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Synagogues may be considered "oldest" based on different criteria. Many very old synagogues have been discovered in archaeological digs. Some synagogues have been destroyed and rebuilt several times on the same site, so, while the site or congregation may be ancient, the building may be modern. Still other very old synagogue buildings exist, but have been used for many centuries as churches, mosques, or for other purposes. And some very old synagogues have been in continuous use as synagogues for many centuries.

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Egyptian restores historic synagogue, but few Jews remain

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An archeological Dig at Magdala, Israel, seems to have found remains of an ancient synagogue, dating to the time of Jesus. (Photo courtesy of the Magdala Center.). Ukraine synagogue dating back to 18th century collapses due to fire It had been used since the the end of the Holocaust as a furniture factory and carpentry workshop. The Great Synagogue in Illintsi, Ukraine. Jan 10,   The site has a long history. An earlier synagogue dating to AD was built in the same location, and the current building dates to roughly , when the .

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The oldest synagogue fragments are stone-carved synagogue dedication inscriptions found in Middle and Lower Egypt and dating from the 3rd century BCE. [3] The oldest Samaritan synagogue, the Delos Synagogue, dates from between and BCE, or earlier and is located on the island of Delos. Guildford Medieval Synagogue. Guildford, England. Archaeologists have interpreted it as a Jewish synagogue dating back to , making it the oldest synagogue in the British Isles. The Touro Synagogue or Congregation Jeshuat Israel (Hebrew: ??? ???? ????? ?????) is a synagogue built in in Newport, Rhode is the oldest synagogue building still standing in the United States, the only surviving synagogue building in the U.S. dating to the colonial era, and the oldest surviving Jewish synagogue building in North simplybeyondexpectations.comon: Newport, Rhode Island, USA.

The Great Synagogue in Illintsi, Ukraine. Credit: Wikimedia Commons. A portion of these medieval-period buildings perished when the Kerala Jews had to leave them behind under the threat of persecution by the Moors and the Portuguese or as a result of natural disasters.

The balance was rebuilt as a consequence of naturally occurring or intentionally set fires, modernization efforts, or assorted other variables.

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In Israel, archaeologists have uncovered many ruins of synagogues from or more years ago, placing them in the time before the 70 CE destruction of the Second Temple in Jerusalem. The Yeshua Synagogue in Rangoon Yangon was originally built in Located between shops and traders, the synagogue is still operating for the small community of Burmese Jews who live in Rangoon.

Synagogue dating

The property was converted to storage and various plans have been put forth to renovate the structure. Unfortunately, the Austrian Jewish Community IKG has shown no interest in assisting local groups and government agencies in the preservation of the structure, which is one of the oldest synagogues in Europe.

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The Great Synagogue in Copenhagen, Denmark was built in It was built in for the Jeshuat Israel congregation, which was established in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article. Main article: Oldest synagogues in Israel. See also: Ancient synagogues in Palestine. Main article: Oldest synagogues in the United Kingdom.

The synagogue as it appeared in was described by the Spanish pilgrim, the Lady Egeria, who reported that the way into the structure was up many steps, and that the building was made of dressed stone. The very grandeur of the Capernaum synagogue has contributed to the controversy concerning the actual dating of the building. At the northern point of Griswold at Clifford, technically outside the limits of the Capitol Park Historic District, is the Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue. Dating back nearly years, the synagogue is experiencing a revival through the efforts of a small but growing . The Gospels specifically mention those of Nazareth (Matt. ) and Capernaum (Mark ). Archaeologists have found scant evidence of these early synagogues, although later synagogues left substantial remains. Only one synagogue dating to Jesus' time has been uncovered, in the town of simplybeyondexpectations.comlly, synagogues were placed in pro.

Main article: Oldest synagogues in Canada. Main article: Oldest synagogues in the United States.

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