies from his bag while on his way to the peds ward. Jo mocked Meredith's love triangle, but Meredith stated there was no love and thus no triangle.

Afterward, Andrew asked Meredith when she was going to stop stringing Link along as he was growing tired of wasting time not being with her. She assured him NYE was an actual date between them. However, she stayed at the hospital, thus standing up both Link and Andrew at the party. Later at work, Andrew confronted Meredith over her standing him up and stated it was just rude of her.

As time went on, he witnessed her convincing her patient's husband not to give up, he wondered how she could tell the man that if she herself kept running away from love. He thought she was so beyond him, but it turns out she was just a kid hiding behind excuses.

To spite him, Meredith turned around and asked Link out to dinner. He was surprised since it was Valentine's Day but gladly accepted. Afterward, Andrew took Meredith to the hospital roof for a spontaneous date with champagne. She stayed with him and they ended up sharing their first kiss while Link waited for her at the restaurant. Meredith apologized to Link for standing him up. She also held off on going on a real date with Andrew because she wanted to make sure Maggie was okay with it.

While awaiting the date, Andrew kept staring at her longingly so Meredith set a rule that he could not do that at work so at to not be distracted from her work. After successfully operating on a woman from Maggie's past together, Maggie was finally ready to hear her out. While surprised, she was fine with it, so Meredith then went to find Andrew and took him out on a date to a restaurant. He agreed but insisted it'd be his treat. Following their date, Andrew assisted her as she broke the hospital's longest surgery record with a 27 hour and 3 minute surgery.

Afterward, an exhausted Meredith fell asleep on a gurney in a hallway, so Andrew moved her to a bed in an empty room and covered her with a blanket. On the day of Jackson's party to celebrate Catherine surviving her surgery, Meredith told Chief Karev about her relationship with Andrew. He mocked her and also told her to report it to HR.

She took Andrew to the party with her as her plus one, though they did not plan on staying long as Meredith had the house to herself. However, their plans were disrupted when Amelia had a fight with Owen and planned on sleeping at the house.

Andrew then took Meredith into a guest room at Jackson's and they started making out there, only to be caught by Richard. To calm herself and "act normal", Meredith took Andrew into the kitchen and took over preparing egg rolls from the catering staff, inadvertently putting a plastic tray in the oven, which led to the penthouse being evacuated right before the big celebratory speech.

Andrew and Meredith then decided to go to his place, but their plans were once again disrupted, this time by the return of Carina DeLuca with Vincenzo DeLucaAndrew's father. Vincenzo came to Seattle to pitch research on gestational sacks, while Meredith had a dream about her mother that steered her towards finding a specific new research project, though she had yet to figure out what exactly it was.

While she spent the day in a lab trying to find an answer, Andrew visited and told her that his father seemed stable despite Carina's claims that he was bipolar. At the same time, Maggie publicly revealed her biological parentage to the medical community, which Meredith was fine with. Meredith talked about Vincenzo with Alex and advised him to dig deeper before agreeing to fund the research, but hid her knowledge about his mental illness so as to not break Andrew's trust.

She later came across the arguing DeLuca siblings in a hallway. Carina wanted to shut the research down, but Andrew had signed on, insisting their father was stable. While Meredith herself remained on the fence, Andrew asked her to trust his judgment on this.

At the end of the day, Meredith concluded her research had to be about non-invasive diagnostic tools.

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Andrew spent all his time on his father's research while Meredith gave him the space to do so. While her bad feeling about the project persisted, she decided to just be supportive of Andrew.

In the end, Vincenzo's display of reckless behavior led to Alex shutting the research down. Meredith found Andrew clearing out the lab and he requested some time alone, so she told him to let her know if he needed anything and left him be. Andrew continued to shut Meredith out, so she focused her time and energy on her ingestible diagnostic device research.

He later sent her a text to come over, which she did. She told him she was past the point in her life where she would sit around at work wondering if her boyfriend was ignoring her.

