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Safe dating is the act of using caution and discretion in selecting a person to spend intimate time with to explore a friendship or committed relationship. The word "safe" is used due to cases of date rape, abuse, robbery and murders that have happened on blind dates or with two strangers who decide to meet and enjoy time together. Safe dating includes protecting your personal safety, collecting information about your date and keeping a friend or associate informed of the plans for the date. This can include making plans to escape the situation if there is questionable behavior by the other party on the date. In the past 30 years, safe dating tips and coaching has been on the rise due to tragic situations between men and women. Serial rapist convictions and other violent crimes have influenced the technique of practicing safe dating. Popular dating websites are among tools used to manipulate dates into a meeting that have been unsafe for some.

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This short video shows exactly how Discreet Dating Affirmation works, and hides the charges. It is the second site in the video. JoinSafelyOnline is registered anonymously in Panama. It is a marketing aggregator server that sends the victims to different sites.

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I do not know the logic of how it picks where to send you, it might be geographically based. I am very familiar with this site, I get many inquiries. The short gibberish name is used for discreet billing purposes.

ShineLoveOnMe is a low-quality white label dating site. Staffordish Limited. Staffordish is a shell company in Lefkosia Nicosia Cyprus. Here are the important parts of the Terms of Use:. To find the ownership of a website you look it up by domain URL. Here is what I found. Registering anonymously is common for these sites.

Discreet Dating Affirmation is a Scam

This partial anonymity is something I have not seen before. The Philippines is home to sextortion gangs.

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When the the scammer meets you online, they quickly escalate to intimacy and sharing nude pictures. If you reciprocate, they got you. This will be followed up by a demand for money, or they will post your naked pics on social media, telling all your friends and family. Here are a few examples:. From Marketwatch - I was Humiliated - online dating scammers hold nude photos for ransom.

Because there are different scenarios, what you do next depends on your individual situation. Click one of the buttons below, and we will go from there.

10 Tips to AVOID BEING KIDNAPPED by a Tinder Rando - Online Dating Safety

Checking out Someone I met Online. I Gave them My Credit Card. URL: makeanaccount. Here are a few of the URL variations, I am sure there are more: makeanaccount. I was walking on California's Stinson Beach in August when I struck up a conversation with a woman who seemed utterly delightful. Captivated, I invited her to dinner at my house that evening.

Jan 09,   How to Stay Safe While Dating Follow these tips to stay safe during your first few encounters with someone new. by Ken Solin, January 9, | Comments: 0. I was walking on California's Stinson Beach in August when I struck up a conversation with a woman who seemed utterly delightful. Captivated, I invited her to dinner at my house that. Jul 22,   Victims of Tinder safe dating scam can lose a lot of money Users of Tinder, the massively popular location-based dating app, are being targeted with a clever scam that may make them lose over a. The benefits of safe dating include the emotional and physical safety of the parties involved. Other benefits can include finding a long and lasting relationship that could lead to marriage or a deep friendship. Safe dating is not a process of fear, but it is a process to make the .

While I ate my dinner, she drank hers - then refused to leave. And, according to her, why should she? My acquaintance of 12 hours bizarrely insisted that we were living together.

The situation felt menacing - would I find a rabbit stew boiling on the stove? The two of us spent 45 minutes coaxing my surprise head case to leave, but it took a threat to call the police to finally get her out the door.

Does it jar you to find a man writing about dating safety? Don't let it. As my fatal attraction to that mad mermaid proved, scary situations can pop up for anyone in the dating world - female or male, online or not.

A girl sent me a message and we struck up a conversation, she mentioned she might want to meet up but then tells me I have to register with this tinder safe dating website, with an address of Everything looks normal until it asked for my credit card info, in . The Age and Date Verification Scam. The scenario in this article is a common online datingHookup scam. A person wants to meet you but wants you to visit a free verification site, for their safety. It is important to note that these scams abound on online dating sites and applications. Apr 08,   Discreet Dating Affirmation & Guarantee Date - How the Scam Works. You meet someone online, and they express interest in you. They tell you they want to meet in person, but first you must verify to prove you are "safe" or something along those lines.

That's why everyone who is part of that world must take some basic steps to ensure his or her physical safety. At the very least, consider adopting the approaches below; all of them draw on my 12 years of recent online dating experience.

Safe dating guarantee

Gentlemen first. When you've exchanged emails with a prospect and you feel it's time to furnish phone numbers, the man should offer his first. If he doesn't, the woman should ask him to do so. I can't think of any good reason why a legitimately eligible man would withhold his digits; if he does, that's ample cause to feel unsafe.

Give the dude a pass. Pick a safe spot for your first date. A busy daytime cafe is ideal. There isn't much privacy, but you'll be grateful for the presence of others if an unpleasant situation develops. If your date refuses to meet at a cafe or insists on a less public place, simply move on.

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Know when to bail. I once had a coffee date with a woman who grew increasingly angry - and vocal - over her mistreatment by an ex-boyfriend. When she turned her attack on me, I got up and left - and was thankful for an audience to witness my exit. Call for backup, Part 1. If a coffee date shows up with a bad attitudea bad temper or a foul mouth, head for the door.

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Do likewise if he talks about becoming sexual after 15 minutes, or attempts to corral you into a relationship. If you feel truly threatened, explain the situation to the cafe manager and ask him or her to walk you to your car. Call for backup, Part 2. I was enjoying a second date at a restaurant when my companion took a call during dinner. I was pretty sure I knew what was going on.

Ask the right questions.

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Certain queries can reveal a lot of info in a short amount of time about a person you've just met. You might ask, for example, if your date has close friends : A "yes" indicates he or she is capable of connecting with others; a "no" suggests a lack of intimacy skills. Be safe at home. As I learned the hard way with my would-be Glenn Close, it's unwise to welcome anyone into your abode unless you know them well.

Protect Your Identity and Data

If you're unsure, consider asking another couple to join you. My current girlfriend whom I met onlineby the way invited me into her home after only our second date. I accepted, thanking her for her trust, but later mentioned that she could have been putting herself at risk.

We all want to believe the best about people, but a date you don't really know deserves only a modicum of trust. So rather than rolling the dice when it comes to your personal safety, try following the steps above. Who knows?

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