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Grey's Anatomy has been a staple of American television since it first debuted on March 27, The series has run continuously for more than 14 seasons and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. From the very beginning of the series, two characters stood out: Dr. Meredith Grey and Dr. Derek Shepherd. Sure, the series is all about Grey it's in the name after all , but since the very first episode, it was clear that their relationship was going to go the distance. Sure, it had its bumps along the way, but what relationship doesn't?

He doesn't even kiss her good night. She complains to George, and the next day Alex kisses her. Izzie thinks they have a relationship until she catches him in bed with George's ex-girlfriend, Olivia. Izzie eventually forgives Alex, and they continue dating until Izzie falls in love with Denny Dequette.

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Denny Dequette Denny is a patient of Burke's waiting for a new heart. The surgery is successful, but Denny dies a couple of days after proposing to Izzie. Much to George's distress, she keeps the check under a magnet on the refrigerator, waiting until she thinks of something spectacular to do with it.

When Bailey mentions her idea to open a free clinic, Izzie invests in it. Alex again Sometime after Denny's death, Izzie begins dating Alex again, but she starts seeing Denny everywhere and even carries on a relationship with him, though she knows that he's dead.

Once she realizes that cancer is causing her to hallucinate, Izzie looks to Alex, and when she is at her sickest, they get married. When she starts to get better, she distances herself from Alex and leaves for a while.

She comes back and wants him back, but he says he deserves to be treated better than how she treats him. She leaves again. Olivia After he and Izzie have dated but before they begin a relationship, Izzie catches him sleeping with Olivia.

Izzie eventually forgives him, and they begin dating again until Denny enters the picture. After Denny's death they begin dating yet again and following her recovery from cancer they get married, but it doesn't last.

Lexie Grey Alex begins sleeping with Lexie, and they soon begin a real relationship. George sleeps with Meredith when she is vulnerable despite knowing it is wrong, and he and Meredith have a strained relationship for some time afterward. Olivia George dates nurse Olivia for a short time.

Callie Dr. They get back together and spontaneously get married in Vegas. One night, while drunk, George sleeps with Izzie. He and Callie break up, and George tries to make things work with Izzie, but they have no sexual chemistry.

During the start of the merger with Mercy West Medical Center, Meredith was hospitalized from having donated a portion of her liver to her father, Thatcher Grey, since he was unable to be placed on the transplant list due to his alcoholism. Bailey stepped in, fixing the problem [6] and scheduling weekly followups with the patient to ensure he had no lasting effects.

When he chose rehab, Derek was named the interim Chief of Surgery. Near the end of their third year of residency, Meredith revealed to Cristina that she was pregnant. She also planned on telling Derek, but the mass shooting intervened. The husband of a deceased patient, Gary Clarkentered the hospital and shot many people, killing many, including Dr. Reed Adamson and Dr. Charles Percy. The hospital was placed in lockdown while the shooting occurred.

'Grey's Anatomy' Relationships

Gary Clark also shot Derek in the chest while Meredith watched from afar. Cristina had to do his surgery herself after barring Meredith from the OR. When the shooter entered the OR, Meredith entered too and told him to shoot her.

However, he ended up shooting Owen, though his injuries were comparatively minor. While tending to Owen's injury, Meredith suffered a miscarriage. After the shooting, all involved were made to go through a psych consult to be cleared for surgery. Meredith was the last one to be cleared. She was cleared by Dr. Andrew Perkins only after she admitted her pregnancy and miscarriage. Derek began speeding to cope with the trauma and was arrested several times for "reckless endangerment.

Meredith ended up leaving him in jail on the night of Cristina and Owen's wedding. The next day, angered at having been left in jail overnight, Derek had an argument with Meredith in the hospital hallway. Derek tried to calm Meredith down and Meredith admitted that she had been worried about him since he started speeding and the only time she got relief was when he was in jail because she knew he was safe. She then told him about her miscarriage. Derek and Meredith kissed and hugged, and Derek agreed to drive more carefully from that point on.