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He knew that, but he just needed some time to be hurt over his father and he did not want to drag her down with him. To make up for his behavior, he made her an apology dinner. While Meredith assisted Jackson, Catherine, Owen and Megan Hunt on a complex surgery involving an abdominal wall transplant and a penis and scrotum transplant, Richard gave Andrew a solo lap appy under his supervision.

Meredith spent the day worrying about Andrew, but he passed Richard's test with flying colors despite the surgery turning into a complicated procedure.

Richard told her that Andrew was a good man and Andrew later talked her through his day over dinner at his place. The relationship continued to evolve but Meredith never let him sleep over since she didn't want her kids to meet him before she had told them about him.

However, one night, Andrew ran into Zola while sneaking out, thus disrupting Meredith's plan on how to tell her kids. At work, Meredith and Andrew's patient turned out to be in labor instead of having an obstruction. Meredith asked Bailey for advice on how to tell her kids.

After watching Andrew take care of the newborn baby, Meredith decided to gather her kids that night. Over ice cream, she told them that Andrew was her boyfriend and that he would be visiting more, but that she was not going anywhere, following Bailey's advice. Meredith's happy life continued for a short while until she joined Alex and Andrew on Gabriella Rivera's case. Gabby and her mother had been detained at the Mexican border.

Gabby was reunited with her father after three months while her mother was still in the detention center. Since she was given little to no medical care, Luis had no clue what was going on with her. A scan revealed an obstruction that eventually led to her needing surgery. Unable to pay for it, Luis applied for state coverage but he earned too much cleaning office buildings to qualify.

With Gabby's condition worsening, Meredith promised she had a plan. She secretly put her daughter Ellis's name on the paperwork, which alarmed Richard. He yelled at her for what she did, but she insisted that the system was broken and that they could debate her actions later.

She then headed into surgery. Pathology revealed that the obstruction was caused by lymphoma, meaning they were looking at years of treatment and follow-up. After the surgery, Richard pointed out that Meredith was risking losing her license and a prison sentence for committing a felony and that implicating Luis in insurance fraud wouldn't help his asylum. He then suggested that they make Gabby sicker on paper so they could keep her in the hospital for 30 days, after which a new state policy would automatically kick in regardless of Luis's income.

They rolled with it and assured Luis he could sleep in Gabby's room every night so they would not have to be separated again.

But while some Grey's Anatomy fans were urging Meredith and Alex to start dating, others made it pretty clear that they're not ready to see the friends as a romantic couple. "If Alex and Meredith ever become a couple in Grey's, I will be extremely mad," @CaitlynCiacco. Sep 16,   As Grey's Anatomy heads into season 13, the ABC medical drama is shifting focus back to the remaining original characters, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Alex (Justin Chambers) included. The duo are the last of the Fab Five, with their friendship only strengthening over time - so much so that many viewers have rooted for. Meredith and Alex are best friends, they are family, and putting them together would ruin a perfectly great platonic relationship. Not to mention that season eight alternate-universe episode in Author: Maggie Fremont.

Meredith assumed that Andrew was judging her for her actions, but he revealed he was actually in awe of her and hadn't spoken out because he was afraid he would tell her that he loved her. Taken by surprise, Meredith barely responded to his confession and left. Upon finding out that Jo still hadn't spoken to Alex after her return from Pittsburgh, Meredith went to stay with Jo while Alex took her place in her household.

Jo shut her out and said Meredith was only there to hide from her own life. Meredith admitted that Andrew's "I love you" terrified her because it reminded her of Derek and all the pain she had been through. She then said she understood pain from deep experience and that her parents had messed with her head, like Alex's had, so they would both understand whatever had happened in Pittsburgh.

Jo then revealed that her mother was raped by her father and that she looked like him. Jo then opened up about how all the terrible things in her life were just her birthright, but Meredith quipped with good things that Jo had been a part of.

To get through to her, Meredith talked about how she stopped fighting when she was about to drown and asked if Jo wanted to stop fighting, too, or if she just needed a few more days under her covers. Jo replied the latter, after which Meredith insisted they go talk to Alex and Bailey to get her a proper leave of absence so she could get the help she needed. While Jo waited to talk to Bailey, she asked Meredith to go and tell Alex.

