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Cuffing season is upon us - but what does that really mean. Here's everything you need to know. Of course there are now a whole heap of weird and wonderful dating 'terms' you need to know about. From 'Gatsbying' to 'fishing' and 'masturdating' there are so many new dating and relationship trends floating about that it can get confusing. And it doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon - as another bizarre phrase has emerged, and it's going to be on everyone's lips for the next few months. If you're on social media you may have seen these two words popping up all over your timeline over the last few days. Well, according to Vivastreet the term first entered the mainstream inwhen it was coined by Urban Dictionary.

Stephen Bear REVEALS He's Secretly Dating Charlotte Crosby? - Celebs Go Dating

Thus, now you know about the dating culture in Use. So in case you ever heard, always spread love on every corner.

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