The couple had recently been told that Meredith had a hostile uterus and conceiving a child would be difficult. Meredith and Derek met Zola when she was brought to the hospital for a spina bifida operation as part of Alex's program. Derek immediately bonded with Zola and suggested adoption. Meredith took a little longer to bond with Zola, but eventually, she was unable to avoid falling in love with the child. However, Derek found out that Meredith had tampered with his Alzheimer's trial just as the couple was granted temporary custody of Zola.

When the social worker on their case, Janet, discovered that Meredith and Derek weren't living together and that Meredith had been fired, red flags were raised in the system. Fearing that she would lose Zola, Meredith hid with Zola in the basement of the hospital for 4 hours. Zola was taken away from them for a time, during which Meredith and Derek rekindled their relationship. They were given a date to see a judge about the adoption after Alex went to the judge directly.

That date was subsequently canceled and Janet told them that it was unlikely that it would end in their favor and suggested that they move on. But the decision did end in their favor, and Janet brought Zola to them, finalizing the adoption. At the end of her residency, Meredith, along with Derek, Mark, Lexie, Cristina, and Arizona, was involved in a plane crash on the way to Boise to help in a conjoined twins case. Lexie died due to a part of the plane crushing her, and Meredith was horrified and mourned.

The plane crash also led to Mark's death, Arizona's loss of her leg, and Derek's severely damaged nerves in his hand. The group ended up spending four days out in the woods before they were found and airlifted to Boise Memorial Hospitalwhere they were treated before being sedated and flown back to Seattle. All the survivors of the plane crash filed a lawsuit against the plane company.

Their attorney informed the survivors that they would be pursuing action against the hospital instead of the plane company since the hospital put them on the plane. This alarmed the doctors. However, they decided to go ahead with the lawsuit, because Derek went to see the plane wreckage and believed if they settled, they wouldn't properly investigate what went wrong so it couldn't happen again to someone else.

Callie decided that their win should be celebrated, and Meredith, Derek, Callie, Arizona, and Cristina all went to dinner to celebrate, where Meredith revealed that she was pregnant. During Meredith's pregnancy, Dr. Alana Cahill was brought to the hospital to assess efficiency, as the plane crash verdict forced the hospital into bankruptcy after its insurance refused to pay the penalties after finding a loophole.

Cahill was planning to clean up the hospital so that it could be sold to a company called Pegasus Horizons. But Richard and Callie conducted additional research of the company and learned that it would be a terrible asset to the hospital. The doctors went to investors looking for a partner to come up with enough money to purchase the hospital.

The Harper Avery Foundation, led by Catherine Averymade Jackson Avery their spokesperson on the board, [19] which was upset all the other doctors. They, however, all resolved the conflict when Jackson tried to bring the board together by proposing the hospital be renamed to reflect their beliefs and reasoning behind purchasing the hospital in the first place. Despite Derek's warnings to slow down, a heavily pregnant Meredith couldn't keep from joining in on a surgery at the beginning of the superstorm.

However, Meredith was forced to leave when there was a risk of explosions in the OR. She followed Jo into a staircase, where Jo promised she would never let Alex take the fall for what happened to Jason.

As Jo left, a construction worker told her that they were done with the grinder in the OR.

Meredith Grey

While the surgeons were preparing the hospital and the storm hit Seattle, Meredith's water broke. Meredith was admitted but had to wait for Connie, who was busy with other soon-to-be mothers. Cristina, who found it typical for Meredith to go in labor during a superstorm, stayed by her side while Derek went to look for Connie. He found her, but as she did a check-up on Meredith, she told them that there was face presentation.

As she mentioned that a C-section was necessary to deliver the baby safely, the lights went out and the back-up generators failed to engage. Even though they were, at first, hesitant to perform surgery in the dark, they realized there were no other options. While closing up, Connie got called away for another mother in need, and she and Meredith trusted Shane to close up.