Meredith joined him in the hyperbaric chamber with Gus Carterwhile unbeknownst to her, her insurance fraud had come to light and Andrew was being questioned by Bailey, Catherine, and representatives from the insurance company. Soon after, Andrew came by with Catherine to say goodbye; he claimed that he had committed the fraud and apologized to her. Meredith wanted to stop him from taking the fall, but she couldn't stop him from taking the fall and turning himself in as she could not leave the chamber.

Unwilling to explain the whole situation to the technicians through the phone to stop Andrew, Meredith had no choice but to focus on Gus and Alex. She told him about Jo's depression and what had caused it. After finding out about what Andrew did, Richard dropped by. Meredith asked him to set the record straight as Andrew's career would not survive this. He pointed out her children wouldn't recover if she were locked up, but she planned on hiring a great lawyer and plead her case, confident that her track record and the fact that it was her first offense would help her win.

As Gus coded, the decompression process was started. She and Alex pulled Gus through and she rushed off. She went to set the record straight with Bailey and Catherine. Alex and Richard came to her defense, but Bailey fired all three of them. Having made her mind up, Meredith went home to tell her kids that she would have to leave for a while to go take care of something.

She then went to visit Andrew in jail and told him he needed to let her clean up her own messes and develop some self-preservation skills. She stood by her decision. She told him she loved him and left to set the record straight. She immediately went to her attorney. Much to her surprise, she was told that she could go home. The lawyer would schedule a hearing, where she suspected Meredith would be ordered to a few hours of community service in a clinic if she was repentant.

Additionally, she deemed it highly unlikely that the medical board would pursue action her license. A week later, the hearing took place and Meredith explained to the judge that Gabriela's cancer meant too many procedures and money to pay for herself or cover it pro bono.

She stated the system should have supported the Riveras and that it was broken. She honestly said she only regretted her decisions to the extent she could knowing that they led to Gabriela doing well now. The judge got angry and the lawyer blurted out her three kids as a reason to keep her out of jail.

She was then ordered to community service but picking up trash on the streets instead of at a clinic. While picking up trash, she started to give out medical advice when other people in her group found out she was a doctor. After a few weeks, Suzie Wilson, Zola's classroom mom, passed by and recognized her. Thinking she was volunteering, Suzie said she finally understood why Meredith never volunteered at school.

Meredith explained working mothers don't have time for that, after which her supervisor shouted at her, revealing that she was actually there per court order. Suzie spread the word at school, which was overheard by Zola, who come home to ask her how to spell criminal. While enjoying some ice cream with Andrew, Meredith told him she was happy both she and the kids were healthy and that she actually found some sense of accomplishment in picking up trash.

She then received a letter from the medical board to inform her they were, in fact, pursuing action against her license. She started disguising herself better to avoid getting recognized again. One morning, she found out her hearing about her license was scheduled three months later. Taking advantage of still having her license, she continued to give out medical advice to people on her crew, referring them to Pac-North for further care. She also had Levi bring her supplies from Grey Sloan, which she thought of as hers since she still owned the hospital.

Her supervisor Robin started to object to her street clinic since it was keeping people from doing their work but Meredith brought up she had noticed a nodule in Robin's neck that warranted a closer look.

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Robin had seen her primary care physician about it, who referred her to an ENT, but her appointment was still months away. After convincing her that detecting possible cancer was more important than staying at work for two more hours, Meredith took her to the Grey Sloan parking lot for an ultrasound.

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Given the features shown on there, she convinced Jackson to take the time to perform a biopsy, which revealed papillary thyroid cancer, which could be treated. However, Robin brought up that her insurance wouldn't cover the treatment if it only covered one asthma inhaler per month. Jackson said they would look into options for her, which Robin said would boil down to bankruptcy or death. Meredith was then discovered in the hospital by Bailey but she stated she was just visiting a friend.

That night at home, Meredith shared that continuously seeing people being let down by the medical system had made her decide to write about what she was seeing despite her lawyer advising her to lay low. She got in touch with a website that would publish her story and shared some titles she had thought of with Andrew, all of them insulting to the medical system.

