Not understand taking a dating hiatus quickly answered something

If you texted her over and over and she only answered once, then you are texting her too much. Although I think the text back rule is stupid, I mean what if you saw something super funny and wanted to share. If you text out of control and she only intermittently answers, then you text her way too much. Texting is supposed to be spontaneous, fun, and quick. If you want to tell her a funny story more like a novel, either pick up the phone to call her or just wait until you see her next time. Keep texting to a quick blip, or she is probably not even taking the time to read what you wrote. No one wants a novel unless they buy it at the book store.

Recently, I drove about an hour-and-a-half one way to meet a girl whom I had been conversing with online. We met for lunch and then went and played tennis.

Momoland's Daisy foreshadowing her relationship with iKON's Yunhyeong in November 2017

She actually was a collegiate tennis player and. After, we played another game right there on the tennis court, and again, got my butt kicked. Such is life.

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