However, Heather and Shane discovered heavy bleeding, and Meredith realized that she had suffered an internal bleed from her fall on the stairs. Before losing consciousness, Meredith instructed Shane, who had found out that her spleen was bleeding, how to stop the bleed. Meanwhile, Heather went to find Dr. Bailey to assist them. Bailey overcame her fear to operate and pulled Meredith through. Meredith was kept in the OR until she was stable and later moved to a room in the maternity ward, where Derek and Zola visited her and their new family member.

During a board meeting in her room, the others informed Meredith what had happened during the superstorm. She tried to help out as much as she could, but Derek and the other told her to rest after her major abdominal surgery.

While the others left, Cristina stayed behind to chat a little until she got paged. Though it was said at the meeting that the ER had to close, Meredith got confused when she witnessed Stephanie and Jo exchanging supplies to use in the ER.

When a stressed Alex entered her room, Meredith managed to calm him down by letting him hold her son. He told her about Richard and Heather, and he gave the baby back to her so she herself could recover her own calm. Meanwhile, Cristina and Bailey started arguing over the course of treatment for Richard, only to find out that Richard had listed Meredith as his medical proxy, which in turn had forced her to choose between Cristina's and Bailey's plans.

She decided to do so by relying on science and asked to rerun some tests. While waiting for the results, Callie sat down in her room to have a little chat about how she was doing. When Richard's results came back, Meredith decided to side with Bailey and allowed her to operate, which Cristina had advised not to be done. While Bailey operated on Richard, Meredith asked Cristina to admit that the decision was right, and Cristina did.

Meredith later talked with Cristina and Alex about Richard's decision to make her his medical proxy, wondering if she was in his will too.

William (played by Scott Elrod) was the first man Mer dated after the passing of Derek, so it was tragic for everyone. After avoiding him for quite a bit, they finally started dating and eventually did the deed. However, it quickly ended when she kicked him out of her house after a screaming simplybeyondexpectations.com: Samantha Faragalli Younghans.

Meredith also consoled a sad Derek, who had lost Heather in surgery. After Meredith ordered Derek to go home with Zola, who had spent enough time in daycare now, Callie and Sofia came in to drop off some things. Callie told them that she had moved out of the apartment and that they would stay at a hotel for a while.

Meredith decided to let Callie stay at their house, and she later told Arizona, who had no idea where Callie and Sofia were, that they were at her house. While trying to fall asleep, the interns bothered her to ask for help finding Heather stories to tell Heather's mother, and Meredith told them what she had told George's mother after he died. When the interns left, Jackson came in to tell her that his mother was planning on moving Richard to another hospital.

Alex and April came in too to talk about their problems, and as they left one by one, they all refused to bring her a wheelchair. Bailey still thought that they should open him back up, and Meredith made the call to book an OR for Bailey. Later, back in her room, Cristina and Alex talked with Meredith about medical proxies, and it turned out that Cristina had actually disapproved of Meredith's decision for Richard.

After Bailey's surgery, Catherine still wanted to have a second opinion. Meredith told her that Richard chose her to make his decisions, and not Catherine. They started arguing as Richard opened his eyes, and Meredith enthusiastically greeted him.

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Despite his promise to Meredith to take care of the kids so that she could have a year to focus on her work, Derek started to consult on a time-consuming brain mapping project for the White House. The presidential team asked him to become more involved in the project, but he initially refused the offer in an attempt to keep his promise to Meredith. While at April and Matthew's wedding, Derek received a call from the president himself and ended up accepting the offer to put his name on their federal research initiative.

This caused Meredith to become upset with him since she had wanted to continue with her own research work. Derek later learned that the federal team wanted him to run the project's advisory board.

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While on a trip to Washington, D. However, Meredith later told Derek that she refused to leave Seattle after Cristina reminded her not to let what Derek wanted eclipse what she needed. Forced to choose between his family and the brain mapping job, Derek decided to stay in Seattle as well and rejected the offer. However, there was excessive tension between Meredith and Derek. Derek was unsatisfied with his job at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, especially because his sister Amelia had taken over as head of the neurosurgery department.

