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T he backlash to MeToo was always going to begin in earnest with Al Franken. A famous celebrity and well-liked politician in the Democratic party, the harassment accusations that were made against him by eight women were met with skepticism and disdain by liberal Americans who had previously been supportive of the movement, but were unwilling to see it come for one of their own. In July, these Americans were cheered by a New Yorker article by Jane Mayer , an investigative reporter with a history of tackling powerful figures on the right, which aimed to exonerate Franken. Uncharacteristically for the accomplished Mayer, the article was incompletely and credulously reported. It poked significant holes in the account of one Franken accuser, the radio host Leeann Tweeden, but did nothing to cast doubt on the other seven accusers.

Anti-feminism of the backlash variety, she says, comes cloaked in the rhetoric of reasonableness and respectability - even those who see themselves as feminists are often drawn to it. In other words, the backlash could be thought of as a return to familiar social and intellectual habits, habits that subvert justice but which are comforting to the powerful. Among these habits are that of depicting women as incompetent and untrustworthy, of thinking of men as honorable and incapable of meaning any harm, of thinking of feminists as unreasonable, and their calls for men to think more about the emotions, rights and desires of women as unreasonable, even totalitarian.

These are familiar habits to a lot of people, including people who think of themselves as good and socially conscientious, people who read the New York Times, or vote Democratic, or have a stack of New Yorkers in their living rooms. This emerging backlash will present a challenge to the feminist movement that has emerged in the MeToo era, but it is not a new challenge, or a surprising one: anti-feminist reaction follows every feminist movement with the certainty and regularity of the tides.

Un-radicalizing these women, and making them accept an anti-feminist future, would be as impossible as to un-cook an omelette, or un-ring a bell. This article was amended on 11 September to add more context to the cited New Yorker podcast. It was also corrected to reflect the fact that Jeannie Suk Gersen is an academic at Harvard, not Yale.

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Reuse this content. Most popular. Do not stay at the same hotels on business trips as woman business colleagues, even if it means paying for it yourself. Minimize business social engagements, leaving as soon as possible. Leave the women and their future victims alone and do not be there so that you can be classed as a witness or accessory.

Metoo backlash dating

Mentoring requires a level of trust and candor that is not possible in a modern business setting. If you tell her something that is true as part of the process, and she does not like it, she can take revenge on your life and career by lying and will be praised for it.

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In any case, modern society insists that women are better and more valuable than men in everything. They can do it all, better. So let them. But let them pay the consequences.

The war on #MeToo will fail. Women cannot be un-radicalized

You need not have any to them. The only way to not lose is to not play their game the way they want you to. Seems like a remarkably logical and thorough set of rules for men, to avoid what has now become a lifelong risk associated with even a single social encounter. Incidentally, it will probably also ultimately reduce the birthrate to levels to please even the most rabid environmental activist. Last year, for instance, in the city of Surabaya, a group of school students, which included many girls wearing the hijab, denounced the day.

For ages, reliable contraception was unavailable.

A male backlash against #MeToo is brewing By Kyle Smith. View author archive Claire Berlinski calls the #MeToo movement "a frenzied extrajudicial warlock hunt that does not pause to parse. Sep 06,   T he backlash to #MeToo was always going to begin in earnest with Al Franken.A famous celebrity and well-liked politician in the Democratic party, Author: Moira Donegan.

For ages, we have creatures of Order Mammalia. And for ages, females of all mammalian species have nursed their young even after enduring the discomforts of gestation and the risks of childbirth.

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And, should a woman fail to do this initially and prior to each and every escalation in intimacy then she must forever hold the man and his behavior harmless. Preferably by holding her peace about the encounter. The Dems are dreaming. That thinking lives on here. I do not like what I see as the inevitable violent end point of these cultural ruins brought to us by the left. Cultural destruction will lead to the destruction of civilization.

This situation is not good. Forgive me for being sooo old fashioned here. Our wedding night was the first time for both of us. Having sex and making love are not the same thing. The act of sex between a husband and a wife is a fulfillment of that commitment. It is a beautiful thing.

There is at least one account of Trump sticking his hand up the dress of a woman sitting at a different table, at a dance club without uttering a word or exchanging a glance. You can argue over whether the account is a lie.

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But assuming it is true, Trump had no way of knowing whether this particular woman was OK with it even though he is allegedly very rich. Guess what? It has always been confusing and Yes it does change from woman to woman - and man to man.

The alternative is sometimes date rape and most of the time, if he needs force, the guy knows damn well that it is unwelcome.

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Undoubtedly current mores can lead to injustice - same as sex without consent can. So, stop whining. Did you get a dyke to build that argument for you or did you make it up all by your little lonesome? First, there is your little example.

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Why Trump why not a generic man? Why does Trump have to be the person that we are assuming the truth about?

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Seems kinda fishy to me, or maybe overtly political with no reasoning attached other than to make one man look like an asshole. Which seems to be your whole reasoning in making it.

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I have bounced in bars before and I can tell you clearly what happens next you male feminist twat. If you think someone like Trump is immune from this you are wrong, the only ones that get immunity from this kind of shit are very very very bad people and if the woman has any kind of experience she will understand that his club is different from others and will make it her habit to never frequent it again. YellowTroll you are so naive and ignorant of how anything works I really wonder if you ever leave the computer and venture out.

My suggestion if you want to better understand things is to go outside and play. Well now, yellow worm. If we are going for unsubstantiated allegations, I heard you molest goats, chickens, young boys, and small household appliances. Being unable to think for himself, he has nothing else to repeat except what he reads in his Daily Kos email every morning.

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Only one more reason why marriage is so right and proper, and casual sex, cohabitation, living together, divorce, and anything involving multiple partners so wrong. As these females become all the more militant, fewer rational men will have anything to do with them, making it all the less likely that they will be in any position to have offspring. None of this is accidental. RadFems have longed for sexual chaos since the beginning.

The risk of being attacked without being able to prove myself innocent 30 years later is just not worth any potential outcome anymore. There is one way to prevent being trapped by a false accusation.

#MeToo Backlash, My Experience & More

Record everything. As long as they are informed that you are recording I would believe that the privacy laws are covered and that can be recorded as well. Of course if they flip out about the recording that would be your signal to leave. It did not. It was always what it is now, it just had to hide itself behind good intentionsjust like every other piece of leftist BS.

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B-A-B-Y Individual dignity. Intrinsic value. Go forth and reconcile. Not love. Not respect. Not intimacy. Just brute power.

Feb 13,   The Washington Post has a horrifying glimpse into singlehood, dating, and how the #MeToo culture has ruined everything. Over the summer, Geoffrey Knight is in bed with a woman he is dating. He puts his hand on her breast, and she swats it away. Nov 26,   The #MeToo backlash is ruining the dating game for normal good men. Feminists don't understand that honest normal guys don't want to approach women anymore from fear of being labeled a sexual predator. #MeToo backlash and the damage it's caused to men. I have a question. Apr 05,   Why women are worried about #MeToo. The anti-#MeToo backlash that followed the first wave of public reports of sexual misconduct last year often seemed to .

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