She didn't care about her standing with the medical community since they were in a fight already anyway. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Meredith's patient Shirley Gregory was refusing to let Jo operate on her despite her being a student of Meredith's.

Jo then had Bailey agree to have Meredith supervise the procedure remotely through video chat, which convinced Shirley to consent. Meredith used Robin owing her to follow the entire procedure through but Bailey hung up on her as soon as the procedure was over, leaving Meredith to go take care of a beehive in a discarded toilet.

Link and Amelia came over to hang out with her and Andrew at the house. Amelia shared she was pregnant. Meredith congratulated her, excited about becoming an aunt. She realized the article would terrify people and keep patients away from Grey Sloan. She also figured Bailey would hate her even more, which Andrew confirmed as soon as he got to work. Meredith attempted to set the record straight with the website but they refused to delete the article or even change the headline because of the popularity it had gained.

Meredith quickly finished her assigned zone at community service and asked her supervisor to be allowed to leave to take care of an emergency. Her supervisor told her that she would inform the judge of all her extracurriculars if she left before putting in the required hours. After Meredith learned even Cristina had learned about the article, she promised Lisa she would make up the hours and begged her not to call the judge, after which she took off.

At the hospital, after Jo confirmed that Bailey was furious at her, Meredith went to see her and told her that she had nothing to do with the article as all the things she had written herself were not directed at the hospital.

She offered to write a retraction but Bailey said they never get read. Meredith stressed she loved the hospital and how sorry she was but Bailey said the damage had been done and asked her to leave. On her way out, she ran into Andrew and told him what had gone down and that she had gotten a summons to go back to court because she had walked out on community service.

Andrew hated that she made a choice that could land her in jail and added to the possibility of her losing her license. He wished she would have done the community service and come back to work to change the system from within, but she said nothing she had written was untrue and that she wasn't going to sit on her mountain of privilege leaving others to fight for themselves in the broken system that was hurting and killing them.

She added that if he really expected her to sit back and nothing, he didn't know her at all, and walked away from him. Her skipping out on community service gave her nightmares. On the day of her court hearing, she woke up to Zola telling her she wasn't feeling well. When Zola vomited during breakfast, a worried Meredith took her to the hospital and asked Tom for a head CT given Zola's history of spina bifida.

While waiting for the CT, her lawyer reminded her she needed to be in court but the scans revealed Zola's shunt needed to revised. Andrew tried to convince her to go to court while he'd look out for Zola but Meredith made it clear there was no way she would leave her daughter. Tom made Meredith wait in the waiting area so she made Taryn promise to text her ates. Andrew offered to sit with her but she didn't like him offering to skip a surgery to be her human tissue.

Maggie and Amelia came to sit with her and Meredith vented her frustration about Andrew, who just didn't get her because he wasn't a parent himself. She said Andrew was sexy and fun but she wasn't sure if he was more than that or if she even wanted him to be.

She then asked Maggie and Amelia to talk about their lives to distract her. Meredith grew increasingly worried despite Taryn's reassuring texts. As she was about to head to the OR, Zola's surgical team came by to tell everything had gone fine. Meredith ordered Andrew to stay by Zola's side in post-op. Later that night, Meredith headed out to get Zola some Jello. She ran into Andrew, who had anticipated the request and had found her a cup. Her lawyer then appeared and Meredith explained why she hadn't shown up for the hearing.

Nancy told her she squeezed a drop of humanity out of the judge, which meant she'd have to make up the lost hours in jail.

Meredith went to jail. On Halloween, she woke up with her roommate Paula hovering over her face because Meredith had been snoring. Since she was supposed to be let out that day and was eager to spend the holiday with her kids, Meredith watched the clock closely.

When the time came, she addressed a guard, who told her that, as per usual, a crucial document for her release hadn't arrived one time but that it would show up soon. Meredith tried to bribe the guard by offering medical advice to any sick family members but it didn't work.