Meredith was upset with Derek for being so attached to the federal initiative position and told him that she never wanted him to give it up for her.

Deborah Curzona special assistant to the president, came to Seattle in a last attempt to recruit Derek for their team. Derek told her that he was unfortunately unable to accept the offer, but he took her card anyway. Later that day, he got into a fight with Meredith, who told him to take the job in D. Derek called the woman he had spoken to earlier and told her that he did want the job after all.

He packed some clothes and went to the airport while Meredith threw away the Post-it note that had signified their marriage. The next day, Meredith and Derek talked on the phone and decided that they can make their relationship work, even if Derek had to take the job with the president. She then took the Post-it note out of the garbage and hung it back up on the wall. After a couple of weeks of Derek in D. Derek told her that her, Zola and Bailey were everything.

The two then hugged and made up. Derek moved back home. When Derek moved back home after being in D. He told her that she truly did save him. He also told her that he wanted more with her. Meredith then went to work telling friends that she was happier than ever with her husband and children. When Derek was leaving to hand in his resignation to the White House, he told Meredith to stay and wait for him, just like when he left her at the house of candles so he could break up with Rose.

Meredith and Derek kissed and he left. A couple of hours later, Meredith got a call that Derek never showed up for the meeting in Washington D. Meredith soon began to worry about what happened to him. Just as she picked up the phone to call the police, the police came to the house asking if it was the home of Derek Shepherd.

Meredith then was told there was an accident. Derek was involved in a car accident with serious injuries. Ultimately, he was declared brain dead, and Meredith had his ventilators turned off.

He had been on the way to the airport for a final trip to D. After Derek died, Meredith took Zola and Bailey and left Seattle in the middle of the night, much like her mother did with her when she was a child.

All Meredith left was a note saying that she and the children were safe. Her friends tried to contact her repeatedly, but she didn't answer. It was later revealed that she moved to San Diego for one year.

Finally, Meredith answered on Thanksgiving, telling Alex to stop calling her, that she and the kids were fine. Meredith put out feelers with a real estate agent to see whether anyone would be interested to buy her house. But she forgot to inform Amelia, which sparked a fight between the two. Amelia was mad at her for not having called her before pulling the plug on Derek, so she couldn't say goodbye.

Meredith broke down after the confrontation. She later went to Alex and explained that her house didn't feel like her home without Derek, so she asked if she and the kids could stay with him and Jo for a while.

He agreed to that, [30] but Jo got mad at him for not consulting her first. Meredith felt guilty about forgetting that Amelia was also supposed to be her sister, and gave her her old phone with Derek's last voice mail message.

Later that day, she intervened when Catherine and Richard were too angry to get married. Meredith played the dead husband card and got them to the altar after all.

That evening, Meredith hosted a party for the newlyweds at her house. At the party, she told Maggie, who was upset about her own parents' divorce, that she could always come to talk to her, about anything. Amelia joined them as Meredith said that a house filled with happy people would be the perfect last memory, as that had been what Derek had wanted.

She took Amelia and Maggie's hands and they went inside to dance it out together. As Jo found a loft for the two of them, Alex moved out of the house and sold it back to Meredith, who moved in with her kids and sisters.

The sister started carpooling to work, and Meredith started to teach an intern anatomy class at the hospital. Initially, there were some tensions among Meredith and Amelia, including an argument over whether or not they were going to tear down the wall between the kitchen and the living room, as a drunk Meredith had mused about.

Maggie intervened to call a truce. Meredith and Amelia apologized to each other, and Meredith admitted she doesn't know how to talk to Amelia as she's a lot to handle sometimes, and Meredith doesn't totally like her. However, she considered Amelia as family, so she didn't have to. She then decided it was okay to tear the wall down. After a busy day where Bailey, the new Chief, dumped all her patients on Meredith, Bailey rewarded Meredith with a promotion to Head of General Surgery.

