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The Trouble with Secrets. When this idea came to me I realized it was completely alternate universe to some extent. When the story begins it is the end of June and Harry is 20 years old. The only changes from the book is that Harry and Ginny never dated at school. Sirius, Fred, Remus, Tonks and Snape never died. And Harry dated Cho in fifth year for half the year. Chapter I:.

Not to mention all the conspiracy theorists who will constantly be harassing them, claiming that Voldemort is still out there. That puts a lot of strain on a relationship.

In books three and four, she has no character development. I think fans would like her a lot more if her characteristics were established early and she was consistently someone we needed to care about. As if she suddenly realized we had to give Harry a reason for liking her. Suddenly, Ginny becomes popular, smart, athletic, and attractive.

She becomes brave, dates lots of boys, and has no flaws. Good for her and all. In book five, Ginny makes the Quidditch team after Harry is cut from it. It turns out that she is amazing at Quidditch, apparently better than Katie Bell who has been on the team for five years! If Ginny is so good at Quidditch and loves it so much, why did she wait for her fourth year to try out?

This part of her would have made more sense earlier. This is what I personally hate about their relationship. But her confidence and bravery seem to come after she gets over her crush for Harry. She starts dating lots of boys and acts like a normal teenage girl, all without sending Harry any Valentines gnomes.

All of her positive characteristics seem to come out when she is apart from Harry.

Harry and ginny dating at hogwarts - simplybeyondexpectations.com. Yes, rather than hermione granger lord frederick maryland. In each. Read almost every harry potter book he's read pretty much appreciated help of finding his ideal idea of. Sometimes a truly desperate. Reviews. Read A Potter Wedding from the story A Harry and Ginny - simplybeyondexpectations.com by Kaylor_all_the_way (Hazel Filene) with reads.(In Ginny's room with the bride and the m. The Trouble with Secrets. Is That They Eventually Come Out. Author's Note: When this idea came to me I realized it was completely alternate universe to some extent. When the story begins it is the end of June and Harry is 20 years old. The only changes from the book is that Harry and Ginny never dated at school.

I hate to bring it up, but it just seems so true. And without those essential moments, it looks like Ginny was happier before she started dating Harry. This is just one theory. But you know what, Gryffindors can be really annoying! The trouble with the sorting hat is that it creates some kind of personality-based class system where Gryffindors are seen as the best people ever because they are brave. Even though loyalty, cunning, and intelligence are great things to have.

Gryffindors bully Slytherins and can just be really smug.

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Harry is very close to the Weasleys before he starts dating Ginny. Weasley knits him jumpers and cooks for him. He spends some of his summer holidays there and seems to be very close to them.

Harry sees the Weasleys as the ideal family he never had growing up. Sometimes I wonder if part of his attraction to Ginny is a desire to be family. Because of this, she is very protective and strict with Ginny, stopping her from having the same privileges and freedoms her brothers had at her age. Then when it comes to Harry, Molly is much more lenient than she is with her sons.

She fusses over him. So, when does this stop? Does she burst into their house on their tenth anniversary offering them cake and cleaning dirt off their faces?

Ginny is part of the books for one simple reason; to be a love interest for the main character. The main frustration comes from her not having any flaws. I don't know how often I can say that before you'll understand. You're not usually this dumb. As she had thought would happen, a reference to his intelligence made him stomp out, though he cast her a longing glance over his shoulder.

She sat down on the bench. Anna took off the Silencing Charm and came over, giving cautious glances at Harry's back. Ginny nodded.

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He doesn't even care who it's with, as long as he has a family of his own. Anna laughed. If he knows that his boyfriend still wants to marry him, then you might get some support in driving Potter off. Ginny thought Anna was startled when Ginny hugged her out of the blue like that, but it was justified, in Ginny's opinion. Sometimes it took someone outside the situation to see the best solution for it.

Ginny took a deep breath and finished closing the door behind her.