Paula then learned she was a doctor and wondered what she did to end up in jail. Meredith told her about her crime, which was still threatening her medical license. Paula wasn't impressed with her small problems and told her how she had landed there. She was still waiting for her hearing but couldn't post bail so she was stuck in jail until the hearing, which would most likely be another month. Meanwhile, her kids were placed in the foster system. Meredith helped her out with a puzzle and commented that she was strong for not letting herself go crazy with worry over her kids.

The guard came to let Meredith out and they wished each other good luck. The officer told Meredith to keep fighting the good fight without landing herself in jail. Meredith then asked the man for a favor. She went home and greeted her kids. She told her sisters she had come to realize she had a lot to work with even if she were to lose her license.

She then called her lawyer and made arrangements to pay Paula's bail so she could be reunited with her kids. Having made up for the hours, Meredith went back to doing community service. She ran into Amelia on her way out one day and advised her to tell Owen about the pregnancy. Meredith was working near Pac-North and decided to have coffee with Alex during her break. While in line at the coffee cart, she ran into Amelia and Maggie who told her about their problems.

On the day of her hearing, Meredith drove to the hotel with her sisters, Alex, and Andrew. While waiting to enter the room of the hearing, Meredith waited with most of Grey Sloan's attendings, including Bailey.

Upon entering the room, Nancy asked Meredith to keep quiet for once given the vicious prosecutor and let her do her job. Meredith promised she would. The hearing began and the judge introduced the doctors on the panel. Paul Castello came in late and Meredith immediately recognized him as the doctor who had killed Derek, while he didn't seem to remember her at all.

Meredith quietly explained the situation to Nancy but upon learning that the hearing would have to be rescheduled, which could take six months, Meredith decided to power through with Paul on the panel. Bailey took the stand first and denied Nancy's suggestions of her and Meredith being close. She stated Meredith no longer held the qualities that had prompted Bailey to appoint her Head of General Surgery.

Afterward, the prosecutor presented her with a list of questionable events Meredith had been involved in, all of which Bailey confirmed to be true. Afterward, Luis Rivera testified that Meredith had saved his daughter and that there should be more doctors like her. Andrew was mostly questioned about their relationship, which he assured them was completely consensual and that Meredith had not pressured him to keep the fraud quiet when he discovered it.

He was also confronted with his request for a transfer, which detailed Meredith's and other attendings' abuse of him after he pressed charges against Alex for assaulting him. Andrew assured the panel that that had been cleared up and left in the past.

He apologized to Meredith, who said it was okay. Levi began testifying about Meredith being an amazing teacher but he was soon forced to confess that he had been the one who had reported the fraud to Bailey. He broke down and ran out after his testimony.

During the recess that followed, Meredith told Andrew that their relationship wouldn't survive if her license were taken away. After the recess, Owen testified to her surgical skills, specifically on Megan's case, but the prosecutor had dug up Bailey's post-op notes, which mentioned Owen voicing serious doubts about Meredith's approach at the time.

Richard was questioned about the Alzheimer trial but he maintained that he was the only one who had played a role in that. The prosecutor commented on the pattern of his bending the rules for Meredith and called Patricia Murphy to the stand. She shared that Meredith hadn't been matched to Seattle Grace at first until Richard reached out to the NRMP to make a personal recommendation, which landed Meredith her spot.

Meredith was shocked upon hearing this. Alex testified about Meredith making him a better person and surgeon. He was asked about the delay in Zola's adoption. He kept her kidnapping of Zola quiet and said delays happen all the time. The prosecutor suspected it had something to do with Meredith's being fired. Alex hesitated to answer. Paul then began pressing him to answer, asking if Meredith's insubordinate behavior had almost cost her her daughter.

Meredith shot up and told him that he had no right to talk about her daughter as he had been the one to kill her father as he neglected to do even basic burr holes, let alone a head CT. Meredith yelled that he didn't deserve to judge her or anyone for that matter, after which he had a sudden seizure. She was among the doctors who rushed to his aid. She briefed the paramedics when they arrived and stressed that they should get him a head CT.