After consulting with other department heads, Meredith stood up for herself and asked for the salary she deemed fit.

Grey's Anatomy 15x04 Meredith Talks about Her Date with Maggie Amelia & Andy

It turned out that Bailey was actually testing her to see if she would stand up for herself and agreed to Meredith's request. When Nathan Riggs arrived at the hospital, it did not take long for Meredith to discover the reasons regarding his feud with Owen.

Out of loyalty, Meredith asked Owen if they hated Nathan, to which Owen said yes. The day Owen sold Derek's trailer, Meredith witnessed Amelia being happy in her new life with Derek's job and a possible engagement to Cristina's former husband. This all resulted in a particularly bad day for Meredith, resulting in her snapping at everyone in the OR, including Nathan. Alex later told her not to crap on everyone's life just because she was choosing to be unhappy and pointed out she had choices.

Later that night in the parking lot, Nathan brought up her behavior and that he understood the way she felt about living a life without Derek, comparing it to Megan's disappearance.

Things got heated and resulted in her kissing him, which led to them hooking up in her car four times in one night. On the day of Owen and Amelia's wedding, Meredith and Alex talked about possibly having only one true love in your life. At work, Meredith made it clear to Nathan that she didn't want him to get too attached, which he assured her he wasn't. She then went to the church to get Amelia down the aisle, which included a quick getaway and more debating about having one true love.

Meredith concluded it would be better if you believed you can have more than one. This led her to open up to Nathan shortly before the ceremony when they discussed her wedding and his wedding plans with Megan.

During the ceremony, Nathan gave Meredith a loving look. However, Maggie misinterpreted his look as being for her, and she confessed to Meredith that she had a crush on Nathan, leaving Meredith in an awkward situation. At the wedding reception, Nathan invited her to dance but she declined. As he was suggesting they get out together, Maggie interrupted and ended up dancing with Nathan. Meredith continued to avoid Nathan after Maggie's confession and told him they had a problem.

Before she could elaborate, Jo called her about Alex assaulting Andrew.

She went to the hospital to check on Andrew's status and, knowing what really happened, kept Alex ated on Andrew while lying to Maggie about what had happened to Andrew. She and Ben both knew that Alex was the culprit, but she kept protecting Alex to make sure his good side would win. She advised Alex to go and tell Bailey what happened, but he went to try and stop Andrew from pressing charges.

Nathan found her sitting in a lounge and sat with her at her request as she decided to tell Bailey the truth. She did so, but Alex turned himself in before Bailey could have him arrested. Maggie was upset when she learned that Meredith had lied to her. Meredith said she just did so because they were still figuring things out and promised not to lie to her anymore, like a real sister. However, she immediately broke that promise when she hid the fact that Nathan came to see her that night, asking about the problem she had mentioned as he really felt something between them.

She replied someone would get hurt and, since Nathan brushed it off, then lied and said she didn't feel the same way about him. Maggie later told her about her recurring sexual dreams about Nathan and decided to ask him out like a grown woman ready for her big love. Meredith then accompanied Alex to the courthouse, where he was charged with felony assault in the second degree. This made Alex think of himself as just another piece of trash but Meredith reminded him of his career and remained confident that he wouldn't go to prison.

In surgery with Maggie, Owen came in to invite Meredith for a housewarming and Maggie volunteered to come after finding out Nathan would be there. Meredith later rode an elevator with Andrew and talked about how she was assaulted and forgave the man who did that to her. She added he should be focused on surgery instead of the case, which he interpreted as a threat. Meredith arrived at the dinner party and she made Owen give Maggie a tour so she could have a private talk with Nathan.

She told him Maggie was going to ask him out and she asked Nathan to decline nicely, which Nathan took as a signal that Meredith herself felt something for him, which she denied.

At the party, she also asked Jo to talk to Alex even though Jo was more concerned about Andrew. Later at the hospital, Bailey confronted Meredith about her threat to Andrew and warned Meredith not to go down with Alex, but Meredith insisted on standing by him. She and Bailey then had to operate on Alex's patient following a mistake he made, and Meredith invited Andrew to scrub in to clear the air between them.

