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brilliant idea

I am buying a new fridge, but i don't think I can use the Ice Maker because there's no waterline running near that wall. However, I'm set on the side by side fridges, and don't see a single side by side without the ice maker. At least in my price range. Is it possible to plug in the fridge, and just not plug in the ice maker, or would that cause problems? You can still use the fridge without using the ice maker without any problems BUT I can't imagine not using that feature. Just on a side note,most of the time running a waterline to your fridge and hooking it up is not that hard a job. Your also not looking at that much money if you hired someone.

All clear, how to do matchmaking on fortnite idea and duly

not despond!

Epic is very aware that players might need custom matchmaking for a number of reasons. It might be useful for tournaments or parties, for example, or it might help certain streamers to grow their audiences. There are very few limits to the customization options once you have a key. The problem with custom matchmaking at the moment, though, is that it is very limited. Right now, the keys are largely restricted to major streamers and a handful of tournament organizers across the world. There is, however, a bright light at the end of this tunnel.

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