Scorpius Malfoy/Harry Potter (2) Harry Potter & Ginny Weasley (2) Include Additional Tags Divorced Harry Potter & Ginny Weasley (71) Fluff (12) Angst (10) First Time (7) Anal Sex (7) Happy Ending (7) Friends to Lovers (7) Post-Hogwarts (7) Harry Potter Epilogue Compliant (7). Read Dating from the story Harry and Ginny A Harry Potter love story by LoveWolvesss with 1, reads. ya, hinny, harry. Sorry for the REALLY short chapter you Reviews: 3. Reviews (68 found). Page 1 of 3. Story: Reunion.

She should have expected this. Malfoy was in some secretive field at the Ministry, perhaps the Unspeakables, or else a shadowy agency in the back of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. It made sense that he would show up in her flat without a sign of his having picked the lock or disrupted the wards. He had already moved, and now the sound of the voice came from the ceiling. Ginny carefully didn't roll her eyes, since she thought he would probably be able to see the disdainful gesture from that angle.

He's gone, and he's not coming back to me. Perhaps they broke up because they're so similar and neither of them could stand to be around each other any longer, Ginny thought, then decided it didn't matter. The plan she had in mind would work just as well without knowing the reason.

A throwing knife pinned her robe to the floor, and then Malfoy was on her in a swirl of charcoal-grey cloak and long pale limbs. His eyes were furious. He smelled faintly of fire. Ginny had expected something like this, and it had happened too quickly for her to be afraid. She took a deep breath and answered, "I find it annoying that he wants to marry me, and I wish he would go away.

But he had a ring with him, one you would like. I think he really wants to marry you and is just using me as a substitute. Malfoy paused and rocked back on his heels, then began to prowl back and forth in front of her. Ginny exhaled and bent down to check the knife through her robe, not quite daring to remove it yet.

At least it looked as if the tear would be small and easily taken care of with Reparo. Malfoy spun around and stabbed a finger at her. He had a scar on his face that he hadn't had the last time Ginny saw him.

She knew she could ask and he would fob her off with a ridiculous load of bollocks about how people had died for asking about his job, so she kept silent.

Her curiosity was doomed never to be satisfied where Malfoy and Harry were concerned, and she was fine with that as long as they stopped bothering her. Ginny snorted mentally. Malfoy was nothing much to look at, either, pale as a vampire and with hair like clotted cream that Ginny was convinced he dyed, given the darker roots showing through. He wants to settle down. And he comes running to me the minute he breaks up with you, not because he wants mebut because his best choice was gone and he was falling back on the second best one.

She knew Malfoy would like to hear her calling herself second best, while she didn't mind because she had long since ceased to measure her worth by what Malfoy thought of her.

Sure enough, he beamed and preened a bit, then fixed her with a sharp glare and said, "Did you encourage him?

Malfoy paused, then vanished into the shadows again. Ginny heard a window open and shut, and when she looked around, Malfoy was gone. She pried the knife out of her robe, repaired the tear, and went to make dinner. She had to laugh aloud later. She'd found some pale powder under a chair that, when she tested it with a basic sourcing spell, did indeed turn out to be hair dye. Ginny sighed in relief and shook her head at the front page of the paper as she started drinking her tea.

She skimmed through the article beneath the photo of Harry and Malfoy holding hands and kissing, then looking properly bashful when the cameras clicked. The article only repeated what she already knew, though: that Harry was going to ask Malfoy to marry him, that "peculiar circumstances" had intervened-the writer seemed to think it was Malfoy's job-but that the wedding was back on now.

She was most occupied in looking at the picture, since she would never have believed that Malfoy could look bashful if she hadn't seen it. And she lingered on Harry's happy expression, too.

She savored it, and hoped he would. Yes, there would be problems in the future, but this was really the best course for him. Hermione's owl, Rowena, brought a letter just as Ginny was finishing breakfast. Ginny fed her a piece of bacon and sent her off to visit with Helga; they had been nestmates. The two owls poked at each other's feathers and hooted softly while Ginny opened the letter, anticipating that it would be about Hermione needing a babysitter for the weekend, which she often did.

Instead, the writing dashed across the page, and there were several small wet spots that might be the result of tears. Ginny frowned and sat up. I'm sorry to write this to you, but I don't know who else to turn to. I just-I had a fight with Ron, and he said some things, and I said some things, that had me questioning my sexuality.

