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I'm really confused by the so called JYP dating ban is it real or is it not, for starters you have Jackson and Nayeon on the 'A look at myself' show saying they're NOT allowed to date for 3 years and Jackson even said 'if you're dating you have to break up'. But then in this Chinese interview at he says the company doesn't control their dating at all and that it's really up to them whether or not they want to date. And then there's interviews where JYP says they're NOT allowed to date and then in other interviews he says that no-one really follows the dating ban anyways. It's not a ban but it's advised to not date. They can date,but not openly. Which is why Sana says that they're allowed to have a 'some' relationship. It's actually just an excuse

It is like a verbal agreement, focus on work instead of dating, because you know, relationship can distract you.

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The company has no power to stop you unless you are involved in some bad scandal, then they will take action. IDK though usually even dating scandals don't do much but just incase they do idk how I'd feel about it being a group member. For instance you're in Twice or GOT7 and then one of your members starts dating during their dating ban, potentially risking your groups career, so that includes you.

I feel like just that alone would stop most ppl from dating cause they wouldn't want to negatively impact the career of their group members. And it would relieve some of the immense stress they get put under as idols I guess:P.

Yeah, I'm sure as rookies most if not all members are careful as their actions do not only impact them but potentially the whole team. I remember once a male idol forgot who it was revealed that often, when a boy group comes across a girl group that they like, members would often 'mark' which girl group member are 'theirs'.

It's non contractual, more of a mutual agreement. And that never works out.

Kim Hee-chul and Momo Love Story - Taeyeon Interview

In reality, it's just a formality to keep their fans in check. It's basically nothing. It's best not to date while you're still establishing yourself, that's why they're advised not to date but I don't believe it's a contracted rule. From what has been said, it's not in their actual contracts, it's just something that is advised.

JYP'S Jimin Park appears to be dating Rapper Masewonder!

Personally, I don't think the rumor, true or not, was the sole reason of his departure. For one, he wouldn't be the first JYP artist to dating before that ban was up if he had been dating her. Plus there was a lot of built up tension before and after that happened between him and his fans. He was treated quite coldly by them by the time he had left the group.

Mar 30, And then there's interviews where JYP says they're NOT allowed to date and then in other interviews he says that no-one really follows the dating ban anyways. this is more out of curiosity if someone knows how it works exactly, I don't care if they're currently dating or not, as long as they keep bringing out bangers. I don't think they are different from other companies. And I only know two rules kekekkeke: YG: * Strict no dating policy- this is YG'S STRICT RULE. If you heard the issue about (G)Idle's Miyeon, she's one of the original line-up of pink punk (or. Mar 07, Especially not the s line but according to the JYP contract idols can date 3 years after debut so I feel like they could go for someone who is around 3 years younger. Simply because it is not much of an age difference later. For example I.N. is born in and he is 17 rn. Someone born in is

Whether it was an amicable decision or not, I think that probably played the bigger role in his departure, unless there were other underlying issues behind the scenes. From how I understood it after listening to countless shows and interviews with Jackson, the 3 first years are the most crucial and busy for groups.

Sep 15, Thus, company's dating banning is not rational and unjustifiable. Must Read: YG's 6 Prohibit List On BLACKPINK: Alcohol, Smoking, Plastic Surgery And etc. Here are all about the dating ban. From A to Z of idols' dating ban, each company's rule and idols' tips to hide it from company and fans! Jun HyoSung "This isn't about me. Jan 01, On January 2 KST, Super Junior 's Heechul and TWICE 's Momo became the first idol couple of the year. Heechul and Momo's labels both denied dating rumors in August of , but both labels have now Author: Olmal. Mar 17, Honestly idc about dating bans, but given the fact that Korean culture is a lot different I think we should respect their dating bans But really, JYP .

A relationship would just be distraction and it's better to focus on the group during those 3 years, than think about dating. Now, if you think you can balance it all without hindering your own group's work and efforts, go ahead. After the first 3 years are over, usually, that's when groups get less tedious schedules though i have doubts it will be this year for got Because fans are sensitive. Even if some of them date they won't be caught.

I don't think Dispatch follows GOT7, they follow top artists only. His dating a fan is probably not the main reason why he left. I read somewhere not an actual article, just a passing comment that he was "leaking" schedule infos or something to his girlfriend.

I'm not sure if it's real or just hearsay. I think that trust was probably broken before that. We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. Log in to comment.

Jyp dating

Night Mode. Posted by olmal Wednesday, January 1, Congratulations to the new couple! Share this article. BTS's Jin transfers ownership of his 4. Lovelyz's Soojung rocks lavender hair in teaser schedule for solo album 'Tiger Eyes'.

A former statement from J.Y. Park himself was recently uploaded on an online community board. The post contained screen captures from a previous television appearance where he talked about JYP Entertainment 's dating ban. "The dating ban was initially five years. But no one kept the rule, so it was shorted to three.". Jan 02, Two of K-Pop's biggest stars, Momo from JYP girlgroup TWICE, and Kim Heechul from SM's Superjunior, have been confirmed dating. According to Korean Entertainment News platform Soompi, the report was confirmed by the news outlet, Market News which published a report at midnight KST on January 2 stating that according to their investigation, they were exclusively reporting that Momo and Heechul are dating. Aug 25, Just recently after the news of the singer's departure from JYP Entertainment, rumours have been circulating around regarding herpossibly dating rapper Masewonder based on various evidences Author: Boobap.

Former 9muses members Hyuna and Hyemi release their first collaboration 'Walking'. Jo Jung Suk, IU ft. Netizens speculate GFriend is gearing up for a comeback after members are spotted with new hair colors. Roy Kim to enlist to the marines this year.

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