Back at home, Alex told Meredith about Bailey's decision to let him work in the clinic and that he supported that decision because his head wasn't in the game. Meredith then told him about her sleeping with Nathan, just before Maggie came in and told them Nathan turned her down.

However, she didn't plan on giving up since he just told her he wasn't dating right now. When Meredith refused to allow Eliza into her OR to observe her teaching technique, Bailey suspended her. Bailey came to her house to get her to come back to her job. She agreed to come back if Richard could return to the Residency Program Director. Bailey declined and Meredith didn't come to work. Richard came over to Meredith's house to get her to come back and said she'd be fine.

Eventually, Meredith finally agreed to dinner with Nathan, but their plans were postponed when Maggie's mother died and Meredith had to take care of her. They ended up hooking up in the airplane bathroom.

Both had to tend to patients when the plane hit turbulence. The experience allowed them both to become closer and for Meredith to open up to Nathan about her history. She agreed to stay in a hotel room with Nathan, marking another step in their relationship. As the relationship with Nathan progressed to him sleeping over a lot, Meredith finally found it time for him to meet the kids and invited him to dinner.

After doing so, she started to panic a bit, but Amelia pointed out there was nothing or no one standing in her way. However, as she came home after work and told her kids about the upcoming guest, her plans were thwarted when Amelia told her that Megan had been found and was on her way to Seattle. Upon finding out that Nathan didn't know yet, Meredith immediately left to go and tell him.

As she arrived at the hospital, she witnessed an explosion from the parking lot. She also went looking for Erin Millera missing girl. While looking for Erin on the OR floor, she found that Nathan had refused to evacuate and was still working on his lobectomy patient. She quickly got gowned and gloved to help him so they'd be out faster. As soon as they could, they left and took the patient to the evac zone outside.

He had inhaled some smoke and needed oxygen therapy.

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Meredith stayed with him and checked his breath sounds. In that quiet moment, she recalled their shared dream of their lost loved one returning to them and finally told him the news about Megan. He broke down and she confronted him, unable to answer his questions about Megan.

She could only tell him that Megan would be brought to Madigan Medical Center. He decided to drive up there and could hardly contain his excitement and happiness, something she told him he did not need to apologize for as she understood how he felt. She then told him to get going and watched him drive off. Meredith was at work when Owen and Nathan brought Megan to the hospital.

She had a frozen abdomen and Meredith had an idea of how they could reverse her colostomy. While Bailey and Webber advised a conservative approach, but Megan opted for the more radical approach so she could return to her son in Iraq faster. Nathan had doubts about Meredith working on the case given their history, but Meredith assured him she could do it.

Megan tried to find out from her who Nathan had been dating, but Meredith didn't answer. Teddy also urged her to tell Megan the full story. As she advised Alex to tell Jo that he had found her husband, she realized it was only right Megan also got the full story and went to tell her, only moments before Nathan came in to do so. As she prepped Megan for surgery, she shared that her one great love had died and that she'd do everything to get Megan back to her son, which was Megan's first priority.

Meredith nervously scrubbed in for the surgery, which went well right up to the end, when she found out there wasn't enough tissue left to close the wound, angering her. She took her anger out by destroying the attending's lounge and went home, where she was inspired to perform an abdominal wall transplant.

She got Teddy on her side and they presented the plan to Megan, who accepted the opportunity to escape her hospital bed and didn't have a problem with Meredith doing the surgery. When she received news they had found one, she went to tell Megan, accidentally interrupting Nathan's proposing to her.

Meredith, Teddy, and Jo then performed the surgery without a hitch. Megan recovered well.

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On her way out, Meredith found Nathan sitting outside on a bench. He told her Megan was still convinced he was in love with Meredith, who was angered and walked off.