I think I might be interested in women, and specifically in you. Ginny was a bit late to practice, given that she had to clean up the scorch mark from the middle of her table.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Books Harry Potter. Harry thinks he and Ginny are dating. Ginny, who doesn't want him, must send him back into the waiting arms of Draco.

Title: Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley Are Dating Disclaimer: J. K. Rowling and associates own these characters.I am writing this story for fun and not profit. Pairings: Harry/Draco, one-sided Harry/Ginny Rating: PG Warnings: Profanity, crack, Ginny POV. Ignores the epilogue. Wordcount: Summary: Harry thinks he and Ginny are simplybeyondexpectations.com's up to Ginny to correct . Deleting your account is permanent and irreversible. All related data, including stories, reviews, etc., will be deleted as well.

Ignores the epilogue. Wordcount: Summary: Harry thinks he and Ginny are dating. Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley Are Dating There was a letter waiting for her on the table when she got home from practice.

I know that I- There was a long dashed line on the parchment then, as though someone had seized Harry's quill and wrenched it sideways. Dear Harry, I know that you think things like this sometimes, but you know we would be miserable together. The little Ginny in the exact center of the poster hanging on the wall right now gave her a look of commiseration Ginny banged her head against the wall a few times to relieve her feelings, and then went to strip off her robes and get into the shower.

There you are.

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He chased me until I gave in. Let him decide if he likes the bird or not first. She was so beautiful when she was annoyed or angry.

Harry potter fanfiction harry and ginny dating

Ron's heart sped up a bit in his chest. Every guy she had ever dated was a douche; at least in his opinion. Okay, Victor Krum had been alright, Ron was ready to admit that he had overreacted in that sense but Cormac had been a catastrophe and David Cunningham, the guy she had dated after the war for six months from the Ministry had just been the worst possible choice.

He had not only dumped her for not having sex with him but had actually slapped her once. Ron had only found that part out because Harry had beat the guy to a bloody pulp in Finnegan's Pride and Ron had confronted him. Harry was not normally an angry person so he had been surprised. As far as he knew, Hermione still didn't know that Harry had told him about David. Hermione smiled at him. He's a muggle and I have an art history class with him at Oxford.

He's really sweet and he's been bugging me about going out with him for a few months now and I thought well, why not. I haven't really dated anyone since David; just the odd date here and there. So tonight will be our first date. I'm meeting him at this fancy Italian restaurant in Piccadilly's Circus at seven. Are you still dating Laura Addison, the keeper from the Harpies?

Ron shook his head. You think I'm obsessed with Quidditch, she's crazy! All she talks about is past Quidditch moves and how amazing and groundbreaking they were and how she's tried them out. I had to either break up with her or curse her. Hermione laughed at that, feeling a little smug at the thought. She turned back to her painting and Ron watched her. He wanted her.

No other woman had ever drawn such desire from him the way she did. She was his best friend and he knew that there was no possible way that she felt the same about him. Sometimes he would catch her watching him and he would wonder on it, thinking maybe he was wrong and that she did feel something but then she would look away and he would be left wondering if he had imagined it.

She stood on her toes a bit to reach the one part of the wall and Ron's eyes moved down to her firm bottom in the khaki shorts she wore. Before he had fully comprehended what he had intended to do he was dropping his brush, spinning her around him and lifting her up against him, planting his lips on hers. The sound that erupted from her throat made him rock hard and he deepened the kiss, turning his head just a little to give access to his tongue.

Her hands fisted in his hair but to his relief she wasn't pushing him away but pulling him towards her. She tasted like raspberries and honey and he wanted more. He moved his hands down to her waist to grip her hips tightly and slowly pulled away, letting her fall back down to the floor. She stood up on her toes and tugged his head down to hers so that she could kiss him again. When she pulled back she smiled at him.

Hermione laughed and wrapped her arms around his neck. Kiss me again, Ron. The memory still made him smile when he thought about it. The sound of movement around him brought his attention back and Michael Corner grinned at him. He was free and he felt good about that.

He checked his watch and grinned.

