What We Offer

SBE strives to build and maintain a customer-oriented culture that encourages and nurture service excellence through quality, value and professionalism that Simply goes Beyond our clients Expectations. It is our duty to provide the service that our client pays for.


We’re always there.

Lawn care is not just a vanity project: a healthy lawn is important to the greater environment. People benefit from healthy grasses, when your lawn is in good shape, your family has a quality outdoor space to use and enjoy, increasing your quality of life. That same lush lawn improves your property value and the value of your neighborhood.  SBE will work with you and your staff to ensure your lawn is the best that it can be.


Award winning floral arrangements.

Seasonal Color is installed for one simple reason, “The WOW Factor,” to call attention to your property.  SBE has been recognized by the Metro Atlanta Landscape & Turf Association (MALTA); Urban Ag Council (UAC); and Clayton County for its outstanding seasonal color projects. Most recently, SBE was part of the team that received the first-ever Judge’s Choice Award in the Seasonal Color category.


Taking the necessary steps.

Since irrigation is essential to helping maintain beautiful landscapes, we will ensure to have the best irrigation for your business. Since each company is different, we will work with your schedule to help maintain your displays with the best irrigation for your property.

Even the basics.

While floral arrangements catch the eye immediately, we also know that pinestraw and mulch are just as important for the base of your arrangements! We have top quality pinestraw and mulch and handle every step of implementation. This helps ensure your arrangements will catch the eye and shine every time!


Always planning ahead.

Fertilization is an important tool in any landscape maintenance enterprise. Fertilizers help to maintain plants, grass and trees in good health, and keep lawns lush and green. Fertilizers supplement essential nutrients in the soil needed by all plants for healthy, vigorous growth. 

Maximizing every angle.

Tree trimming makes a position impact on the health of the tree and other landscaping present in the area. Carefully removing tree branches that have blocked light from getting to the ground can help other landscaping grow. This is a good way to increase the vitality of a tree and the shrubs and plants below.