Eventually, Meredith was able to develop the procedure with the help of Jo. She also later broke the hospital's record for the single longest surgery. At Jo and Alex's wedding, Andrew kissed Meredith while drunk, which he immediately apologized for. While she dismissed at as no big deal, the kiss led to her having sex dreams about the majority of men in her life, such as Andrew, Jackson, and Tom.

Soon after, she started treating Cece Colvina professional matchmaker, who picked up on Meredith's desire to be kissed, even though Meredith dismissed the observation. She threw her hat in the ring for the recent job opening for interim Chief to have extra work to distract her from her desires.

Cece had to be put on dialysis awaiting her kidney transplant. Throughout the set-up, she pointed out that there's no cap on happiness and that love doesn't just come walking through the door. After the surgery, Meredith briefly met Atticus Lincoln but dismissed him at his attempt to introduce himself. At night in bed, a curious Meredith googled Cece's services but opted against using them.

While the sex dreams continued, Meredith found herself avoiding Cece due to her aggressive matchmaking attempts. Jackson advised her to tell Cece she was married to her work, which she heavily objected to, causing Link to overhear that she wasn't married.

In another attempt to find more work, Meredith set out to convince Bailey to allow her to create a surgical innovation fellowship for Jo. Later, she ran into Link and he properly introduced himself.

Aug 08,   But as the showrunner, I can confirm for you that Meredith Grey is very much a part of our Season of Love." As Vernoff explains, "Yes, [Mer]'s a single mom, and that complicates a dating life. 'Grey's Anatomy' Relationships. Jan 24,   After 14 years as the titular Meredith Grey on Grey's Anatomy, Ellen Pompeo is more determined than ever to make the hit medical series the best it .

She defended her earlier comment and stated she just meant she had a life outside work. He proposed drinks after work, but she had to assist Maggie in inserting a pacemaker for Cece's heart. During the procedure, Maggie also encouraged her to hire Cece.

They later had to inform her that her client, whom she had hit after passing out in her car, had died, Cece opposed being put on the transplant list. Bailey then found Meredith and told her she had stolen Meredith's idea and created the fellowship for Jo under her own leadership.

She needed some joy and found that was the way to do it, so she told Meredith to go find joy herself. After finding out she had been passed over as interim Chief, which went to Alex instead, Meredith decided to hire Cece.

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She admitted to Cece that she was, in fact, married to her work but didn't want to be. Having found a new purpose, Cece accepted her as a client and they started talking. Afterward, Meredith got tired of the flood of questions soon and did her best to avoid them. Cece tried to get answers through Taryn Helmbut Meredith only closed herself off even more.

Meredith grey dating

She confided in Alex, who told her that after everything she had been through, she had earned the right to close herself off and be selective of whom she wanted to let it.

While Meredith found a new way to continue Cece's care, she and Cece agreed to diminish the number of questions and try a new approach as well. She instructed Meredith to go out and buy herself five new outfits and ready herself for something new, which she did. Cece planned a blind date for Meredith, who briefly came into work beforehand wearing make-up, which was noticed by several men, including Andrew and Link. She met with the guy at a restaurant for lunch having low expectations, but they really hit it off and John completely understood her dedication to her work.

Along the way, they discovered they were actually on the wrong date but decided to keep it going. They left the restaurant and took a stroll. While discussing traveling, John stated that he was happy not having kids that could restrict his travel plans. He even went on to say he hated how desperate single mothers are in the dating scene. Having lost all interest due to his comment, Meredith revealed she had three children of her own and left the date.

Andy makes Meredith realize there are positive things to take away from her date. At the hospital, she shared her experience with Andy Herrerawho made her see that she now knew there still were great men out there and that she managed to dodge this particular slow-moving bullet because he revealed his opinion on single mothers before the relationship could have dragged on for too long.

The blind dates continued. Before a date with DanielMeredith was told by Richard that her father was dying of acute myeloid leukemia. She didn't know what to do about the situation. Link approached her for dinner, but she turned him down as she viewed him as more of an emergency kind of person rather than serious dating potential. In surgery, she and Alex discussed her situation with her father. She opened the door by giving him a piece of her liver, but he never walked through.

