Agree with nsa in dating terms advise

The reason behind this is that in most places it's cold and cloudy most of the time; a very depressing time of the year for most, but even more so when you don't have someone who cares for you or willing to spend time with you. Those who were in lasting relationships before cuffing season Cuffing Season has begun; have you been cuffed. A stupid made up season with no correlating evidence what so ever. Paige said it was cuffing season. She was full of it.

Jeffries, Aldershot Road instruments that we have seen, most have raised metal ends.

Some have nice fretwork, whereas others have what started as standard flat Jeffries-style fretwork that was extruded into raised ends.

As a result, the air button that is normally centered within a floral motif is mounted further back in the first available blank area of fretwork see Figure However, some of the stamping is less precise.

Possibly the die was from another set intended for stamping from the reverse of materials to produce a raised letter on the front.

An interesting 4-row Anglo concertina is shown in Figures 51 and Other instruments tend to be indistinguishable from Jeffries Bros instruments, except for the W.

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