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As Australia's largest city, it brings a cold and harsh feel. Particularly in inner city locations - there are standards and images that must be kept. With this, it might make the world of difference if Sydney Siders dropped the attitudes and even smiled occasionally. I'm sure you'd agree, constant hostilities and bad manners are certainly not the way to attract friends. Busy people in Sydney could do wonders for their solitary ways if they did the little things that really matter like laughed once in a while. There also seems to be a much larger focus on wealth and material items compared to other Aussie cities.

And while most people seem clear that college professors should never date those who are actually enrolled in their classes, there's a lot of uncertainty about whether it's a good idea for students to pursue their crushes after the term is over.

If MEENA was my Girlfriend - ???? ??? ???? ???????????? ??? ? A cartoon vlog by Antik Mahmud

That's the question I get asked, in one form or another, more than any other.

Most of those who write to me are young women who've fallen for male college professors. I also get a significant number of messages from women who've got crushes on their female instructors; I get far more of those than I do from young men who report being smitten with teachers of either sex.

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