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Schools are gender specific, limiting any interaction with the opposite sex whatsoever. In Iran, it is illegal to date. Teenagers are separated from each other until they reach the right age to marry. In Australia, teenagers hang out with large groups until they reach 18 years old. Typically, they separate from their group and start dating. It is also common for a lady to ask a guy on a date and even pay for the expenses. In parts of Europe, dating is usually done in groups or in a large scale.

Is it unusual to see such age gaps in couples there.

On another subject. A couple of years after my divorce, I went back to college and graduated last spring with a bachelors in English along with certification to Teach English as a Second Language TESL.

Spanish Months, Days, and Dates ?? - Los meses, los dias y las fechas -- Leccion 8

Do you know where I can obtain any information about teaching English there in Panama pay scale, demand etc.

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