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If you saw Lee Jong Suk eight years or so ago, you might not call him a hot or handsome guy. The Korean actor himself downplayed how he looked before he became a huge star and admitted that he tried many things to improve his appearance, like tanning his very white complexion. In Korea, cosmetic enhancement is actually common for both celebrities and non-famous people because they have an ideal type of image. But while Jong Suk continues to keep mum about his possible cosmetic surgeries, the rumors continue to escalate especially now that his appearance has completely changed. The former baby-faced and cute budding star looks a lot more debonaire today with his flawless face, perfectly-shaped lips, and expressive eyes. A more common subject has to be the rhinoplasty rumors. Jong Suk also said in an interview that he is his own worse critic when it comes to his looks and his acting ability.

Fans, however, think that Tom may have gone overboard with the fillers.

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He is in his mids, so if he does have hair loss problem, then should be evident on his head by now. Is it his genes or is it the effects of a hair transplant? Sources told the National Enquirer in that Tom has been a fan of hair transplant for quite awhile. He already had the confidence of a Hollywood star as a little man, as no one can smile this big with such a bad front tooth. Thomas Cruise Mapother IV had an adorable pillow face that hid the definition of his jaw during his teenage years.

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Puberty was not kind to Tom because he also had flawed skin and baby fat was an issue for a awhile. This was probably the year he started considering a nose job and maybe jaw surgery too. You can see subtle changes to his nose shape and jawbone. Fans absolutely loved this new look. Tom sported a new hairstyle following his divorce from Oscar-winner Nicole Kidman. The Katie Holmes years saw Tom embracing diet and exercise in his lifestyle.

He also needed to keep fit for his roles in action films, where he supposedly does his own stunts. To maintain an ideal body shape, however, Tom might have gotten liposuction for his flat abs. Tom Cruise is not a tall man.

Jan 14,   On 30 June, , infamous media outlet Dispatch revealed tons of pictures that are basically supporting evidence of Lee Jong-suk and Park Shin-hye's relationship. Dispatch claimed that the couple has been dating for four months, and were spotted on dates in Korea, England, and Hawaii, where they shot a magazine pictorial as well. Lee Jong-suk is a popular South Korean actor and model. He is known for his work in 'School ', a South Korean TV series, as well as films like 'Hot Young Bloods'. Born in Seoul, the capital city of South Korea, Lee began his career as a model while he was a teenager. Jan 22,   Lee Jong-suk's Rumored Relationship Lee Jong-suk and Park Shin-hye. Lee Jong-suk and Park Shin-hye are rumored to have a romantic relationship after both of them were involved in the production of the drama Pinocchio. Their chemistry in the drama has brought a real feeling to the fans who watched it.

The women he dates usually towers over his height but this has not shaken his confidence. Tom sparked plastic surgery talk with this photo from the Vanity Fair Oscar Party because, at 50 years old, there were not many wrinkles on his face.

Tom probably overdid it with the face injections this time because of the puffiness on his cheeks. At 55 years of age, there is no white hair on sight, does Tom use hair dye to make himself look younger? There are noticeable wrinkles on his forehead and crowfeet around his eyes, but there are no traces of a browlift.

Has Tom found the secret to reverse his aging? Well, it certainly seems that way as the star attends the 10th Annual Lumiere Awards at Warner Bros Studios looking absolutely amazing. He has also remained grounded and sober after years of battling addiction. However, some fans think that beyond taking care of his ripped body, Dennis has had plastic surgery and procedures on his face.

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Looking more youthful for his age, people think that Dennis frequently gets botox injections that erased some of his frown lines. While Dennis has been very vocal about his substance abuse experience, he has never acknowledged those alleged cosmetic enhancement rumors about his looks.

Park Shin Hye And Lee Jong Suk Dating You are also correct that most women would really prefer to have a relationship than casual sex. The solution is to dress nice, appear charming and funny, be completely honest about your intentions and be ready to spend like a drunken sailor/ Who is Lee Jong-suk's girlfriend now? I'll introduce his lover and his lovelife. Introduction ?? ?????(@jongsuk)???????? - 1? 17 ?? PST Lee Jong-suk (born 14 September ) is a South Korean actor and model. His birth plce is Gyeonggi-do of South Korea, weight is 65kg, height is cm, blood ype is A. Aug 31,   Lee Jong-suk: Quick Facts. Born on 14 September in Suwon, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. His birth sign is Virgo. He majored in Professional Motion Pictures and Art at Konkuk University and completed graduation in He began modeling career at the Seoul Collection walkway in He received a break in his career performing in School Author: Bikram Gyawali.

It could help to go over some before and after photos of Dennis to determine how much his looks have changed over the years, inasmuch as he has remained mum over rumors of his plastic surgery and facial procedures. Comparing these before and after photos of the actor, it does seem like his wrinkled face and tired-looking eyes on the left photo have diminished in the right photo.

His face on the right also looks more puffy and smooth, which are some of the effects of getting a fresh botox procedure.

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He has more lines around his eyes, his forehead, and his mouth in the left photo, which has magically disappeared in the right image. This before photo shows just how deep the recession has gone and it actually looks uneven. And he could only achieve this through a hair transplant.