After another recess, the judge announced that the hearing would be postponed given the situation. Alex, however, objected and let in a large group of people, all of whom had been treated by Meredith. Alex then read a letter from Cristina, which stated that taking Meredith's license meant signing death certificates of countless future patients and that Meredith was an unstoppable light in a broken system. Alex wanted to proceed with letters from Callie, Arizona, April, and even Addison, but the judge had heard enough.

He asked to clear the room but Bailey had something more to say. She stated Meredith had in fact broken the law to save a life, so she deserved to pick up trash, but she did not deserve to have her license taken over it. Bailey stated Meredith was too good of a surgeon for that and that everything she had survived made her better instead of cold or hard. Everyone then had to clear the room.

brilliant idea

Meredith waited outside until Nancy came to deliver the news that the majority of the panel had voted to drop the entire thing, meaning she got to keep her license. Meredith briefly hugged Andrew and was then flooded with hugs from her other friends.

As they all left the hotel, Bailey told Meredith she could return to work at Grey Sloan. Meredith accepted the offer and hugged her. At home, she ran into Jackson as Maggie was throwing him out.

Shortly after, Andrew arrived. He wanted to talk. She apologized for what she had said about their relationship. He knew she had meant it. He pointed out everything he had done for her with the whole insurance fraud situation, which he said was what you do for your partner. However, he had come to realize that unlike him, she did not truly see him as her partner.

While she was talking about Derek in that hearing, he realized that she didn't respect him like she did Derek. Meredith told him she respected him, too, but he insisted some part of her was wondering if he would ever be her equal. He told her to take some time to think about her future and if she wanted him to be a part of that.

On her first day back, Meredith snuck into work to do two lap appies before breakfast to ease back in. Cristina also had sent her a package to congratulate her but it was nowhere to be found.

The resident presented her with a welcome back cake. Andrew didn't know she was coming back. She said she had wanted to tell him but he was too busy dumping her. He said he hadn't dumped her but it was all the same to her. While rounding on Jamie CaldwellDr. Cormac Hayes abruptly interrupted and introduced himself as the new head of peds.

He sidelined Meredith and had Andrew present the case again. Scans revealed a mass. Cormac suspected a tumor but Meredith suggested it may be leftover gallstones from the gallbladder removal she had performed a few years back. She didn't want to worry Jamie and her mother about cancer until a biopsy had confirmed it. Cormac went behind her back and told them anyway. Meredith stepped in and assured them nothing was certain yet. During surgery, the biopsy results came in, revealing the mass was not malignant.

She went to take it out. Cormac objected but Meredith shut him down by saying he was a guest in her house. It turned out Meredith had been right with her guess. In post-op, Jamie didn't care about the successful surgery as her crush still hadn't texted her back. Cormac stepped in and said that raising boys himself had taught him that boys are just terrified of talking to girls, so it didn't mean that he wasn't interested in her at all. While leaving work, Meredith ended up on an elevator with Cormac and asked him if it was his thing to scare people at first and then bask in the relief with them later.

He told her he just preferred to give people all the information and let them figure out what to do with it, a courtesy that his wife's doctors hadn't shown him before she did. He told her they would have to learn how to live together in her house. As he stepped off, Cristina finally informed Meredith her package wasn't a thing but a person: Cormac, whom she had nicknamed McWidow.

Meredith then stared after him, not noticing Andrew who had been planning to set the record straight. Meredith went to complain about Cormac to Alex and Jo, only to find that Alex was in Iowa and that Jo had brought home a baby from her Safe Haven volunteer work. Link pointed out Jo had kidnapped a baby but Meredith understood why she had taken the baby for the night.

They barely had time to catch up before the three of them were paged to the hospital for multiple traumas after a car crashed into Joe's bar. Meredith called in Owen and Richard to help out. After checking that Andrew was okay, Meredith began treating Taryn Helm. Meredith didn't really react to save her from further embarrassment. She wanted to return to the ER with Levi, who collapses. Meredith did a full workup and diagnosed cardiomyopathy. She paged Teddy, who did an angio while Meredith sat by his head.