She wouldn't need to grieve him since he had been a ghost for years. On her date, Meredith rambled on about how it shouldn't be children's job to forgive their parents just because they are their parents. She decided not to reach out since the sole purpose would be making Thatcher feel better, which she didn't think weighed up against the pain it would cause her and her kids.

She returned to the hospital, where Link put his number in her phone in case of an emergency. At the same time, Andrew came over to ask Meredith about her date. She said she scared him off.

Both Link and Andrew then held the elevator doors for her, causing her to take the stairs. After work, she went to hang at Alex and Jo's with Link, whose hair she cut after he had cut off a piece to comfort a kid facing cancer treatment. She revealed she had a spinal tumor.

They did extra tests and found it was a grade III chondrosarcoma. Catherine struggled with how to tell Richard. Unbeknownst to her, Meredith received a call from Richard to tell her he had been arrested and was in jail. After returning to Seattle, Meredith bailed out Richard as a windstorm hit Seattle. Back at the hospital, she and Andrew treated a deteriorating Cece, who had discovered Link and suggested him to Meredith. Concerned over Catherine's health, Meredith was dismissive of Maggie's relationship troubles with Jackson.

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At the same time, Taryn arrived with the news that they had finally found a donor for Cece. Andrew clarified to Cece that there was a very real chance she would not make it off the table alive, but Cece was willing to roll the dice. She did warn Meredith she would come back to haunt her if she didn't do her best to squeeze all possible joy out of her life. This convinced Meredith to say yes to drinks with Link, much to Andrew's dismay. He then sought out Meredith as she was preparing for the transplant and told her that he had fallen in love with her since their kiss and that he wanted her to know that he was an option.

While she had some excuses to turn him away, such as her being his attending and his history with Maggie, he thought she felt the attraction between them, too. Overcome by desire, she removed herself from the situation and promised him she'd think about what he had said.

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Soon after, they got stuck together in an elevator on their way to the OR due to a power outage caused by the storm. With no cell phone connection, they tried to find a way out to no avail. She asked him to stop looking at her the way he did.

Before she begins to "date, date, date, date, date," let's take a look at Meredith Grey's love interests over the 15 seasons. The entire series started with Meredith and Derek's first night together, after they met in a bar.

And then Meredith had a secret baby! Meredith and her dog's vet, Finn Dandridge, got serious after Meredith and Derek broke up due to the fact that, ya know, he was married and wanted to try to patch things up with his wife. They attempted to make things work, even after Meredith cheated on Finn with Derek, and she dated both men, but you know how this story ends McDreamy came out ahead.

George RIP had a crush on Meredith in the beginning of the series and he finally got his wish and they slept together in season two. It was an unmitigated disaster and ruined their friendship for a little while, but eventually they got over it. Will Thorpe came in at a rough time for Meredith. Derek was dead, and she was getting her life back together.

She avoided his advances for a bit, but they eventually dated-and slept together. Mer freaked, since this was the first guy she dated since Derek's death, and broke it off after screaming at him to get out of her house. Will said he'd wait for herand we're three seasons lateris he still waiting? Meredith and Nathan slept together at the end of season 12 the same season she dated Willbut, since this is Grey's, they decided it was a one-time thingthat happens again.

Meredith went on one blind date with John, played by Josh Radnor, and it went so well Bye, John. He barely deserves to be mentioned, but people reacted so strongly to Josh Radnor being cast as Mer's new love interest that it was so, so funny when he was really only there for one ill-fated date at the start of season For a hot second, before the show committed to MerLuca, Meredith was in a bit of a love triangle with two fellow hot docs hoping to win her over.

Even as we were hoping for DeLuca to prevail, the triangle was pretty entertaining. Link Chris Carmack has now found found himself a fling with Amelia Caterina Scorsoneso it all worked out.

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