May 30,   Jong Suk moves to a new management, YNK Entertainment, after working with YG Entertainment for years. He also seems to have gotten more fillers on his upper lip as its lip shape becomes more apparent. The actor, however, has never admitted to fillers or plastic surgery in general. More Information About Lee Jong Suk: Real Name: Lee Jong-suk. Who is he dating right now? According to our records, Jong-Suk Lee is possibly single. Relationships. We have no records of past relationships for Jong-Suk Lee. About. Jong-Suk Lee is a 30 year old South Korean Actor. Born Lee Jong Suk on 14th August, in Yongin City, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, he is famous for Secret Aug 14,

I actually think his hairstyle after the hair transplant looks good even if there are hints of silver grey stands. It did shave off years to his appearance and he looks more handsome with the hairstyle.

But he has a more confident smile in the right photo. Dennis quit the University of Houston to pursue an acting career in Hollywood. He was actually close to graduating and even had this photo to show for it.

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Does he not look like an all-American guy in his younger years with his thick, light-colored curly hair? In his mids at that time, Dennis ticked all the boxes for leading man. Tall, handsome and talented, he was on his way to make a long career in show business. Gone was his jock locks as he opted for a more gentlemanly hairstyle, which went well with suits and ties he wore for this movie.

If those were alive, they would definitely look like Dennis and Meg - so perfectly matched! Sadly, the two would divorced inafter 13 years together. However, the lines around his eyes have started to appear more prominently and his skin also has signs of age spots and dark surfaces. He kept the top side of his hair longer in this photo and with a plaid shirt to boot, he looks a bit rugged, unkept but still handsome. He has a fuller face in this photo though.

Could be be packing some weight? What a big difference a few years make! Dennis looks a lot older here and perhaps a little different. He also appears to have lost some weight. Brad Pitt, or William Bradley Pitt in real life, has been in the acting business since the late s. Fans and critics alike, however, think that Brad has had plastic surgery to achieve his good looks.

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This modern-day Adonis always managed to look dashing and distinguished even next to the gorgeous women he has been associated with like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie.

Starting off with playing bit roles, it was only a matter time before this man with a remarkably handsome face and hunky body was going to land unforgettable lead roles. Currently at 55, Brad looks to be aging well. While he has never admitted to getting help from cosmetic surgeons, some people find it hard to believe. There have been rumors that Brad got rhinoplasty but looking at these photos of young and older Brad, I could say that there are no noticeable alterations to his nose.

His prominent jawline has also been the subject of plastic surgery rumors. People have wondered if he had his jaw contoured, re-shaped and defined to improve his facial features.

I believe he was born with this well-defined feature. How did Brad manage to be almost wrinkle-free all these years?

Fans think he has regular botox and facelift to look ageless. In fact, after his divorce from Angelina, there were speculations he visited a plastic surgeon to get work done because his skin looks smoother, especially on the forehead.

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There are no obvious changes or difference to his face as well, which will usually stand out if he got something done. I also disagree that he had a browlift to touch up his forehead. Those deep lines are always there, as these before and after photos will show.

I think his appearance improved after the alleged nip and tuck as seen in these comparison pics.

Lee jong suk dating 2016

Not that he needed it but Brad definitely looks more handsome after the speculated enhancement. The gods obviously favored him, what a lucky dude!

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Want to see how Brad has transformed from a young boy to one of the sexiest men in Hollywood? Check out these pictures below. Young Brad had this boyish and mischievous charm. Brad started as an extra in the movies. The boy from Oklahoma, however, needed better style as this green loose tank top looks tacky. With his good looks, however, he was never meant to be a background and bit player.

He trimmed his facial hair and kept a neat goatee under his lower lip.

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This is actually one of my favorite Brad Pitt looks. Nice touch! He shaved off his beard but kept the rough stubbles around his jawline, which I think really worked for him.

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He had his hair darkened again but the mustache made Brad look somewhat older. Around this time, he also became a dad to a growing brood of six children so looking older, more experienced and full of wisdom seemed fitting.

There are noticeable wrinkles around his eyes as well. He looks ruggedly handsome in this photo even while appearing slightly older.

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Does divorce agree with Brad? Because looks like he aged backward in this photo. Where are his wrinkles? But he also seemed to have lost some pounds because his jawline is more pronounced and there is no fat around his cheeks. In his early 50s, Brad still has a thick head of hair.

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His beard has more white hair now than the last time and good for him for embracing this! I have no doubts that Brad Pitt deserves to be named one of the sexiest man alive or the handsomest human being. I also have no reason to believe Brad had plastic surgery like facelift or a nose job. If anything, I think this Hollywood god is naturally gifted - in terms of appearance and talent.

He needs little effort to look great and unlike us mortals. Connect with us. Share Tweet. Here we go! Year Source: mydreamscapelife. Many fans have been speculating that maybe they are in a relationship because of their perfect chemistry on the screen. Both of them said that they are not dating. Han Hyo-joo then said that Lee Jong-suk is a man who does not lack anything. She also has a charming way of talking. So, Lee Jong-suk is possibly still single.

Lee Jong-suk said in an interview that he will be open to the public once he is dating someone. Home Entertainment Contact Us. Must Read.

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