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It was just about time to meet Harry and Hermione and for his summer vacation to begin. Hermione smiled at him and reached across the table to take his hand in hers. But a friend's a got to worry every now and again. Harry laughed and brought his beer to his lips. You worry twenty-four seven. I thought maybe once you and Ron realized that you've been in love with each other for ten years it would mean you would stop paying so much attention to me.

You're my best friend. You've haven't dated anyone since Natalie Davis. A date here or there doesn't count and please don't tell me you're taking after Sirius. He's a total cad! He laughed at that. A cad was probably not even the right word to describe Sirius Black. Once the war had ended he had really come back into himself and slept with more women then should have been possible. He was a total man-whore and proud of it.

I love playing Quidditch and I love being able to get a girl when I want one and to just be on my own. I'm only going to be twenty-one next month, do I need to be married with kids? She smiled at that and leaned over the table to kiss his cheek.

I just want to make sure it happens. He grinned at that.

Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley

I've never been happier these past six months in my whole life. I'm content. Now stop trying to set me up. Hermione shrugged and took another sip of her butterbeer. I loved going to Oxford University. It was nice to be back in the muggle world; to be learning muggle things. I think it will really benefit me to have a muggle degree when I work at the Ministry as well. She grinned at that. But now I have a degree in history and criminology. The background in the muggle political system will really help me when I work at the Ministry I think.

I was accepted into the Wizengamot internship by the way. I will start that in September and hopefully one year from now I'll be working in the Ministry of Magic.

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I think you would be really good at it. We both know you're going to love it. Hermione working in politics just seemed to fit. She wanted so much change and working as a lawyer would definitely give her that opportunity.

Ultimately she wanted to be a judge in the Wizengamot and Harry knew that she would get there. What are you going to do when you're finished with Quidditch?

Harry shrugged and brought his bottle to his lips. I'll figure that out when the time comes I suppose. Hopefully, it won't be for a few years yet. I've only been playing Quidditch for two years. He grinned. That last match we had before the finals against the Harpies was a great one. Ginny is an amazing Quidditch player. It's going to be a real shame when she leaves the team. If any team had the chance to beat us out of the finals it was hers. Hermione nodded at him.

She really loves it too, you know. I don't think Molly understands that. She's just so happy that her daughter is going to be a healer. I think she looks at Quidditch as the job that's getting her through the Healer Academy and not as a career. Molly's a bit old-fashioned in that sense.

I think she hopes Ginny will quit as soon as she graduates. I was just surprised at the match. I remember she was good when she took my place as Seeker back at school but what a chaser. Anyway, with the finals done and complete I'm hoping I can use the summer to make my flat a home.

Everything is white and none of your furniture matches. It's almost scary. He laughed. I have the paint picked out and everything. I just need to do it. I think I might get it done tonight. Unlike Ron, I've done enough muggle painting in my life time. Merlin knows my uncle made me paint the tool shed every summer along with the deck and the common room walls. I think I'll just use magic and start setting up house.

The two of us are going to have to go out to lunch or something this summer. I'm taking the summer off completely, staying with my parents.

Hopefully that will work out. Hermione shrugged. The one you met last year when you came to pick me up for George and Katie's wedding? He's still hitting on me all the time! Now my mother told me that he asked my parents if he could have their blessing to date me and eventually marry me!


Can you believe that? Harry grinned at bit at the exrated sound in his friend's voice. It doesn't seem too far-fetched that some guy would want to marry you. He nodded. Well, last year when he was hitting on you, you weren't seeing anybody. Now you are. Just tell him you have a boyfriend. I thought I had made myself clear last summer when we spoke but after my mum told me this I was just blown away! I mean I go home at least once a month and he always somehow knows when I'm there.

He's nice; he just can't take a hint. Hermione laughed now. Well, I'll see if I can talk to him again. I just wish he would take a hint is all. Not to mention that Ron can be pretty jealous.

Harry smiled at her. He knew that she had been in love with Ron since they were eleven years old. He had found out in second year and it still blew his mind a little to realize that he hadn't seen it earlier.

Ron had been clearly oblivious until the Yule Ball in fourth year.

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