Meredith assured Levi that she had forgiven him for reporting the insurance fraud. Afterward, Meredith briefly talked with Cormac. Jo saw them and commented she could see something between them. Richard then asked her to come. He told her Bailey had had a miscarriage and needed some comforting. They got a box of doughnuts and sat down with her in her office so she wouldn't feel lonely.

Meredith texted Cristina to get more info on Cormac but Cristina stayed mum. Cormac came into the lounge to get coffee and after he was gone, Amelia commented on his being hot. Meredith then went to find Andrew and told him that she didn't like his telling her to take time to think. He told her about his patient who was inexplicably having fevers three days after a routine appendectomy. Meredith said she'd think on it but advised him to also tell Bailey. Before leaving, she told him she was missing him.

He reminded her that he hadn't dumped her so she didn't have to miss him. En route to the ER, Meredith asked Cormac about Cristina, though he didn't realize whom she was talking about. While waiting on the scans of their shared patients, he asked her not to hold their first meeting against him as it was around the time he had lost his wife two years earlier. She understood and assured him it would get better over time, though not all the way better. They disagreed over approaches and had to convert to his when hers failed.

He didn't hold it against her as he had had the same disagreement with Cristina once, though he was on Meredith's side back then. He then realized Meredith had brought up Cristina earlier but she made an excuse and left without divulging any further information about their connection. She went to Andrew, who still hadn't figured out what was wrong with his patient, and asked him to talk her through the entire case.

That led them to reconcile to some degree. They spent the night together. While getting dressed, he said they should talk about their relationship soon and revealed he had lured diagnostician Lauren Riley from UCSF to the hospital using Meredith's name before rushing out. At work, Meredith encountered Cormac as his was giving his boys a tour of the hospital.

She ran into Amelia, who had seen Andrew leave the house and wondered if they were back together.

Is meredith dating alex

Meredith said it was just sex at this point. On her way to consult on Levi's patient, she ran into Cormac, whose boys had ditched him in an attempt to make them late for the parent-teacher conferences. He was in awe of her staying sane while combining her job and raising her three kids, though she admitted to dropping some balls here and there. Meredith had to tell Levi's patient that her cancer had metastasized beyond the point of treatment.

She came to see how Levi set up a dance floor in the cafeteria for the patient and her husband, which made her reflect on how she used to be the kind of person who did romantic things like that. Now, she broke up with Andrew after her trial and just woke up happy to get to practice medicine the next day without giving the break-up much thought. Bailey told her that was part of growing up. Jackson then came in to inform them that Richard was refusing to work at Grey Sloan on Catherine's terms.

The three of them threatened to quit if Tom didn't rehire Richard and Owen on their terms. Tom complied. Meredith started to put together a pro bono surgery day. As she was recruiting Cormac to operate, Andrew interrupted the conversation to inquire about a past patient of hers who had developed a post-op rash similar to Suzanne's, whom they had taken off all her meds so more indicative symptoms could manifest.

Meredith talked him through the case and noticed that he was speaking fast and apparently had not slept for days. She confronted Lauren's about her treating Andrew like a machine but Lauren pointed out she was counting on it, with Suzanne's life hanging in the balance. Carina had overheard her concerns and shared that she had been worried about Andrew for a while, having noticed signs of high highs and low lows in recent years. Meredith was on the fence if his dedication was mania or healthy obsession but Carina pointed out she wouldn't ask that question about a resident she didn't love.

Meredith then took her concerns to Bailey, who put Meredith on Suzanne's case to approve every step. Out of nowhere, as Meredith was checking on Suzanne, Andrew and Lauren rushed in with the diagnosis of Still's disease and Andrew injected her with high-dose steroids without any explanation.

Meredith pointed out he could have taken a minute to explain his actions before administrating steroids, which could kill her if they were wrong about the diagnosis. Fortunately, they were right and Suzanne quickly recovered. Here, safari, and it with ptsd who becomes her blind date but should go on. Ellen pompeo said i'd be with a softer side when it seemed like romance for each other's people and alex comes barging in saying she.

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